There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I love how this show is being upfront about the realities of being a new superhero. Supergirl has a lot going for her and against her. She’s powerful and eager and has great potential, but she’s inexperienced and in the shadow of her famous cousin. They’ve had to be careful about showing Superman here, but at least they don’t have to keep saying “him” “he” and “your cousin” only. At least now they have an in-universe reason for them not to call Clark every time things go south. The Marvel movies haven’t come up with a good excuse for that; not that they need to, we just accept it. But it’s nice to have it addressed in this show. Previously on Supergirl, Kara went public as Supergirl and started to help her city as much as possible. She agreed to do an interview with Cat, hoping Cat would not recognize her. She doesn’t, obviously. Not her mousy little assistant! There’s a prison ship that landed with a bunch of readily available supervillains for Supergirl to fight, but not this week. Also she’s crushing hard on Jimmy Olsen, and who wouldn’t, he’s adorable. She also is working with the DEO to help them with the alien crisis.

Kara’s interview with Cat doesn’t go as well as she hoped, mostly because she slipped that Superman is her cousin. Cat runs with this and also breaks apart how Supergirl is the worst parts of the Millennial generation. I think what I like about Cat is that while she’s insufferable in many ways, she does bring up some pretty good points at times. Like why did it take Supergirl so long to help? (I STILL WONDER THAT.) Is she experienced enough to be the superhero they need? At least Kara’s taking that to heart and building up experience. The DEO is not pleased at all that she revealed her connection to Superman, especially since it set one of his villains after her. Reactron is a regular human who created a super suit of a sort and blames Superman for the death of his wife. He figures killing Clark’s cousin will be a fitting revenge. Kara manages to fight him off in their first match up, and she’s sympathetic when she learns about his backstory. She decides that she’ll at least attempt to make peace with him before going a violent path. One of Kara’s best traits is her compassion and her belief in making things right. It’s very naive, yes, but it’s also admirable. The Superfamily has always taken a more optimistic path in the comics, and while it would seem out of place on other DC shows, it fits her here. She’s obviously not going to get anywhere with this guy, but the fact she wants to is a credit to how she wants to be a different kind of superhero.


The problem is that everyone wants to talk about her cousin. Cat says the minute she’s in real trouble she’ll call Clark, and she firmly tells her little group that isn’t going to happen. Her cousin never needed help when he was an up and comer and it’ll make people think that she can’t handle herself. While I respect that and agree with her, she also was the person who said last week that she didn’t want to be a loner and wanted to make it a more team effort. I do understand that symbolically people won’t take her seriously if they expect Superman to bail her out all the time. But she really did almost die in her second fight with Reactron. If Superman didn’t show up, she would have, so technically Jimmy saved her life. She’s angry because he called in the reinforcement, undermining her opinion, so they are briefly on the outs. Eventually he explains he always hits the button on his watch (awww comics reference) when he’s scared, and he was scared for her this time. We know that Jimmy was trying to outrun his dependence on Clark, so this could be seen as a backsliding moment. Kara appreciates his thoughts but still maintains that he has to have faith in her.

Reactron attacks at this big party Cat’s throwing, and they have their final show down. Jimmy shows he trusts her by bringing danger to himself long enough for her to save the day. With help from Alex and Hank, who said at first they couldn’t help her since it was a human problem not a superhuman. Clark couldn’t beat him and Kara did, which Clark jokes about later in their adorable IM conversation above. That it was a job for Supergirl. Awww. He also uses a smiley face which is adorable. I like that they are showing the stepping stones to Kara becoming a stronger person and a better superhero. It doesn’t come easily to her. That’s great. But I love that her bottom line is deciding for herself who Supergirl is going to be, and that is someone who can fight for herself and also show compassion toward enemies. High five, Kara. She’s a little sad faced because Jimmy’s gorgeous ex Lucy Lane shows up. Is this a love square now? With her, Winn, Jimmy, and Lucy? Ehhhh. Lucy’s not the title character, Kara. You’ll be fine. Lucy is played by Jenna Dewan Tatum, who I love. She looks gorgeous. Maybe they’ll give her a reason to dance on the show, I’m just saying.

Overall this was a great episode! I am curious about who Hank is. He could be the character he is in the comics, but honestly Reactron is pretty similar to that. There are rumors going around that he’ll actually end up being the Martian Manhunter. His character name could be a misdirect. It would be genuinely interesting that he’d be in charge of handling extra-terrestrial situations, being a Martian. But I think it’s still likely that he’s Cyborg Superman. Although the weird eyes and his … odd telepathic feeling that Alex was in the building are more like J’onn. I guess we’ll see. Still very happy with this show!


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