There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Every week with this show I end it going NOOOOOOO DON’T YOU DARE STOP. I have to wait another week. It’s been a long time since a show managed to put me that at the end of my seat, desperately seeking more answers. In a good way. I’ve felt that Shonda shows in the past are pretty good at rising tension and making it fun to watch them, but How To Get Away With Murder is a mystery. And that means every episode ends with a wham bam whodunit sense. It’s pretty brilliant and I was completely wrong to think that it would lose its edge after the first mystery was solved. I won’t doubt them again, even as my skepticism rises up again with the end of this season coming. The aftermath is so much more interesting than the reveal. How important was it that Frank killed Lila last year? It was a lot more about everything else that happened. And Eve’s back in this one! Yaaaaay Eve! Previously on HTGAWM, Annalise gets shot in the future and we don’t know what happened yet. Also DA Sinclair is dead there. Annalise had a long term relationship with the beautiful Eve, who helped defend Nate in his case. Bonnie was sexually abused by her father and for some reason Annalise had a tape of it, also Asher was going to turn them all in until he found out about that. But Sinclair told Bonnie that the thing he was covering up for was about a gang rape at one of his parties. Wes and Annalise have a weird relationship and he still thinks she killed Rebecca. There’s too much previously I give up.

Eve’s back because Sinclair is pushing on Nate since she can’t push on Annalise. She accuses him of killing his wife, which is somewhat true since it was assisted suicide, but she’s really just being petty at the moment. Eve goes to defend him, but after a witness basically supports what he did, she “throws” the case. Except she didn’t; she uses the woman’s sympathy to get Nate to convince her to hide his wife’s drug tests. He’s off the hook, problem solved. Eve is there for emotional support of Annalise, and she’s perfect and adorable. She gets the sense that Wes is special, and they hint at a connection with Annalise and Wes when she tells Eve “it’s him.” Eve knows instantly what that means. A lot of people have theorized for a time that Wes was Annalise’s secret child. That’s possible. It’s also possible that he’s related to her in another way. She definitely seems to know his mother. She’s always coddled him and it would explain why she’s done pretty much everything specifically to protect him. If he wasn’t the one who killed Sam, maybe she would have turned the others in. It’s very sweet that Eve is someone who knows Annalise so well there doesn’t need to be more explanation. But we need an explanation! TELL US. I also wonder if she feels guilty, like a case went sour with his mother and she decided to make it right by looking out for him. Maybe he’s her nephew. There’s something there and now we have confirmation he’s special to her. We’ll just have to wait for more details from there.


The case is really not that important this week so I’m not sure how much I care about it. There’s a stalker, a woman’s husband killed herself, the stalker is being accused, but it was probably the police officer who had an affair with the wife. Laurel manages to finagle her way into this win, and she thinks Annalise is mean to her because of her sleeping with Frank. Nope. Annalise actually implies Laurel is the one she doesn’t worry about, because she can handle herself. She doesn’t pay her special attention since she doesn’t need to be coddled. I like that, and so does Laurel. Another big thing is that Frank brings Oliver into the main group to help them with the secret son, and Connor is understandably terrified. Because they are in a lot of danger and he doesn’t want Oliver involved. This turns out to be completely legit since Oliver is confronted with the guy at the end. I don’t think he’s actually be killed; it makes more sense for the guy to kidnap him and use him as leverage. Whatever he wants from the group, he’s not going to get it through murdering one of their own. Maybe that’s why they all end up at the house that night. They’re there to try and help Oliver by planting evidence or something.

That’s the question, isn’t it? Why are they all there? We see Bonnie throw Sinclair’s body off the roof and everyone looked spooked by it. Bonnie has a very intense storyline. She’s furious at Asher and refuses to let him see himself as anything but complicit in the gang rape that happened at his house. He does seem to get that, and I love how the show spares him nothing in this regard. He lets it slip he knows about her abuse and she gets drunk and raw and has a very vicious fight with Annalise. This is an interesting turn around from the scene we saw a few episodes ago when she swears Annalise saved her, and Annalise said she ruined her. Now it’s the other way around. Bonnie feels torn apart and no doubt deeply triggered by everything going on, so she tells Annalise she wants her to die. We’re supposed to think this means she could have been the one to shoot Annalise, which makes me think she isn’t the one after all. Liza Weil was so good this episode. That scene with her and Viola was amazing, that was like Emmy reel amazing. I am so intensely invested in their relationship and I want answers.

I still will never be satisfied until I know more about how Bonnie, Frank, and Annalise became such an intense unit. Hoooow. Anyway, this episode was amazing. I am chomping at the bit for the next one. We are one episode away from finding out who shot Annalise but probably even longer before the rest of the pieces are in play. I love that this show has a shorter season because it doesn’t feel like filler, everything is important. And the aftermath is going to be especially important in this case. Whoever shot Annalise, they have to either be someone disposable, or someone she can forgive, so they stay on the show. WHO IS WES TO HER? WHAT HAPPENED TO OLIVER? WHY DO I HAVE TO KEEP WAITING? If there was ever a show I wish was on Netflix so I got them all at once, this would be one.


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