There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Yay back on the Powers brigade! It’s been awhile since I wrote about the show so I needed a reminder. I thought about just doing  a season one round up and leaving it at that, but I’ve come this far. So episode seven, “You Are Not It,” let’s do it. Previously on Powers, Wolfe got loose and killed a whole bunch of people. After being defeated by Christian Walker, high/powered on Sway, Wolfe experienced the drainer and declared on television he wanted his powers removed entirely. It’s very hard to tell whether that man is sincere or not. I still want so much more knowledge about him. I know the comics, but the show is doing a few different things, so I feel like the history is really relevant to this show. Johnny’s realized that Sway might not be a good idea after all, since he made it from Wolfe’s blood. YOU THINK, JOHNNY? Calista was hanging out with the very anti-powers Krispin, and I’m not really sure why. Simons gave her Sway so she could find out once and for all if she has powers. Christian is obsessed with finding out how to get his powers back. Zora took credit for Wolfe’s defeat even though she didn’t do it.

There was a sideplot with Retro Girl talking to Zora about it, and Zora’s well aware she wasn’t the savior, she just doesn’t know who is. It seems like she was basically thrown into the spotlight for this and she’s willing to take advantage. She might come to regret this since now she’s the big Power on the block and people will expect much more of her. Also someone murders a Power and writes the “Kaotic Chic” thing on the wall. I find Krispin and Calista the least interesting people on the show, so I wish I could avoid their storylines altogether. This episode is about the fact that Johnny wants to meet with Wolfe, and Christian and the police don’t want him to meet with Wolfe. I feel like they could always let him and bug the conversation, I’m not sure. They mess up by using the drainer on one of the Simons, and he accidentally gets his ass killed for it. Only one of the Simons though, but the primary certainly feels the pain. They use this as a reason to let Johnny in, I guess so he won’t press charge? There’s also a lot of murmurs going on about whether the drainer is dangerous to Powers; it totally is, in the sense that someone might want to use it to take away all abilities. But since most of the population is human in this world, and Wolfe’s the absolute worst, I can’t blame them for thinking that’s an attractive possibility. I’m just not sure why immediately everyone goes OKAY at Wolfe and takes his powers. Do it. He wants it. The world wants it.


Johnny does meet with Wolfe and reveals to him all the stuff about Sway being from his blood. Wolfe says he felt all the Sway Powers when he was in control, and that he can feed off their energy now that they are connected to him. Johnny just set up a bunch of innocent people to be Wolfe’s new snack, as soon as he is let loose again. Which we all know is an inevitability at this point. Christian also meets with Wolfe, who offers to help him get his powers back if he sets Wolfe free. Calista takes Sway but she just gets sick, she doesn’t die though, so she has powers of some kind, they’re not manifesting. I know what her powers are and what will eventually happen to her, so I can’t comment on that too much. Johnny’s pretty much realized at this point he messed up in a big way. Yes you did, idiot. All the good intentions in the world can’t make up for that. He’s shady too. We know that. It looks like Johnny and Christian are going to face off next episode, since they were both there as Calista suffered (but didn’t die!) on Sway. Hey everyone, find a way to take away Wolfe’s powers. Or here’s another idea, execute him? Why has he not been executed at this point?

Eddie Izzard is really fantastic. It has to be said. Every scene with him in it is brilliant. Wolfe is fascinating and powerful as a figure. I wish we got greater insight into his head, but maybe that’s coming. I still want to know so much about the past. The relationship between all the older characters – Christian, Johnny, Retro Girl, Wolfe – is far more interesting than what’s happening in current time. Or at least far more interesting than the younger generation’s stories. I know this is building up to something bad, but I think the question is what is Christian willing to do to get his powers back. And is Sway the way for him to do that? We’ll have to find out. Also when will Pilgrim get more story? I feel like she’s one of the most underused people on this show. Mostly she’s there to lead to exposition about the world, and roll her eyes at everyone, which she does brilliantly. I want more for her though.


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