There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I was disappointed in the last episode of AoS, so I’ll admit I dragged my feet about seeing the next one. That’s why I’m a week late, outside of the fact I find this show in general uninspiring. It’s this weird in between place for me, where I enjoy it enough to keep watching, but not enough that I would really care if I quit. It’s an “eh?” place. It’s been that way since season one, with some periods of genuine intrigue when Ward went evil or Daisy (yes I’ll finally use it ugh) was hanging with the Inhumans. It’s clear now they’re also going to use this as a lead-in to Captain America: Civil War. The government’s opinion on metahumans is going to be a major part of that film, and the show is a good place to get started on it. If only it wasn’t dragging. I hoped there would be more complexity showed here, but no go. Previously on AoS, we found out that Andrew was actually Lash, and May did too, poor May. Because we haven’t seen an ally turn evil before on this show, oh wait.¬†Coulson’s been hanging with Rosalind, the head of ATCU, who has been kidnapping the new Inhumans for experimentation. She claims it’s for good reasons. I’m skeptical. Simmons was yoinked by a portal and they got her back, but she wants to go there again to save her friend/love interest Will.

The Simmons stuff is easy to start with. Fitz finally gets to listen to all her recordings from the planet that we saw in her episode. While he’s pained seeing Will and her smiling, he gets more information on how despondent she was before that, so it’s seemed to calm him down. I’m glad to see that he’s still determined to help Simmons and not be selfish like Hunter wants him to be. Hunter is grating yet again here, but Bobbi tells him that she doesn’t want to go after Ward anymore and risk their lives. She’d rather they just live and work it out together. Not a bad argument, revenge isn’t always the best medicine, but it could be she’s still too scared to go after Ward. I wish Ward was dead. Instead he’s meeting with that dude from HYDRA, who has ties to Rosalind. Raise your hands if you’re surprised. No one? Okay. It’s really hard to figure out if the show wants us to believe her or doubt her.¬†Is it possible she believes what she’s saying and is being misled? Ehhhhhh. Coulson thinks Daisy hanging out with her will help them both, but it doesn’t much. Daisy saving her life mildly helps, except she points out that for every Daisy Johnson there’s a Lash. That’s a ridiculous thing, considering we know there were TONS of Inhumans at Afterlife who were peaceful. For hundreds of years. Lash is a minority, not equal to Daisy’s goodness. But they’re not going to tell Rosalind about Afterlife, which is a very good thing. Rosalind is showing the characteristics that will one day be pro-registration-esque for Civil War. People with super powers are dangerous so they can’t always be trusted. I don’t disagree but they’re clearly experimenting on these people for the “cure.” And you know not every single one they have captured went in voluntarily. Not too impressed with the “heroes” this week lemme tell you.


But I’m rambling. They don’t waste much time before May confronts Andrew. While going through Jiaying’s belongings he got triggered and turned into an Inhuman. Lucky him. His powers seem to have a vampiric need to murder other Inhumans. I’m super disappointed in this because I was hoping there would be a bigger picture reason. He’s clearly delusional, but he’s always seemed so sane and with it, especially these past few weeks. It feels cheap to do it this way. Lincoln contacts Mack and tells him that whoever Lash is had to be SHIELD, because they got Jiaying’s list of Inhumans. People do ask Andrew why he specifically targeted some Inhumans, and he’s all like moral … authority? I guess? He thinks they deserve to die? I don’t know. It’s a weak argument. I’m not sure why I expected better. Or hoped better. In the end they have to put him down, and May pulls the trigger thinking he could probably die. Instead he’s put into stasis and given to Rosalind’s people. OH THAT WON’T BACKFIRE AT ALL. JEEZ. Poor May. She mentions a few times that she doesn’t think she deserves happiness, and this only seems to prove to her that she’s right. I doubt this is the last time we’ve seen Andrew.

Why didn’t Andrew tell them about his transformation anyway? I mean I get he had a need to kill other Inhumans, but he already knew that they were fine with Inhumans and he’d treated Daisy at that point. His first instinct should have been to tell them, unless we’re supposed to believe he lost his mind pretty much instantly. Either way I’m not a fan, I think it was just a weak GOTCHA storyline. Plus it’s already wrapped up, I hoped we’d get a little more than this. So the new bad guy is the HYDRA guy and Rosalind. Also Rosalind and Coulson slept together. Gross, Phil. Like seriously. She is not a good person and you know that. They don’t have chemistry either, it’s all very forced. We see that they’re experimenting on people and not just for a cure, possibly to use as a weapon? It’s not rare for the military in the Marvel universe to go “oooo I bet we can use this to make better soldiers.” So here we go. Also I guess Lincoln is joining them now? Rosalind no longer wants to kidnap him? Eh. I have to muster up the energy to see the next episode, because I don’t have much interest in it. Oh well.


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