There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Noooooo, Quantico. I had such high hopes for you. Don’t do what we were all afraid of. Don’t become a pointless romantic soap opera that’s destroyed so many good shows. You have an awesome storyline! It’s muddied with all these chemistry-lacking hook ups. I’m also starting to get a little weary of the “twists” in the flashbacks, because they are starting to get pointless when we know what happens. Is it worth getting invested in Caleb and Shelby where we know how it ends? We know now that the twins are public and that Simon was kicked out, so really the flashbacks are just going to be exposition on how it happens. It takes a little of the tension out, that we have certainty of where these people will be months from now. Also Shelby, just because you say it’s ridiculous and soap opera-y, doesn’t make it any less so. That doesn’t excuse it. Previously on Quantico, Alex is getting framed for a horrible terrorist attack and believes someone from her class of FBI trainees is responsible. Right now she’s crossed Simon, Ryan, and Shelby off the list, while doubting all of them first. Miranda helped break Alex out, and Liam is still the guiltiest person on the cast to me. Miranda’s son was going to do a terrorist attack and shoot up his school so his mother got him caught for firearms. She wants the twins to infiltrate them. Liam had Ryan spying on Alex, and Miranda is aware of it now and supports it.

The flashbacks are all about the romantic drama and it makes me want to gnash my teeth, so I’m getting through it fast. Alex and Ryan are hot and heavy, but Liam accidentally reveals the truth when they confront each other at Miranda’s house. She has her students stalk her son since Liam found a bug in the room and took it out. When Liam was sleeping with Miranda he got close to her son, and he’s like you suck to him now. Liam’s daughter was at the school Charlie was going to shoot up. Alex leaves a bug to watch Liam, okay. Shelby and Caleb are hooking up a lot and he gets jealous because she pretends to be dating someone else. But she’s just hiding that she has real feelings for him but doesn’t want them to distract from becoming an FBI agent. Simon finally hits on Nimah (Raina is the one he actually likes), and they kiss. I’ll have to leave the explaining about why this is offensive to people who are from her culture, but between the fact the show doesn’t seem to be respecting her faith/culture, and the grossness of him lying about being gay, this is a really bad storyline. He does find out about the twins. I think that’s about it. Who cares. Worst part of the show by far.


In present time, Alex thinks Caleb is now responsible. Also Ryan, Simon, and Shelby are now working with her, so she’s making her own little team. I’d love it if one of them was actually responsible and just amazing at lying now. Caleb’s father is Director Clayton who we’ve been seeing order everyone around, and Caleb’s only being suspicious because he suspects Shelby of having an affair with his father. It’s true. How the hell did that even happen? Hasn’t it only been a few months since they were in training? This is weird. So I guess Caleb is off the list now, although I’d like to point out he could still be; maybe it’s revenge against his father or something. Now she thinks it’s the twins because the twins are pictured being in New York at the time of the attack. I’m sure they’ll be crossed off next. I do appreciate that they waited as long as possible to go to the conclusion that the twins were responsible. It is pretty iffy to blame it on them (on the “brown girl” as Alex pointed out herself earlier), but after going through all the others first, it’s less offensive now. And they’re not going to be responsible. Maybe it’s Elias. We haven’t seen him for awhile.

I like the main storyline. I like the present. I think the flashbacks are now a hindrance to the rest of the story. Or that we just need a little less time there and more time in the present. The flashbacks definitely get more screen time. I want to know who is responsible, and I feel like there might be more than one person. Which would be interesting! I get the flashbacks are supposed to give us insight into who might be responsible. It’ll show how Simon gets kicked out and how everyone finds out about the twins. But since I know that’s going to happen for sure I’m a little like ‘eh just tell us and move on.’ The main storyline is good and tense and interesting. And devoid of all the soap opera drama stuff, outside of Shelby’s this week. I still want to believe in Quantico, and I think if it scoots away from falling into that trap, it’ll continue to be a good show. Crossing fingers.


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