There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There are a lot of things I genuinely like about Quantico, and the end of this episode renewed my passion for it. I was getting a little tired of the formula of Alex hiding and getting out of impossible situations, meeting up with her former classmates and crossing them off the list one by one. But are they really crossed off? I mean, any of them could be lying. They’re all extremely shady. Also is it normal for the FBI to recruit such an incredibly shady group of people? They haven’t done an awesome job vetting several of the people there. Side eye. I think at times I have to shut my brain off when I ask obvious questions of the show with no reply. For a first season though it’s still pretty solid in comparison to others I’ve seen. I have a theory on some things I’ll talk about at the end. Previously on Quantico, Alex’s new/old allies were all yoinked by the FBI outside of Ryan who got shot. In the past, Miranda and Liam give the team a lot of psychological tests, what to do as agents, and Alex got Liam to let Ryan go. But now Ryan’s back. Okay. I guess he can just … do that? Despite his superior telling him to go back to the field? Eh. The twins finally went public.

The romance stuff is as irritating as ever, so I’ll do it quick. Caleb and Shelby hit a road block because he reports her odd calls with someone from the Middle East. Miranda’s like uhhh I know all about that, it’s her half-sister. Miranda does seem to know what weird stuff her people are up to, but why did she hire all these shady people? And they missed the Mormon guy from the first episode, just saying. Caleb reveals he used to be in a cult his father had to save him from using the FBI, and it’s led him to be distrustful. Hmmm. Simon tries to get to know Raina for real, but he realizes his favorite memories were with Nimah, who doesn’t care about him at all. That actually surprised me in a pleasant way. Plus Simon is the shadiest of everyone, when he calls some unknown person making a bomb saying it was a mistake for him to go into the FBI. See this is the kind of thing I’m like “don’t trust people you think are crossed off the list. They could be playing a long con by working with you.” I’m also getting suspicious of Natalie, just like I was of Elias. Those are two characters introduced as sort of side people, but they’re not getting a lot of attention so I’m wondering when Elias is cropping up. I don’t know if Rick is coming back. In the past, Miranda has all of them go to FBI headquarters to work on a case together. She also brings her son Charlie along. Ummmm is that okay? I feel like that wouldn’t happen, it’s not like bring your son to work day applies when you’re a secret agent. Plus his criminal record is iffy. I was sad for him when he seemed interested in joining, and she was like uhhhh nope sorry you can’t. Miranda gets injured and said it’s from him, or rather she said “Charlie.” But we know Miranda is alive in the future, so who cares.


That is still bugging me. Watching the flashbacks was fun at times, but it does take some tension out of it knowing where they all end up. In the past Alex also finds out that Liam and her father were part of a group that hid a terrorist attack they failed to stop. Apparently their careers would’ve ended if they didn’t, and Miranda’s aware of it. Liam does this only after stealing the file from Alex, who stole it from FBI headquarters, and I’m still wondering if the “you’re in love with her” thing from Miranda earlier in the season was legit or just what she assumed from his obsession. Currently, Ryan’s hurt badly, and I’m still wondering why she didn’t leave him with Natalie. He could’ve gotten immediate medical help. She calls her dark web people and they realize there is a second bomb. That the Grand Central thing might have just been a test run. Because of that, she chooses to turn herself in. I’m glad we didn’t have to wait much longer for her to be caught. The FBI was seeming silly┬áby letting her escape when there were like 100 agents searching for her in a small block radius. After awhile it goes from “she’s amazing!” to “or they’re really bad at their jobs.” Also there’s some plot about Caleb’s father making him hide e-mails from Shelby about their affair, and Caleb also is like ???? because there’s a reference to Alex’s badge being used somewhere suspicious, which might clear her name. Or something. Alex also questions her mother’s identity since that was in the file, she was questioned for her connections. In the flashback when we saw her father, he seemed like he was being aggressive toward her mother for a very specific reason too. Not that it excuses his murderous ways, but I wondered from then on if her mother was a spy or something else was going on.

I’m starting to wonder if Miranda’s son Charlie is partially responsible for Grand Central. Why? Because she seemed very certain from day one that Alex was innocent. Before the dust even settled, she went out of her way to save her, and ruined her reputation to do it. So it feels like this desperation might have come from guilt too. Liam is still my primary suspect, and he has been from day one. I feel like Simon’s bomb friend might’ve been too on the nose, it might be a red herring, but who knows with that guy. I’m not sure if the show can sustain this storyline for an entire season. Now that Alex is in custody, it presents new complications, but I’m not sure if I want to wait 22 episodes to find out who did it. Unless they plan on revealing that sooner rather than later and spend the back half with the consequences. Either way, I’m still invested in Quantico. When they back off the romantic drama, they do a pretty good job with tension.


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