There are spoilers in this episode. Duh.

So we get a glimpse now at Tom’s “new” character Harrison Wells, and he’s a dick, and it’s marvelous. It would’ve been odd for him to go back to that calm persona we thought Wells originally had. He was good for Barry and the team then, but this is a different time, and this is the man they’re saddled with. He’s more compelling this way, in my opinion, but I’ve always enjoyed flawed characters. There’s some more nerdy goodness in this episode. Previously on The Flash, Jay Garrick from Earth 2 got stuck here and his villain Zoom has been sending meta humans at Barry to kill him. Harrison Wells in our world was actually Eobard Thawne, but there’s a version of him in Earth 2 that came through the singularity to meet everyone. Cisco has superpowers and hasn’t told anyone about it. We met Linda Park last season when she briefly dated Barry, but they broke up in part due to his secret identity and because of Iris. Now Barry’s met a new woman named Patty, who is adorkable. After a certain point (like a few decades omg) one has to let go of their first love. Please, Barry. It’s getting a little annoying.

First a quick thing about Patty, who I love. Their date is adorable. Barry is blinded but doesn’t want to bail on her, so he goes out with her anyway. As a good detective she figures it out, and she’s charmed by the fact he kept their date despite that. I’d like to point out that Iris was the one who pushed Barry to go on the date despite it. It’s like she even less than before is interested in Barry, or maybe she’s coping from Eddie’s loss more than we realize. She does get shaken after seeing Wells. They all do. He gets pretty quickly that his version was a psycho, but he’s acerbic, apathetic, and just wants to find Zoom and defeat him. He is a sharp tongued person with little respect for others, but it seems to come from a place of guilt. He’s responsible for the metahumans (not unlike the one here) and for Zoom and has been avoiding admitting it. But not now. We see at the end that his daughter has been kidnapped by Zoom and it’s part of why he’s being so aggressive. I think they said that she was cast as Jesse Quick, which would give insight into why Zoom might potentially want her, if she’s a speedster. Or becomes one. Jesse Quick is a personal favorite character of mine, so I hope we see a little of her. Wells also reveals that Cisco has super powers and that he needs to help them find the new villain of the week, Dr. Light.









Dr. Light is actually Linda Park, which was a surprise to me, but I think it works nicely with the show. Although I liked her better as the arrogant scientist Kimiyo in the comics, who became a superhero and helped the JLA on numerous occasions. In here she’s just a thief who doesn’t really want to kill anyone, but she does try against Linda so she can take over her life. She’s stopped and they think they can use her to bring Zoom in. It’s hard to know if Wells is working with Zoom in exchange for saving his daughter, or if he’s desperate to catch Zoom so he can find her. I’m guessing the latter right now. Jay however is having none of this. He doesn’t believe Wells, and he thinks it’s all too dangerous to go directly after Zoom. Wells points out that he’s a coward and has been running from Zoom rather than facing him lately. Jay admits to Caitlin that he is afraid of Zoom. I do side eye him a little over this. Zoom is your problem. You guys can’t run away forever. You EVENTUALLY need to take a stand, Jay, and you’ll never have a better time than with a talented team behind you. This was kind of a disappointment from the character.

By the way, we meet the woman who will be Hawkgirl. She’s Kendra, the cute woman who works at the coffee place and Cisco asks out for a date. I’ve mentioned before how much they’re all pushing to send up for Legends of Tomorrow, and she’s one of the group. They’re just lucky it doesn’t really intrude on the rest of the storyline. Everyone knows Cisco’s powers now and rightfully are hurt he didn’t tell them, and supportive of him having them. So at least that’s out of the picture, and he picks his superhero name Vibe. Next week it looks like they’re going to ask Linda to pretend to be Light to bring in Zoom. I still maintain strongly that Barry is Zoom in that world. We’ve all been waiting for an evil doppelgänger. Speaking of that, Caitlin’s is certain to show up soon, especially since she made some comment about how they wouldn’t automatically be evil because of who gave them powers. Ha ha ha hello Killer Frost. Also want to give a shout out to my girl Iris who put herself at risk to protect her friend Linda, and to Joe for hilarious immediately opening fire on Wells. I mean, it seems a little silly since why else would they all be standing around talking to him, but still. It cracked me up. I look forward to the next episode!


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