There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Last week was pretty disappointing since it relied way too much on dramatics and not enough on actual plot. Luckily this episode did the opposite, so I salute them. Just stay on the good end of trashy, Quantico. I don’t think that’s asking too much. Although I’d like to point out that yet again the things revealed in the past don’t really matter much considering we know where it’s all headed. We’re not going to believe anyone is in danger during training since we’ve seen them all now. Yes we have to wonder why Simon got kicked out, why Shelby and Alex hate each other, etc., but still. They’re all fine in the future. Running from the FBI, but fine. Previously on Quantico, Alex is being framed and they think it has to be someone from her training group. But week after week we’ve seen the others crossed off the list. In the flashbacks we see them get trained and everyone’s super shady and questionable, thus probably adding to the overall WHODUNIT mentality. Simon finally walked in on the twins and they panicked, locking him away and running to get Miranda. Alex knew that Ryan was spying on her for Liam and set up surveillance in his office.

Flashback first. They’re about to go into their first big exam. Simon agrees to keep the secret about the twins for now in exchange for Miranda no longer having him on the warning list. He’s mad though, but dude, you act like you don’t have tons of secrets. Your secrets have secrets. Caleb’s father is in town, the assistant head of the FBI or something, the one Shelby eventually has an affair with. He tells Caleb he thinks he should quit and do something else. The quiz itself seems to be nothing, only getting blank pieces of paper, but they have to put together what little clues they have. Wow this class is very lucky that Alex is so perfectly smart, considering otherwise they would all have jack shit idea what to do. She always has the answers. Brandon acted all suspicious and fled, leaving a bomb behind, which Simon then has to defuse. What was the plan if Simon wasn’t able to defuse the bomb? Or at least pretend to defuse it? Miranda’s coming up with some pretty ridiculous plans. Anyway, people who tried to flee the bomb are cut from the program, including my precious Rick Cosnett aka Elias. A character who probably deserved to stick around since he wasn’t a lying manipulative bastard like Simon. OR SO WE THINK. He could be the bad guy, who knows. They share a weird kiss before he leaves. Okay? Is Simon bisexual? Or sexually fluid? That’d be a-okay by me. The twins insist that Miranda tell everyone about them, so that’s how the secret is out. Caleb is allowed to come back to the program because he stayed there instead of running. His father warns Shelby that he’s a danger to himself and others. Hmmmm.


In the current day, now they’ve seen the twins and they’re obsessed with finding them. Alex, you point fingers pretty damn fast for someone who doesn’t want people to jump to conclusions. They track Raina down, who says that Nimah’s alive (apparently she wasn’t at some point oooo), and she’s with this terrorist organization. They are not a good terrorist organization since it doesn’t seem too hard to swap the twins even when Raina’s being super weird and suspicious pretending to be Nimah. They decide to believe Nimah that she’s still under cover. Personally I’m still suspicious of Ryan. Now that we see in the flashback that he was set loose from the FBI, due to Alex pulling some weight with Liam, I’m wondering what his deal is. And he still hasn’t said who shot him. He says he doesn’t remember. I’m suspicious, since he was standing there with everything. It’d still be a good twist to have him end up the villain after all, since he’s the only one none of them have really suspected. Considering he was shot and nearly died from day one.

Whatsherface (I had to look it up, Natalie) has figured out that they’re all in on it. She turns them in to Liam, so they’re all captured in the end. Except Alex and Ryan who flee after Ryan gets shot. Natalie lets them run. Ummm. Okay hold on. That makes no sense. Ryan is much better off staying with the FBI now that he’s bleeding horribly. He could die from his injuries. While being caught isn’t great, dying is worse. It would make sense for Natalie to let ALEX go in exchange for helping Ryan, not let them both go limping off. He’s just a liability for Alex at this point. And why does Natalie believe her all of a sudden? Or maybe Natalie’s evil and this is part of the plan! WHO KNOWS. It was a weird decision, but I guess since all of Alex’s people were just yoinked from her, it’s only fair she gets to keep one of them. Although I’m sure it’ll play up due to the romantic drama instead. Now I really do hope Ryan is the bad guy. Maybe he and Liam are still working together. That’s my ideal ending to this scenario. Next week: Alex figures out that there might be another bomb. Dum dum duuuuum.


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