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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I think most people are well aware that Jamie Lee Curtis is the daughter of Janet Leigh, one of the original scream queens who died famously in the shower in Psycho. So for fans of horror films, the opening of this episode with Munsch in the shower was legendary. I’m not even a big fan of the horror genre and I laughed gleefully. Especially when she then screamed she saw that movie fifty times. She’s very genre savvy. Alright I take it back I’m glad Munsch didn’t die last week, because we wouldn’t have this fantastic scene if she did. Her fight with the Red Devils might rival the Backstreet’s Back scene for my favorite of the show. I’ve always wanted people in horror movies to fight back. Although why she didn’t unmask or kill any of them, considering it would be self defense and she’s already a murderer, I will never get. Outside of, you know, we need them for plot. Anyway. Previously on Scream Queens, they think that the Red Devil has been solved but obviously it isn’t. Munsch promised Grace to tell her the truth about the baby in the tub, and this creepy woman from the insane asylum told Grace and Pete she “painted them all.” We know that Gigi is in league with the Red Devils and pretty much leading them. Chanel’s decided Zayday and Grace are the Red Devils.

This season is only going to be 13 episodes long so it’s headed toward a wind down soon. Since I don’t think it’ll get a second season, I’m totally fine with this being a solid 13 episode mini-series of a sort, and then end it there. I was pleased to find out that Grace’s mother was the mean girl leader of Kappa and not the woman in the bathtub; obviously it wasn’t Grace as the baby. That would’ve been too obvious. It’s more interesting for her to realize her mother was not at all a saint. Although Gigi apparently had two babies when she was living in that house, and then she was in the insane asylum with the kids too. Uhhhh I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t let her keep the kids in the asylum? It does lead Grace right to Gigi, who is pretty damn great at lying and covering for herself. Well she is a psychopath/sociopath, and they can be very intelligent and manipulative. She’s convinced Wes to be engaged to her, yikes. But that means Boone is probably the boy twin, and we’re still waiting on the reveal of the girl. I was disappointed that they said someone big was going to die tonight, and like expected it was only Jennifer instead. One of the side characters who we always knew was expendable. I’m really hoping that by the end of the show they don’t have trouble knocking more people out. It’s not like I want to see all the characters die, but it’s a slasher show. It’s weird for everyone to make it out alive.


Seriously that scene was amazing, hahahah. It’s also funny to remember that whoever these Red Devils are, they’re not exactly karate experts. Like in most slasher flicks, they’re not particularly well trained, just terrifyingly focused on murder and mayhem. Chanel spends most of the episode trying to prove that Zayday and Grace are behind the murders. She’s not wrong that this started when they got there, but a lot of people just got to campus so it’s hardly any proof. And it’s the anniversary of the dead sister in the bathroom. That’s probably the real inspiration. She hilariously gets Denise on it, and then two members of Scotland Yard. After Denise gives her a talking to for being so mean and ruthless toward Grace re: her mother, she gives a sincere apology. There’s also a wonderful scene with her and Chad for a night of 1000 Compliments. Which is really about trying to get Chad to give Chanel one compliment that isn’t actually a narcissistic compliment for himself. It doesn’t work. It’s wonderful. Seriously, Glen Powell is such a huge highlight of this show, and him and Emma Roberts are at their funniest together. It looks like he might see Boone again next week.

Okay here’s my question. If there are twins, one girl and one guy, but the two Red Devils are boys, is it just that the girl is infiltrating and not killing? Because Gigi said “the new guy has to go” and she was not talking to Boone, who is clearly instead the one she trusts. The guy in question was the one who had a crush on Zayday and kept her alive. I guess I would be interested in seeing who is behind the Red Devil and at which point. I mean there may be at least four people on this conspiracy: the twins, Gigi, and the other Red Devil. ¬†Gigi did say the other Red Devil was the new guy, so not a blood part of the situation. Maybe Lea Michele will be the girl, she’s certainly strange enough and looks like she could be related to Boone. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out. I’m still intrigued to get a few of those answers. Writing this out, not a lot happened or was revealed that we didn’t already know. There’s a little more plot than usual, which means there’s a little less absurd humor, which is a shame. This show is definitely at its best when it’s going for laughs and not doing too much exposition. It’s still hilarious and I’m always looking forward to more. It’s one of the few shows that I either see live or get excited about seeing on my DVR every week. While I still think Grace is the most boring character on the show, at least this gave her more of an edge.

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