There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There’s nothing light and funny to start this out with, because this was a dark episode. Without a doubt the darkest the show has gone, because it lets the hero lose. Lose spectacularly and violently. Jay did warn everyone that Zoom was unbeatable, although I’d like to point out that if he was there to help at least he would’ve done something other than leave them to fight HIS enemy. And even though for some reason Joe blames Harrison for this, he is actively trying to make up for his mistakes and stop his own monster. For now, it seems impossible. Zoom is too dangerous. Does that mean they’ll need to get their super friends together? Probably. We do know the Legends of Tomorrow is getting ready and there’s a crossover coming. I have a few theories as to who Zoom is, but more on that in a bit. Previously on The Flash, the big bad guy from Earth-2 is named Zoom and he’s been sending villains over to try and kill Barry. Most recently was Dr. Light, who is Linda Park in that world. Harrison Wells is around trying to help them, and we found out his daughter Jesse has been kidnapped by Zoom. Cisco is getting in touch with his new super powers, and that factors in this episode.

So it starts out light, because it needs to be, but there is this sense of dread hanging over the entire episode. Probably because the title is “Enter Zoom” so we know he’s showing up. First though they let Linda pretend to be Dr. Light in order to fool Zoom. They put on a pretty silly show and think that’s good enough, but Zoom doesn’t show up at first. Barry’s disappointed, but he’s also struggling with some doubts he has. Eobard told him that he’d never be happy, and he’s wondering if that’s right. Joe wondered if he was so bent on defeating Zoom because he never actually got to stop Eobard, that was all Eddie. Maybe it’s a blend of the two. There are always going to be enemies for the Flash. Satisfaction might never really be his. He tries to make a go of it anyway and kisses Patty again, and they’re just adorable. She’s suspicious that Joe is holding things back from her, like what happened with Dr. Light. Barry also told Linda finally who he was, because she’s willing to risk her life against Zoom. It’s cute to have her in the fold. Cisco also manages to see what’s going on with Harrison, having tried to touch him numerous times to get his vibes. He does see Jesse with Zoom and that’s it for now, although Zoom clearly isn’t working with Harrison (shut up Joe) because he asks Jesse why her father went into the other world. Don’t get me wrong, I understand not trusting this guy, it’s hard to trust someone who wears the face of an enemy, but he also shouldn’t be blamed for Eobard’s actions. The real Harrison Wells in their world also wasn’t a bad guy, he was just replaced by a bad guy. Albeit one who did make a mistake with the particle accelerator either way. He’s not a good guy, but Joe always has this prejudice against people for the pettiest of reasons I swear. It reminds me of his dislike for Eddie for most of last season.


But Zoom’s there. He attacks Barry directly. They have a very, very vicious fight. Barry tries to toss lightning at Zoom, he catches it and throws it back. It’s clear quickly that Barry is no match for Zoom at all; he is stronger, faster, brutal, and more experienced. He breaks Barry’s back and then runs around town to the papers and to the police, showing Flash’s unconscious battered form and saying their hero was done. It’s interesting he doesn’t reveal his secret identity or kill him, and I think that actually means something. I’ll get to that in a minute. Barry does get dropped with his friends and he manages to survive the attack, but at the loss of his legs, since he can’t feel them apparently. Uh oh. Also Harrison at one point grabbed his gun, that should have slowed Zoom down, and stomped right out there with no powers or anything. This is a guy who has nothing to lose, and he’s desperate. But Barry couldn’t defeat Zoom.¬†So what’s next for them? Gorilla Grodd appears to be coming back, and he is a serious threat, so I can’t imagine what they’re going to do without Barry to help. He’ll need to be back on his feet soon, unless they’re sending in reinforcements soon.

So who is Zoom? Well when we were talking about Reverse Flash, I mentioned that Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon were both options. Hunter was Wally’s Reverse Flash/Professor Zoom. I don’t think it’s likely this is Hunter,¬†although it is possible. Hunter worked better in the comics because he was someone who did know Wally beforehand, and he wasn’t always a bad guy. I think they’re going to do something like that, and it means whoever Zoom is, it should be someone Barry knows. Because they’ve gone out of their way to show how people from Earth-2 are the same people, parallel/mirror worlds. Linda’s a villain. Harrison Wells never died. And eventually we’ll see Caitlin aka Killer Frost. I think they’re setting all that up because Zoom himself is going to be someone we know. My guess is going to be Barry himself. We don’t know anything about what happened to Barry Allen in Earth-2. It’s a pretty normal superhero trope that they need to meet the dark side of themselves or the villain version of themselves. Zoom might be a speedster who got addicted to the speed and fed off others to keep getting more powerful. I have heard a theory it could be Barry’s dad, which could account for why he disappeared on the show, only to come back later as a surprise. Either way, I have a sinking suspicion Zoom’s face and voice are masked for a reason: we know him. What’s going to be harder for Barry to face? His own shadow or someone he loves being evil? I think the first, personally, because Barry’s doing some self reflection about his search for satisfaction. Maybe Wells was right about him. Maybe Zoom is what happens when Barry keeps seeking excitement until there’s nothing left.

Either way I’m pretty excited about where this is going. It’s fairly shocking how gruesome the fight was for Barry. They injured him severely, and more than his body being broken, it’s his spirit. He thought he could handle Zoom, he was arrogant and reckless, and he paid for it.

  1. Mark Levetzow says:

    It’s the only two things about Zoom that have bothered me; if his goal is to kill Barry, why didn’t he just rush through and kill him when he didn’t even know he existed? Why send other metas after him instead? I’d like a little more reasoning than just because it’s a TV show and we need to drag it out.

    Patty is my new favorite person. She’s just adorable and has a nice little backstory. I just wish Linda hadn’t just had to learn Barry’s identity because obviously she is going to learn it sooner than later. I know people on both here and Arrow need to be in on the secret to keep the show going, but its kinda weird how big both team’s circles have gotten and still will get.


    • Dee says:

      I don’t think he wants to kill Barry, because he would have already. I think he’s been around for a long time now and that all the people he’s send to Barry, he’s been watching him. That’s why he knew his way around and was totally on top of this fight. He steals speed, he took it from Jay. I think he might’ve intended to do it right then before Cisco shot him. He can’t take it from a dead Flash. BUT it does make me wonder why he’s not back immediately.

      Patty’s lovely. And honestly at a point I kind of wish one or both of them would just go public with his identity. I mean all their loved ones are in on the secret. They’re not protecting anyone anymore. Plus I still don’t get how someone hasn’t figured it out lol. I mean everyone knows that Flash hangs out with the STAR labs people. Barry is always with them. Oliver several times now, every time he’s come back in town the Arrow shows up. LIKE WHAT. I know we have to accept people are dumb and get over it. I guess I kind of wish someone would say IT IS OBVIOUSLY YOU GO PUBLIC.


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