There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am behind on things la la la this is my usual song and dance. Well we’re almost to the end of Scream Queens. It’s only 13 episodes total, and that means a double episode next week. I’m sad to see it go, but I also think I’d rather remember it fondly than see it go on for a few too many seasons. I say that not knowing whether it’s going to be renewed. My guess is not. The ratings weren’t high. It was a clever and entertaining show; I’d keep watching even if I did think it might not keep up the quality. Previously on Scream Queens, the last Red Devil – the female twin – killed Gigi and served her head to the sorority for Thanksgiving. Yikes. Well, Gigi, she also killed her own sibling, so you shouldn’t be that surprised. I’m more wondering why she didn’t kill Gigi at the same time as him, or if she needed to dwell on it first. Everyone’s been accusing each other of being the Red Devil, but there’s only so many people left who it could be. My theory has been Chanel #5, but that may be iffy at the moment. I guess we’ll see.

Chanel had a great twist on Halloween like we saw before, but Black Friday is even more of the proper holiday for her. It requires spending loads of money and seeing people at their worst, so obviously she loves it. She takes the Chanels shopping with her, and apparently likes buying them really horrible things just because she can. Except this time the girls got her something, and she decides she’d rather buy them things they’d like. Because she occasionally feels the Girl Power moments, as we’ve seen when she protected Zayday, apologized to Grace, and helped Hester. That doesn’t change the fact she’s an accidental murderer and attempted murderer, or excuse her general awful behavior. And I don’t think the show wants us to. These characters are awful. That’s what makes them fun. Chanel is finally trapped in the mall by the Red Devil and gets shot by a crossbow bolt. Denise shows up as the new Chief of Police (INCREDIBLE, GIVE HER A SPIN-OFF) and the Red Devil gets away. So when we see the Red Devil outside, Chanel #5 is inside with them, which might lead us to think it’s not her. HOWEVER, I think that’s another person in the Red Devil costume, and that gave her time to change and attack Chanel again inside. Who is in the devil? Well that could very well be Pete, considering the end of this episode. Meanwhile they all decide Munsch is the murderer, which again makes zero sense considering the tub baby is a teenager. But they all decide to murder her, with Grace at first agreeing but changing her mind and Zayday then agreeing, and they spectacularly fail at killing her so many times. It’s pretty funny, and then eerie when she confronts Chanel alone, being creepy, but not actually hurting her. Come on. Drown her, Munsch! We want fisticuffs.


Grace decides whether she wants to have sex for the first time with Pete or not. It’s kind of … trite? In this show, any storylines like that make me go “seriously who cares, let’s get back to the blood and sarcasm.” I mean to be fair she gets advice from her father, who just saw his girlfriend’s head on a platter and still seems relaxed enough to talk to his daughter about sex. Sooooo. Anyway Pete says his book is pretty much written about the murders except for the culprit, but when Grace says she wants to be with him, he says he doesn’t want her first time to be with a murderer. I think it’s either to be a red herring, like he feels guilty about something unrelated to this, or that he has helped the Red Devil at some point in order to get a good story. Maybe he was in the costume to scare the Chanels, and to get back at Chanel herself, and feels like that makes him part of the murder gang. I’m not sure. It’s just unlikely he’s the answer considering we have a two hour finale to get to. I still wouldn’t be surprised if everyone’s revealed to be a murderer in one way or the other. Or all of them at least is negligent for what happened around them. I’d still like it to be Grace if only because I’d probably dislike her character less. She’s so dull as a protagonist! Zayday would be my favorite option, since DENISE WOULD BE RIGHT. But nah, Boone was obsessed with her, and asked his sister about her. Alas.

There was also some stuff with Boone putting everything in Pete’s name, and Pete refusing to join the frat when Chad offers it. As usual Chad is a delight. That could also be why Pete feels responsible, because he admits that Boone was his “source” in the frat. And now everyone knows Boone was a murderer. I don’t really know what to expect from the last episode. Hopefully a lot of laughs and blood. That’s how this show should go out. Imagine if pretty much everyone ended up dead. It would make up for the fact they seemed to be incapable of killing any of the lead characters, only the side ones. Everyone dies. Except Denise and Chad. And they get a spin-off where she’s Chief of Police. Seriously. Make this a reality. And maybe Zayday as her sidekick who she still always suspects of being a murderer. I’ll have more to say about the finale, but I will say this was a really good ride from beginning to end. Even the weaker episodes were fun.

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