There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I thought I already wrote about the Thanksgiving episode but I was wrong so la la la nothing to see here. Going to very quickly write about this and pretend it was posted last week. There were a lot of things that cracked me up about this episode. The amazing casting of Chad’s family the Radwells was inspired. We have seen this sort of thing done, with the snobby upper crust people looking down on anyone new coming in, but it has that cutting wit and dialogue so unique to this show. It’s too bad they hated Chanel, because her brand of humor and viciousness should’ve fit in so well with them. Previously on Scream Queens, we know that Gigi helped raise the bathtub twins, and Boone was one of them. His sister chose to kill him last week.┬áChanel got infuriated when Hester tried to take her place as Chad’s girlfriend, since he was taking one of them home. Hester lied and said she was pregnant, and Chanel lost it and pushed her down the stairs. She thought she was dead. I wasn’t sure whether or not that was the case, but obviously this episode answered it.

Personally I would’ve preferred she stayed dead, if only because they seem so against actually killing the major cast. Most shows refuse to do that, but on a slasher show it’s kind of irritating that everyone survives what they probably shouldn’t have. Then again, the Red Devils aren’t that awesome at killing, the main characters have beaten them up several times! But anyway, Chanel and Chad go to his parents’ house. They’re horrible people who tear Chanel verbally to pieces and offer her money to leave. Hester shows up claiming to be pregnant, and they’re like lol who cares. During a rather horrific and abusive game of Charades, they insult Hester so badly that Chanel stands up for her. She apologizes for trying to kill her and turns on the family, giving them withering insults that will no doubt sting whether they like it or not. And she breaks up with Chad. Again. And we all knew this wouldn’t last since it’s Chad and as soon as he showed up later, they were back together again. I don’t mind because they are hilarious as a couple. If Chad and Denise got their own spin off, I would watch it for years. My fave two characters.


Anyway the rest of the cast ends up staying at the house for Thanksgiving. Chanel #3 goes home but they’re all cruel and distant. Right now Chanel #5 is my running for the Red Devil, because we don’t see her family and know very little about her real life. They all sit down at dinner and discuss who they think is the Red Devil. Chanel #5 is also not pointed out by any of them, further leading me to think it is her. A real twist comes when Wes says he thinks it’s his daughter Grace. Wow, way to throw her under the bus in public. Pete says he thinks it’s Wes, which is silly because everyone knows the other killer isn’t an adult. Or at least we’re pretty sure it isn’t, it’s supposed to be the sister of Boone. At the least he thinks Wes is involved, because he ran a DNA test on Boone, and he’s Wes’ son. Whoa! That means the Red Devil is Grace’s sister. Wes had no idea. Another thing that leads me to Chanel #5, because I feel like she could be related to Grace, I could see them as sisters. With all this finger pointing going around, no one can make an exact decision.

When Chanel and Hester show up, they all sit down to eat together. Earlier in the episode we see Gigi sitting down with the Red Devil. Obviously the show can’t have the devil unmask, so it’s just ridiculously funny to see Gigi at a table next to that costume. She says that the Red Devil is her only family. This apparently leads the girl in question to fury because Gigi’s head is served to the house on a platter. Yiiiiiikeeeeessssssss. Again they’re killing a side character, none of the main cast. If at least one main cast member doesn’t die by the end of the season, it’s hardly a slasher show, is it? I knew it was coming, the previews spoiled something was going to be served to them, and Gigi was the only one not accounted for at that point. I’m sticking with Chanel #5 as my guess. I was pretty pleased when Grace was accused, even if I don’t think it was her. That would make her more interesting than she currently is. Where’s Denise? I miss Denise. She would’ve been yelling about how it was Zayday that whole dinner. I keep wishing it could be Zayday, just so she’d be right, but Zayday was Boone’s obsession and he would’ve known if she was related to him and killing with him. I still believe in you, Denise!


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