There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m so behind on these things I’m not even going to post them on social media. Just sneak them under the radar since I’m late late late late. And I’m always late on Agents of SHIELD anyway because I’m not very interested in it. So I’m going to do this fast. Previously on AoS, Coulson and Rosalind slept together despite it’s a terrible idea, and he gets more and more in bed with the ATCU. He’s still a spy though, we can’t forget that, and they seem to have a cat and mouse relationship. Andrew turned out to be the murderer Inhuman Lash in a twist that still makes me roll my eyes since it didn’t seem reasonable or anything more than a flashy ‘GASP!’ moment. Lincoln agreed to join the team and oh yeah he and Daisy kissed before. I love him, glad to have him back. Simmons was dragged back from the planet but she had to leave her new boyfriend Will behind, and Fitz has been struggling with his feelings over that. Also Ward is doing some things and I just want him dead already.

Seriously. If Ward doesn’t get his ass killed by the end of this season I’m going to riot. I am so tired of him. He’s a villain who has overstayed his welcome and then some. He spends this episode trying to get into a secret vault run by HYDRA leader Gideon. Gideon tries to get him offed, but really it’s just to slow him down. Ward does some more questionable things and then ends up there, where Gideon is like blah blah blah HYDRA goes back a long way, blah blah, can you tell I’m bored about this. I wonder if Ward remembered he didn’t want to be anyone’s lackey again, and he’s just biding his time. Siiiiigh. But Gideon says they need to find out how SHIELD brought someone back from the other part of the portal. Simmons figures out they were sending people there as blood prices, and the creepy person on the planet might be part of everything. She gets frustrated that Fitz says all the right things even if he’s seething with jealousy and they have an emotional confrontation over it. They kiss twice, but still don’t seem happy about it, since Simmons’ feelings are mixed. I feel like they’re just making unnecessary drama at this point. Simmons has strong feelings for Will because of the situation they were in, and he’s a good guy so he doesn’t deserve to be left there forever. But she’s had feelings for Fitz for longer and we know that they’re main characters so there’s no real competition. It’s like any show that goes WILL THEY WON’T THEY for years and stretches it out as long as possible. Since I don’t care for the ship either way, I’m a little Kanye shrug about it.


That’s the minor stuff out of the way. This is really about Coulson sneaking his people into the ATCU and trapping Rosalind while it happens. In true spy form he doesn’t trust her in the least bit, and he has fairly good reason to. She emotionally argues that this wasn’t all a trick. I believe her that she didn’t know that the ATCU were actually changing Inhumans. Because that’s what they’ve been doing, experimenting on people and turning them into Inhumans. Because this is HYDRA, yo. It’s always coming back to HYDRA. She seems genuinely surprised and helps them get their people (Bobbi and Hunter) out before they’re captured. She’s been hoodwinked. Coulson points out that only HYDRA knew about the Tahiti project, so he knew she had to be involved with them. She didn’t know Gideon was. So she was fooled along with basically everyone else in the world. I’m sure she’s going to be pissed at Coulson now for doubting her, but come on, Rosalind. You’ve been rounding up Inhumans for tests and knew about Tahiti. He had plenty of reason for doubting you. He probably shouldn’t have slept with you though. That’s questionable.

So they all figure out that the project with NASA/Will was HYDRA. And everything is HYDRA. Now Gideon wants Ward to infiltrate the team and find out how they got Simmons back. It looks like he and Coulson will have a confrontation finally over this. JUST GET RID OF HIM. I beg of you. As for HYDRA, I was kind of looking forward to having a group that was an antagonist and not HYDRA. It feels like everything comes back to them, and while that’s a legitimate plot point and the reason for a lot of their show right now, I’m more interested in seeing the Inhuman plot. What happened to the people at Afterlife? How do they feel about Jiaying? Why haven’t we seen any of that? Oh it should be mentioned there’s a nice little scene with Lincoln and May where he thinks she’s mad at him, but she just feels guilty because Andrew killed his friends. I liked that little character beat for both of them to share some grief. But seriously. More Inhumans.


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