There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am super behind on everything this week, so this recap might be quick, sorry. I fangirled big time over Helen Slater and Dean Cain being in this show, and I laughed because they also had John Wesley Shipp on The Flash this week. In case you didn’t know, Helen Slater played Supergirl in the 1984 film, so it was great to see her play Kara’s foster¬†mother here, and Dean Cain played Clark Kent in the Lois & Clark TV show in the 90s. John Wesley Shipp played Flash in the original TV series and plays Barry’s father in the current show. Clearly everyone who runs these shows are complete nerds and I love it. This episode featured a lot of Cat Grant which made me happy, and introduced a regular Superfamily bad guy¬†as the first non-alien supernatural threat. We also got a little backstory which makes us side eye Hank Henshaw even more. Previously on Supergirl, Kara’s getting her feet under her as a superhero. Cat Grant named her but she’s fairly critical of her actions too. Kara was very sad when Jimmy got back together with his ex Lucy Lane. Alex had been lying to everyone for a long time about joining the DEO, partially because of her desire to protect her alien foster sister. We know that Hank is questionable and has glowing red eyes.

This episode surrounded Thanksgiving because everyone needs to have a Thanksgiving episode. Alex’s mother Eliza is in town to have dinner with the girls, and she and Alex have a difficult relationship. Alex has always felt like she came in short and disappointed her mother, and she’s a little resentful of the fact Kara was always protected and coddled when she was held responsible for everything. She’s afraid Eliza will be angry at her for “letting” Kara be a superhero. It’s exactly what happens, and that leads to a classic Thanksgiving family break down with Alex getting tipsy and emotionally lashing out at her mother. Winn is invited and he’s super awkward, so he leaves. Later on he reveals to Kara that his father is in jail (the Toymaker!) so he’s never had a family thing anyway, and he was grateful to be there. And to be around her. She seems to finally be getting the clue Winn is in love with her, but she isn’t really returning those feelings. She’s mooning over Jimmy who is back with Lucy and on vacation with her, but still calling Kara. I guess this is to lengthen the amount of time we have to put up with romantic drama, when really I wouldn’t mind it being shelved until next season or at least the back half. Right now the plot focus should be solely on setting the characters up. Just a thought. The main story however is far more interesting than these subplots, although the “mother” theme is consistent.


Cat gets angry that her protege Leslie is viciously attacking Supergirl and as punishment swaps her to doing traffic reporting. Ouch. They have a complicated relationship since Cat clearly doesn’t understand the concept of nurturing. Leslie’s helicopter is hit by lightning and Kara races to save her, but she gets struck with lightning and somehow transfers some powers to Leslie in the process. Leslie becomes the supervillain Livewire who feeds off electricity. She gets pretty damn good at her powers almost immediately, I call bullshit. But they’re cool powers so it’s fun to see her zip around everywhere. She tries to kill Cat. Cat and Kara connect this episode, with Kara talking about her parents’ death, and then Cat talking a little about her mother’s critical nature that always made her fight to be better. And it explains somewhat why she has a hard exterior and thinks being sharp with her proteges will inspire them to fight harder. But she also understands that her behavior toward Leslie is what’s lead her to becoming an angry villain, and she genuinely seems to regret it. It leads her to have a moment of softness where she tells Kara she does want to get to know her a little bit more as a person.

She spends a lot more time close and personal with Supergirl, so I still side eye the idea she can’t recognize Kara. Especially if she starts getting to know her better in the show. I always love the idea of a person actually knowing the secret identity of a character without telling them about it, so it’s not a surprise after all. It’s kind of like Jim Gordon, who years later is like ‘nah I knew it was Bruce, just seemed smarter to pretend like I didn’t know.’ That always cracked me up. I wouldn’t mind that happening with Cat here, although way too many people know about Kara’s identity already to be fair. Anyway the other portion of plot here is that Eliza tells them the DEO came to their doorstep when the girls were younger. They were going to take Kara from them, but her husband offered to help them with Kryptonian information instead. This explains why they have kryptonite, probably. Eliza believes they are responsible for Jeremiah’s death, he was working for Hank at the time. Kara and Alex plan on secretly investigating what happened, so they don’t trust Hank much right now. He’s probably the long con bad guy in the show, at least for this season. This was a good solid episode. I like Cat a lot and I think they’re doing well at slowly warming her up. It doesn’t excuse her harsh behavior, but she’s a layered character and I think they’re juggling a lot of female characters well. They’re all different and from interesting backgrounds and ambitions. I feel like if they focus more on interpersonal relationships like that and leave off the potential love triangle (or square with Lucy Lane) until later, that would be awesome.


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