There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Welcome back, Ray! I forgot that I actually liked you when you weren’t being creepy around Felicity. I am really intrigued to see how the Legends of Tomorrow cast will interact. Ray’s a good team player, but some of the others won’t be. I wonder if Ray and Sara will lean on each other a little because they already have some history, as opposed to the rest of the group. This episode also saw Olicity have a serious fight for the first time since becoming a couple, and it was a healthy one. A couple who never fights doesn’t exist, and in this case they had some serious things to work out. Not to mention they’re both relatively new to a relationship this intense, so it’s a work in progress. Luckily they’re both all in. Previously on Arrow, Oliver decided to run for Mayor so he could help the city in public. Sara’s soul was given back to her thanks to Constantine, and she’ll have to deal with the Pit’s bloodlust too. Quentin’s been working with Darhk, but now Oliver knows and they’re making him into something of a mole. Felicity and Curtis figured out that Ray is actually alive at the very end of the episode.

First off: Sara! She gets to talk to her parents and reassure them yet again that she’s alive when she was reported dead. She wants to get right back into Team Arrow and try to feel normal, but the bloodlust rises up in her. The first time they manage to get her to back off. She says she needs to try again so she can prove to herself she’s stronger than it. But she ends up killing a man the second time. I like that it’s not so easy for her. Sara’s been trained to kill, she needed to in order to survive that island along with Oliver. Her dark side is more severe than Thea. She decides to leave and go to Central City (holla Flash) to see her mother and get some space. It’s tough on everyone, but we know she’s headed to the new show eventually. Oliver and Felicity get in a few spats this episode, all leading up to the real problem between them. It’s bad timing for Felicity’s mother Donna to show up, although she’s as adorable as ever. Felicity’s frustrated that Oliver invited her there, and that she’s forced to put on a good face when some serious things are going down. Because Ray was alive all this time, and she just accepted his death without question. And drove off into the sunset with Oliver without a second glance. Yikes. That is tough to consider. Not that she had a reason to doubt it, although she said she might’ve picked up on his distress signal if she stayed.


The underlining problem is that Felicity was concerned she lost herself in Oliver. She got blinded by love and happiness, and maybe she would’ve looked closer into Ray’s “death” if she didn’t run off with him. It’s a fair concern and the intensity of Olicity’s relationship could be scary to someone in love like this for the first time. They do manage to talk it out, and saving Ray helps a great deal. He’s in Darhk’s hands though, so they need to stage a rescue attempt with Curtis. It’s pretty amazing, including Oliver purposely getting captured to give them time to save Ray. Darhk now has Felicity’s name, which is not good at all, but she accepts that it is what it is. They get Ray back up to size and he isn’t ready to come back from the dead yet. He might never really do that, considering he too is off to another show and won’t be around to take over Palmer Tech again. He doesn’t seem too worse for wear considering what he survived after becoming tiny, but he always has a sunny point of view, so it works for him. Ray’s back, Sara’s gone, Olicity worked out a serious part of their relationship, Darhk’s lost a prisoner, Thea’s agreed to go on a date, and Donna and Quentin meet and flirt. Oooo.

This was a good solid episode! Again I’m impressed with the fact that the show isn’t coming up short when it’s clear how much energy they’re putting into setting up the next show. It is a major part of both Arrow and The Flash right now, but it feels like an organic continuation of the current storyline too. Darhk isn’t going to take well to this intrusion into his personal space. He’s a man who cares very much about his reputation, so it’s possible retaliation is coming. It won’t be difficult for him to put Felicity together with a few other things, and honestly, he’s a smart man. I think he already suspects Green Arrow is Oliver. I didn’t actually see the preview for next week so I’m not sure what’s coming next. Oh right I forgot to mention the flashbacks. I don’t care about the flashbacks. You guys might as well get rid of the flashbacks at this point if you’re not going to use them AT ALL. The only thing useful was showing Constantine, but unless they have a grand design on something else that’ll come up, it’s kind of wasted time. At least it’s not a lot of screen time though. Last year’s flashbacks were more extensive, but they also had real plot. This one does not. Alas.


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