There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I want a spin-off series starring Denise. No I need a spin-off series starring Denise. On a show of hilarious characters, she somehow manages to steal every moment she’s on the show. I had a moment of pure panic this week when I was afraid she would die, because we need her to last until the end goddamnit. I want her and Zayday to live the most. And Chad. Chad’s too funny to die. I did laugh that this is another time where the Red Devil gets the snot kicked out of them. They really should’ve taken karate classes or something as they planned for this revenge murder spree. Previously on Scream Queens, Boone “died” but he was really faking it and he’s one of the Red Devils. Grace found out her mother was not the bathtub woman but the mean girl Kappa president. Chanel and Chad are attempting to make a real go at it but Hester wants to become the Queen B. Also there’s those murderers on campus, Boone, Gigi, and an unnamed third person. Gigi raised the bathtub twins so the other Red Devil has to be the girl. Here’s hoping Ryan Murphy does not pull a Pretty Little Liars and have the evil person be a transgender (I’ve been eyeing Pete as the bad guy since episode 1), because we have enough bad stigma in popular culture over that.

This episode sets Boone free in the sense he’s no longer hiding in the shadows. He’s also no longer being able to hide as Joaquin Phoenix since Chanel #3 sees him and panics. She thinks he’s a ghost. He’s the one obsessed with Zayday and apparently the gay thing was a lie. Ooookay. This is my question: if he’s one of the twins, hasn’t he always been raised for this plot? Why did Gigi call him “the new guy”? Weren’t all three of them in on this for awhile? Or were the twins taken from her and she found them later in life? Hmmmm. Anyway Boone tries to win over Zayday, but she and Grace are not stupid and therefore figure out right off the bat he faked his death and must be a Red Devil. He manages to escape from them, but that’s one of them exposed at least. The other Red Devil is his sister who has to have access to the Kappas, since he asked her how Zayday was, meaning she has to be in close proximity. Boone decides Gigi needs to go and plans a murder with his sister, although he does kill Zayday’s boyfriend Earl Grey first. Aw. I liked him. Unfortunately for Boone, his sister decides she’d rather get her revenge, so she stabs him to death and stays on with Gigi. That’s cold, Red Devil sister!


The other storyline is that Chanel is excited to be invited home with Chad to meet the parents. Girls who do that almost always end up getting married, and that’s what she cares about the most. However Hester decides she wants to be invited instead, and lies about being pregnant to get  Chad to do the right thing. Chanel is not too happy about this and wants to murder her. Also the girls get to hear a lot of creepy ghost stories thanks to Denise thinking this will make them feel better. It also leads to her almost-death by Red Devil as they use one of the ghost stories, and Chanel #5 almost gets killed the same way. So the female Red Devil is definitely in Kappa house, otherwise they wouldn’t have heard these stories. Chanel does get Hester to admit she’s not pregnant, and then she pushes her down the stairs, and Hester appears to be dead. I say appears because she isn’t necessarily. She seemed it, but it could’ve been her back brace that snapped instead of her neck. This is the second murder by Chanel, so even if she isn’t a Red Devil, she’s starting to rack up the dead all on her own!

Personally I’d prefer Hester to be dead, even if Lea Michele will be back for the next episode, it could just be her body or a vision, since Chanel’s already seen one dead person in her dreams. Hester was a little too obvious to be the Red Devil, since she was already obsessed with the dead and violent. My money right now is on Chanel #5. It seems completely ridiculous that she’s managed to survive so many encounters with the Red Devil, and she could’ve been lying about the story in the car this episode because they’d all been talking about it earlier. To throw them off her scent. Plus it would lead up pretty well to her getting revenge on Chanel for being mean to her all the time. It’s kind of silly she’d be sitting around the house in her costume with Gigi, and apparently in Thanksgiving meal too, but this show is silly, so you just have to laugh and accept it. Seriously though. Denise should get her own show. She’s the best character. I love her being the current Kappa den mother. I am more than ready for Grace to be offed, although I assume she’ll survive until the end. Sigh. She’s the least interesting character on the show! Her and Pete. Get rid of them both, thank you.

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