There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I need to know why Bonnie and Frank are so ride-or-die with Annalise. It does seem both ways, since obviously she is going out of her way to protect them just as much. These three are intense about each other, and I want backstory like now. Annalise and Bonnie must have something involved with Bonnie’s abuse, since she believes Annalise saved her. I’ll admit these three are my favorite characters and there’s so much I want to know about them. Frank’s clearly a sociopath, but his loyalty to them seems unquestioned. What is happening? This show is so good. Previously on HTGAWM, we know that in a few weeks Annalise gets shot and everyone is involved with it. She’s been found by the EMTs, and the DA is dead downstairs. They are at the house of their clients Caleb and Catherine. Also Asher was going to turn them all in for a deal with whatever’s plaguing him in his past, but he decides not to because he thinks Bonnie killed Sam. And Bonnie was sexually abused as a child, which Annalise has on tape FOR SOME REASON. Nate’s wife asked Annalise to kill her, or just hand her pills so she can do it herself.

Asher is back in the fold, somewhat. He’s now back on their team but only on shaky grounds. He made a deal with Annalise that she protects him, leaves his father out of it, and he’ll keep protecting Bonnie (and her). Annalise ends up doing the exact opposite, which is not at all a surprise. I know all her students think she’s cold as ice, and she is, but she has been covering up for them from the very beginning. They forget that all the time; she could’ve easily turned those fools in when she first saw Sam’s body. She has her own reasons, sure, but she’s gone above and beyond for them. They’re suspicious slightly about Rebecca’s death, although Wes is the one most obsessive about it, for obvious reasons. I have trouble caring about him or Rebecca, to be honest. They bored me the most on the show. They confront Frank about Wes’ suspicions and about the money they found. He says it was for hush money for Rebecca, and that they legitimately have no idea where she is. Annalise also says this over and over, straight to Wes’ face, and even brings up his own mother’s death as reasons he won’t trust anyone. Yikes. They are such incredible liars though. If I was Wes or any of the students, I’d absolutely believe them.


The story of the week is actually a powerful one, with Annalise’s friend Jill having killed her husband in self defense. Jill is a transgender woman, played by a transgender woman, so huzzah for accurate casting. Her husband abused her for years but she never showed it, and she keeps mucking up her case by not listening to Annalise. There’s a super transphobic police officer who says she killed him because he knew what she was. Gross. Anyway, Annalise doesn’t seem to be winning that one, but she provides the guy in charge with a better get: Asher’s father. He’ll prosecute the judge instead, and Annalise walks with her client. Nice. Poor Asher, who doesn’t seem to understand that Annalise lied to him, but you’re better off without him, Ash. He didn’t really care about protecting you, it was always more about himself. Bonnie is offered the file by the DA about this mysterious Tiffany and told she was gang raped. Asher’s part in it is yet to be revealed.

They also talk more about Caleb and Elizabeth this episode. They find out there’s a secret baby out there, the child of their racist aunt. He might be responsible for the deaths to get the money. Oliver digs a little too deeply into it, and he’s now in danger because the secret baby is somehow locked into his computer. Yikes. Isn’t he a good enough tech nerd to protect himself from this? I think it’s likely Oliver will die. He’s not a series regular although he’s in it enough to get that role. So he’s not long for the world, I think. He’s also easier to kill than any of the mains. Nate’s wife dies when he helps her finally, and he tells Annalise she’ll never be loved the way he loved her. That is HARSH. I mean I can’t even get mad at him since he has been lied and manipulated to by her for awhile, but still. As rough as Annalise can be at times, she’s very lovable in my POV. EVE COME BACK AND LOVE HER. Caleb and Michaela flirt some more. In the flashforward, Frank pretends that he’s distraught over Annalise, but then casually gets in his car with an unconscious Elizabeth in the back. But she’s not dead. He leaves her in a place easily found by the police and she wakes up. Frank’s good at hiding bodies, he’d never be that sloppy. So this time for sure every single person on the show is involved with the murder, outside of perhaps Oliver … who is likely dead. It would explain why Connor was so intensely emotional that night.

THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. Everything about it makes me hang on the end of my seat. I apologize for all my doubts on how it would continue past a first season. I know that Shonda eventually goes off the rails for her shows, but usually the first few seasons are legitimately good. I am ride-or-die about this show myself. It’s intense and very confusing at times, but always fascinating. Can’t wait for next week.

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