There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Arrow’s kind of lucky that it always gets the second episode in a crossover. Because then it gets all the fun last battle drama within it, rather than the awkward exposition to get there. Previously on this crossover, Team Flash came to Star City for help. A man named Vandal Savage was trying to murder Cisco’s girlfriend Kendra, who is the reincarnated soul of an Ancient Egyptian priestess. Her reincarnated lover Carter Hall told them that he kills them every time, and just gets more powerful. At the end of the last episode he got his hands on a special staff that will give him more power. They all went back to Central City to stop him. Also Oliver saw his ex-girlfriend and her son, who is the perfect age to be his own son, but she said she miscarried their kid due to Moira Queen’s insistence. Previously on the show Arrow, Oliver’s doing really well in his life, with a happy relationship, a good team, and he’s running for Mayor. So naturally everything needs to be wrecked.

Barry realizes that he must go back in time at some point, because he saw himself while running again. Panicked, he’s not sure what that means, but obviously he only does that if horrible, horrible things are about to happen. Cisco warns him not to do it, because things only get worse when he does. The team settles in at Central City and try to come up with a plan; they need to get the staff away from Vandal so they can beat him. Kendra’s only now come into her super abilities, but she’s still having a hard time connecting to her past life. Carter says it comes from anger, but it’s not really working. Meanwhile Oliver’s doing that thing he always does where he keeps secrets and asks Barry to run a DNA sample on his maybe-son William. EXCUSE ME WHY IS YOUR NAME WILLIAM AND NOT CONNOR? Booooooo. Then again I’d rather they didn’t white wash Connor, and I heard rumors they were going to have him show up in Legends of Tomorrow in another world. We’ll see. Oliver agrees to hide his son from everyone in exchange for the mother letting him visit, but Felicity has figured it out and it appears that the two of them are going to break up. She’s sick of him not trusting her. Word, Felicity. I think this is an unnecessary push to get the two to break up. More on that later. Ollie’s head is not in the game while they try to trick Vandal and fight him. Vandal succeeds in killing the two of them and then destroying the city, so Barry has to go back in time to change it. See, that’s a good reason.

Arrow -- "Legends of Yesterday" -- Image AR408A_0027b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Ciara Renee as Kendra Saunders and Falk Hentschel as Carter Hall -- Photo: Katie Yu/ The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Barry immediately tells Oliver, because he’s terrible at lying, and telling him helps move this plot along. Oliver’s all “TIME TRAVEL? UGH” but come on Ollie. Look at the storyline around you. Everything’s crazy. Both Barry and Oliver have trouble accepting that the world they’re in is getting so complicated, and it makes them feel helpless. I totally get that, it’s getting a little overwhelming from a fan perspective, and I like all of this stuff! They do the fight a little differently this time, with Oliver being more focused without the confrontation with his baby momma. He convinces Cisco to talk to Kendra and help her come to grips with who she is, which does actually help. She sees her first death when Vandal attacked the two of them in her bedchamber. It tells them that a meteorite could be the key to fighting him and controlling the staff, so they’re lucky that way. Also Oliver brings in both teams rather than having them stay behind like he did last time. It pays off since they all work together and Vandal turns into dust. This obviously was too easy an answer, since we know he’s on Legends of Tomorrow. But huzzah for the team! Oliver still hides his son from Felicity, because his baby momma said so, but seriously how would she even know? OLIVER. This is ridiculous. If they want to break them up, it shouldn’t be over something so flimsy and irrational. Sigh. I’m sure that bomb is coming sooner or later.

Kendra and Carter decide to leave, and Cisco’s broken hearted but accepts it. Kendra and Carter are going to be an interesting relationship to get into later on. See the thing is, they might be reincarnated versions of lovers, but it doesn’t mean they always get along in their new lives. A long going thing when she was first introduced in the comics was she didn’t particularly like him at all. I expect we’ll get some drama in their show about this. In the end, Merlyn picks up Vandal’s dust and implicates he’ll be bringing him back. I … have no idea how. The Lazarus Pit is gone. Magic? I guess? Or it’s just a plot device and you have to accept those happen sometimes and let it go. It’s pretty silly for him to do that, since Vandal was a threat to his city and his daughter, so leave the guy dead. Siiiiiiigh. We’ve seen Oliver come a long way recently, so I guess it was bound to happen that he take a few steps backward in development. It’s frustrating to see, and over something so petty. I will say it was fun to see them all die. Wow that sounds wrong, but since we knew time travel was going to happen, they had the ability to kill the entire cast and take it all back. Time travel is sort of a mulligan if it’s overused, but they haven’t gone over the board using it in my opinion. Once and awhile it’s fine.

Overall this was a great crossover. I hope this means that they’ve done enough for Legends of Tomorrow set up, though. They’ve done fine at the set up so far, I’ve enjoyed it, but I do feel like it’s time to let the shows focus back up on their major storylines. I want to see The Flash and Arrow again as they are. Eventually the secret baby thing will explode on them. Darhk almost managed to kill Oliver in the last episode, but he was saved by the Flash, so I wonder if that will come up. I have to mention that acting was great on everyone’s parts. I think the shows succeed because they accept the ridiculousness of the comic book worlds they’re in, while also striving to give real human conflict and story. The charismatic actors certainly help that way. I also like the reminder of how sweet the friendship is with Oliver and Barry, and how important these two very different people are to each other. I hope they continue to do these crossovers, maybe once a season would be great.


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