There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Yay for once I’m up to date on AoS. I’ll admit I was not very fond of this episode for a few reasons. A major one is the big “twist,” and the fact that it does feel like a WHAT A TWIST moment rather than something that feels narratively sound. I reserve judgment on the end result of that until we get the story behind it, but for now it feels like it was intentionally supposed to shock us only. Also when is Ward going to die? Soon? Soon. Please be soon. Also why is Hunter on this team, he is a terrible team member, and I have even less interest in their little marital spin-off than ever before. Okay previously on Agents of SHIELD, there’s this Inhuman going around killing the newbies, he looks like a monster but now Skye (I refuse to call her Daisy give me a season or so to get used to it) knows he can turn into someone normal. Hunter and May went hunting Ward, and Hunter chose to attack him despite him threatening Andrew’s life over it. May’s pissed about that. Last week we saw what happened to Simmons in the other world when a man stranded on the planet Will saved her life. She wants to go back to save him, and Fitz supported that, despite the fact he might have a romantic rival. Coulson’s been allying them with the ATCU group, and I still haven’t forgiven him for giving Lincoln over to them. Natch, he’s still free somewhere. When is he becoming a main character, by the way? Bring Luke back full time!

So quick note about FitzSimmons: he is trying to help her find a way back but can’t seem to get them any headway. Hunter is a complete douchebag when he recommends Fitz doesn’t try to help his rival survive. Like the fuck is wrong with you, this guy was stranded on a planet for fourteen years, even if he was a bad guy it’s cold as hell to leave him there. Let alone when he’s a good person and helped Simmons.  Anyone who would leave him there due to a love triangle is a horrible person, so shut your face Hunter. Hunter is completely infuriating this episode, what with him driving everyone insane because he’s bored and off the Ward case. I agreed with Hunter last week that Ward would’ve killed Andrew anyway, but now he’s grating. He goes off book to kidnap someone they think might be Lash and keeps putting them in danger since he’s not the “thinking” type of agent. Oh yeah we’ll see how well that goes if you end up getting someone killed because you didn’t feel like hanging out in the van, Hunter. Blah. Skye, Mack, and Hunter trail Price’s right hand man, thinking he might be Lash. They instead find themselves at the ATCU’s headquarters. Skye’s shocked when she sees that they’re basically holding Inhumans in a medical stasis, medically induced comas and locking them away. Coulson is shocked at first when he sees it but then gets that Price has an emotional reason for things, IDK, it is completely BS. What they’re doing is gross and Coulson’s weird flirtatious thing with her just bothers me.  I do feel like they’re setting it up for Skye to stop trusting Coulson because of his behavior.


Meanwhile May gets Bobbi back into the field because she’s the one who truly deserves vengeance. THANK YOU MAY. May’s back because she wants to take Ward down. Andrew survived his incidence but only barely. They track down the Baron’s son, who was intentionally fed back to Ward by his father’s former friend, and he tells her that Andrew is Lash. May’s pretty shocked. I feel like we should’ve had a ‘dum dum duuuuum’ music afterward, that’s how clearly we’re supposed to go WHAT A TWIST. This probably explains why Andrew disappeared at some point when he and May went on a vacation. Why he’s doing what he’s doing, we won’t know until they explain it more. Has he been an Inhuman for awhile? Was it only because of Jiaying’s actions? He let Skye live, but he wants Lincoln, so who is he picking and choosing to kill at this point? I just can’t connect why he as a therapist and sane person would become a murderer. And is anyone else getting a little tired of them having their own allies be evil just so everyone’s all shocked and upset? Drama for the sake of drama. It worked with Ward but I’m kind of ehhhhh about it now.

Also go Bobbi and May. Kill him. Kill himmmm. Not Andrew. Ward. I’m still invested in Andrew. So I guess you could say I’m not particularly fond of AoS right now. This episode felt gimmick-y and I’m not particularly fond of Coulson’s ATCU stuff. I get why logically he might want to partner with them to get a better shot at finding Inhumans, but his whole behavior feels kind of apathetic toward the Inhumans themselves. IDK, I’m not a fan right now. We’ll see how it continues from here though, and I’m sure with Civil War next year it’ll be building up to something connected there. Dear Marvel: do NOT spin off Bobbi and Hunter. You’re going way too far with all your shows, and they’re better in this ensemble cast. I’m just saying.

  1. Krista Cagg says:

    I don’t even have to watch this season for following your stuff. And thus far, I have no urge to watch AoS. All of this makes me stink eye it in open suspicion. 😀


    • Dee says:

      I’m glad I could help, because honestly it’s pretty meh. The Simmons episode was decent but the rest I’ve been pretty unimpressed by. I just feel like they don’t have great direction or long term goals.


      • Krista Cagg says:

        It does sounds really disjointed. Some of the previous seasons have seemed random then pulled it all together in the end, but this one sounds especially bad for that.


      • Dee says:

        Last season I think was pretty strong the whole way through, with a few shaky exceptions. First season I almost quit entirely but liked the last few episodes of the season. I think they’re completely insane to consider a spin-off show at this point; AoS isn’t even doing that well on its own.


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