There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’ll be honest, my interest in this show is wavering. I generally get very sick of the romantic drama, and them adding in the new element of Alex and Liam just makes me want to sigh. I remember when Miranda said that Liam loved Alex in like the first episode, and I went “oh please don’t go there.” I feel no differently now. I’ll admit I got easily distracted in this episode, and I think in particular the flashbacks are starting to get kind of pointless. I want to know who the bomber is so we can for sure know how useful these flashbacks really were. Will they play any actual part in the reveal? Or was this all kind of clever but pointless exposition to set up the characters? Hmmm. Previously on Quantico, Alex turned herself into the FBI after sending an injured Ryan off with her hacker friends. She believes there is a second bomb now and wants to help them catch whoever is responsible. Pretty much everyone on the show is now Team Alex except for Liam. They all are still pretty suspicious and the flashbacks continue to make them all be suspicious. They’re all guilty! Maybe.

I guess I’ll do the flashback quickly. They meet with Anne Heche’s character who hunted down serial killers. She was famous for getting this “welfare mom” serial killer. She gives them real evidence from the crimes and they have to analyze who did what. They all succeed, but Simon gets fixated on one of them. He claims that the photo has evidence it was staged and it doesn’t fit. A part of me was glad that someone other than Alex seems capable of being a super spy at this point, since it’s always her who figures it out. They all go out drinking together and Heche (I don’t know her name, don’t care) threatens him when he reveals he thinks she staged it to catch the killer. Ryan manages to save Simon when she tries to walk out with him, potentially to murder him somewhere, yikes. Simon turns her in, and the others are shocked and dismayed he did since the serial killer in question will now be set free. He maintains they should be held to a higher standard. He’s angry and meets with his bomb making friend, who gives him the blueprints for train stations in New York. Yiiiiikes. I think this is too obvious of a red herring though. I’d like to point out this FBI is TERRIBLE. They missed the Mormon guy. There’s all kinds of rule breaking and shady business going on. Now no one but this one lowly FBI student figured out that she staged it? Tsssssssk. Also Ryan gets frustrated that Alex is taking care of a very drunk Liam, so he leaves. Uhhhh. Why are you jealous? What about their relationship makes you think it’s sexual? It’s certainly not sexual yet. Also why are you forgiving him so quickly, Alex? He’s been a tool to you for awhile. You have no chemistry. Sigh.


So Alex turns herself in. Elias shows up to be her lawyer (Yay!) but she gets snagged pretty quickly by the FBI’s secret torture group. Unsurprising to pretty much anyone, let’s be real. The gang try to get together and prove her innocence, at least enough that will get Liam to call them off. They put together that Alex was chloroformed in a blind spot on her way to Grand Central and clearly planted there. The woman who used Alex’s badge turned up dead, which Caleb figured out, and so now he’s on the team. All the things they piece together is enough so Liam helps. Just in time too, because torturer guy is torturing Ryan instead of Alex. I’m not sure how they got him back, and I’m also not sure how he is still alive considering how injured he is in this scene. Alex is screaming and crying but she doesn’t actually have the answers. Liam apologizes to her for not believing her yet, but says that if she was framed, she has to pretend that it worked. She has to admit to being guilty so the bomber thinks they’re safe. Dum dum duuuuum.

I still think Liam is a viable option. If he’s the one responsible, this puts all the power in his hands. He might think having her under control is the perfect way for him to get the next part of his plan done. However I may be giving him too much credit. What’s up with Miranda? Where is she? She lived in the flashback (obviously) and her son is missing. Maybe she did it to protect her kid for some reason. IT COULD BE ANYONE. Simon is too obvious for me. He might be guilty in the sense that he was partly responsible, with the train plans. Right now I’m side eying Elias. I love the guy, and I don’t want it to be him, but I think it’s interesting he’d show up here just in time for all of this. Maybe he was never supposed to fail the academy! And he’s a part of the conspiracy so this is his way inside. Hmmm probably not. Maybe there’s more than one. This show does do a good job of keeping me questioning everything, but that runs the risk that once we know who it is, it stops being interesting. Shows like How To Get Away With Murder have managed to continue their intrigue. I’m not sure Quantico has that staying power, but it hasn’t lost me yet. Please stop with the romantic soap opera, show. Everything else is good. You’re better than this.


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