There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

It was all coming to this eventually. The many, many plots unraveled into one extremely stressful episode. To be fair, 95% of those plots are not resolved in the least, and that’s what How To Get Away With Murder does the best. We might have an answer on how that night went, but there’s so much that still needs to be answered about the details and what’s coming next. But I don’t know how long Murder Team is going to keep covering up for murders. Is there another one next season? At some point do they just give up? I would like to point out again that Annalise has not killed anyone yet. Or that we are aware of. The kids are the killers. But Wes was on point before when he said they probably should’ve turned themselves in and this would be over by now. Too late for that, Wes. or should I say … Christophe? Previously on HTGAWM, Annalise got nearly fatally shot at some point and we’re about to find out why. They found out Catherine and her incest “brother” Philip were in cahoots. Annalise tossed Asher’s father under the bus to protect him and Bonnie. ADA Sinclair is generally a really annoying character who also dies at the mansion (0r so we thought) and we don’t know yet how that happened.

So right off the bat might as well explain how: Asher’s father commits suicide. Horrified, and well aware that the evidence turned in is what led to it, Asher loses his mind. He runs Sinclair over when she says they’re better off and his dad was a bad guy. I don’t necessarily argue that he was a bad guy, he did a lot of shady things, but it’s still horrible to say that to a grieving kid. Well she is dead now. Bonnie gets called in and she helps Asher cover it up, and calls Annalise to explain. It looks like Bonnie and Annalise are on good terms again, knocking her off the ‘killing Annalise’ list. A lot of intense things happen all at once and Annalise has a brief mental breakdown, which I don’t blame her about. Nate has his fingerprints all over Sinclair’s car because they had a talk there when she went after him AGAIN. Relentless. He’s lost his job. They believe Catherine is now a part of the killing and since the gun is found and she’s fled, Annalise is like naw let’s blame it on her, Caleb you’re probably innocent, shoo. This leads him to go to Michaela’s place where we’ve seen him in the flashbacks, although he’s freaked out for his sister. Even if she might be a murderer. It’s okay, Caleb. Most of the people on this show are shady af. You’ll fit right in.


Annalise does not warn the kids about what’s about to happen because she needs Murder Club to be unprepared and involved in yet another cover up. So they bring Sinclair’s body in and she lays out the plan. At first┬áConnor is like NOPE I AM OUT, but Annalise tells Asher the truth about Sam, so if he goes down they all go down. That’s ice cold, but also, completely true, so don’t give us that betrayed look Connor. He still abandons them when they’re trying to move her body, and everyone’s freaked out when she straight up tosses Sinclair from up above. That’s cold, Bonnie. Asher’s pretty scared and doesn’t think this cover up will work anyway, because her body will show being injured by a car probably. It does seem like there will be holes in this. Annalise meanwhile calls Sinclair and Catherine for fake phone messages. Catherine has been found by Frank and drugged, just like we’ve seen before, but she’s drugged with the pills Annalise got for Nate’s wife. It all comes full circle! Philip got out of jail though. Uhhhh HOW? His DNA was all over the murder scene. They have plenty of reason to keep him. He’s at the house though, so I’m sure that will come up later.

Finally Annalise asks one of the group to shoot her so it looks like she was there and defending herself from Catherine. I said last week that I thought the shooting was on purpose. One by one they all refuse to shoot her, although Connor comes pretty close. I wonder when he came back for her though, we saw him crying over Annalise’s body in the beginning. Hmmmm. Anyway Wes is obviously the one who does it. Like I mentioned before, it had to be someone who she could forgive, and he’s the only real person outside of Bonnie she would. She goads him with saying that Rebecca’s dead, and he was supposed to just shoot her in the leg, but nope he full out shoots her in the body. Yikes. Went a little too far with the goading, Annalise. He already killed once before, remember? We see a flashback after Annalise calls him Christophe, of Wes being questioned after his mother’s death. That used to be his name I guess. Eve and Annalise are watching the interrogation and upset and guilty about something. Is he still Annalise’s son and adopted by his mother? Were they responsible for what happened to his mother? Maybe both? Who knows. But now he knows that Annalise has his name, so he’ll start piecing it together. We know she survives, so the next question is how the heck do they sell this insane murder story? I can’t wait for it to be back omg. As usual the acting was fantastic in this episode. It might’ve been very confusing but it was entertaining as always. The fact this show manages such a superb second season, when I wasn’t sure if it could keep going after the first, is impressive. Why do we have to wait so long for the next episode?


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