Dee Discusses: How To Get Away With Murder 2×08

Posted: November 16, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, HTGAWM, Recaps, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

We’re about to hit the mid-season finale, which means we’re about to find out who shot Annalise and put some of the last pieces together. There will still be plenty going on once it comes back, but the major mystery will hopefully be out there. I swear I have all these conspiracy theories rolling around in my mind. I’ll probably ramble about them at the end of this recap. This season is a little more convoluted than the last one, but it has a good reason to be: they needed to up the stakes. Plus everything that happened last season is still relevant to now. I kind of worry about future seasons and how much we’ll all have to remember from the beginning. Yikes. Previously on HTGAWM, Annalise is shot in the future and Sinclair is dead. We don’t know yet what happened, but everyone is officially in on it somehow. Bonnie is in a spiral because Annalise told Asher about her past child sexual abuse. They think they figured out that this unknown cousin of theĀ Hapstall siblings probably did the killing of their parents, and Oliver hacked into him. But he showed up at the apartment at the end to either harm or kidnap Oliver. Eve was here being wonderful and now she’s gone which is sad. Nate mercy killed his wife.

Bonnie is out for most of this episode, lying in her shower curled up in a fetal position. She seems cold as ice when we see her in the future, telling the kids calmly that they were all in on the plan. What does that mean? Ahhhhh. Laurel gets promoted to the new Bonnie, which basically just means being Annalise’s devoted assistant. Annalise is irritated at Frank for messing up the Oliver thing, especially when Connor starts panicking that Oliver is missing. The weird part comes with Oliver shows up with Philip. Listen right off the bat you know Philip is lying, because he is a creepy, creepy guy. He says he knows his parents and they’re wrong about him, and threatens to go to the police with the knowledge they’ve been stalking him. That’s a legit response, but he’s got psychopath written all over him. It was a little anti-climatic to have Oliver safe and sound so soon. I’m okay with it. I like him, I don’t want us to lose him from the show just yet, although I don’t think he’s long for it regardless. It’s not like they’ve made him a main cast member, which seems suspect since he’s had plenty of screen time. Anyway, this episode gives Annalise a headache because the siblings seem dedicated to being stupid and giving themselves over to ADA Sinclair. She’s finally offered them a deal, and beyond that, she’s ruthlessly trying to catch Annalise. It’s funny because technically she has every reason to be suspicious of Annalise and her people. And she’s kind of doing her job. But she’s also seen as the villain because Annalise and co. are our mains. We care much more about their side of things. I still think it’s funny/unfortunate everyone accuses Annalise of being the evil murderer when so far she’s only guilty of helping people cover them up.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - "Hi, I'm Philip" - Philip makes a threatening move and ADA Sinclair may have figured out a way to take down Annalise. Meanwhile, Catherine and Caleb are forced to make a life changing decision, on "How to Get Away with Murder," THURSDAY NOVEMBER 12 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Tony Rivetti) CHARLIE WEBER, VIOLA DAVIS, JACK FALAHEE, BILLY BROWN, KARLA SOUZA, AJA NAOMI KING, ALFRED ENOCH

A stunning example of this was when Connor said it was Annalise’s fault if anything happened to Connor. No, it’s Frank’s fault. Annalise had nothing to do with that decision. Everyone really has to stop blaming her for every single thing. Then again, she’s covering up for so many people that she’s taking the responsibility for them. So Caleb and Catherine try to take the deal only one of them, letting the other one go free. Annalise manages to stop it first by tricking Sinclair; Asher remembers she was bugging the apartment. They find the bug and give her false information about the siblings being guilty. It buys them time. In the end Catherine is about to take the deal when Frank brings proof that Philip is genetically tied to the family. Not only that, but he’s the product of incest, meaning even more motive to kill their father. Catherine backs down and it seems like the siblings have made it the other side. There is an interesting scene where Wes and Catherine talk about the deal. He tells her to take it, and expresses to Annalise later that he wishes he’d just turned himself in re: Sam and taken the punishment. It’s probably the first moment I’ve liked Wes all season. It’s nice to see him reflecting in a serious way on what happened and how lying really made things worse for everyone. Caleb and Michaela hook up, except afterward he shows her the weapon Catherine was hiding. This is as Wes figures out that Philip has a picture Catherine painted him. They’re in cahoots!

This does underline a weird thing for me though. If Catherine is in cahoots with Philip, why did she back down from pleading guilty when they brought in info about him? If she’s working with him, that would give her all the more reason to plead guilty since he’s going to probably tell on her anyway. I don’t know why that information would change her mind if she’s working with him. Also Nate falsified information so people thought Philip was mentally ill on his police report. That’s really messed up. I mean, Philip is clearly messed up, but it looks like they didn’t even need that on his report after the genetic test was done. That’s going to come back to bite him in the ass. I have zero idea why he’s hooking up with Annalise again, but he is. All the couples get a little loving, probably since we’re leading up to the end where everything will be sad and no happiness for anyone. So this is what I’m starting to think. What if Annalise planned this? What if shooting her is part of the plan? They can blame Sinclair for it and say Annalise killed her in self-defense before nearly bleeding out herself. Although I’m not sure why Connor would refuse to leave her in that case. Hmmmm. I can’t see how this is going to turn out with her forgiving her shooter unless it was someone evil, or unless it was all staged. It would explain why Nate was there to help her. Philip certainly has information that could be dangerous to all of them if he went public. Framing him/Catherine for some things would spare them that. And while everyone’s being tense about Annalise right now, I don’t think any of them are in the “I WILL MURDER ANNALISE” place outside of Bonnie. So right now I’m theorizing that it’s all staged and part of the plan. It did seem too neatly done that Frank pretended to worry over Annalise only to put Catherine’s body somewhere suspicious. Annalise being the victim of an attack would take some attention off of her as a suspect. I can’t wait to find out the answer!


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