There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Again I’m super behind on Agents of SHIELD. And I watch the episode and go ‘hey this was good! I should watch this on time.’ Sigh. Some day it will make sense. It’s not like I’m watching Heroes Reborn where I’m so bored I barely pay attention. I am side eying Coulson for his current storyline and alliance with that woman. He really doesn’t make the best decisions, does he? I know Fury didn’t always too, but Phil is certainly a lot more mistake heavy than his boss. I am much more excited to see the next episode because Simmons! Previously on Agents of SHIELD (AoS), Hunter and May went undercover to kill Ward. I still hope Bobbi ends up actually getting the kill since she, May, or Skye deserve it the most. Not Hunter. Jemma was stranded on an alien planet for months and wants to get back, but no one knows why. Coulson’s working with the ATCU, a rival corporation stalking and taking Inhumans.¬†Weeks before, Lincoln and Skye were found by this creepy¬†alien-looking person who has been behind killing a lot of the new Inhumans. In the comics he’s known as Lash, but we don’t know yet what his role will be here.

Lash is a main point in this episode, since they are trying to stop him from murdering all the new Inhumans. Or we thought it was new ones, but he kills several that were part of the group long before the fish oil got out. Interesting. The multiple versions girl (forgot her name) from last season went to SHIELD for help. I wonder if she would have if she knew that Coulson sold Lincoln out. That jerk. Still mad about it. They work with ATCU and no one trusts each other. They do manage to find out who has been helping Lash track people down, but it doesn’t save them when he attacks the group directly. He seems quite unstoppable. Interesting that he didn’t take out Skye when he had the chance, and she saw that he was able to go back into human form. Dum dum duuuuum. Even more unstoppable now. The guy they find who was helping him said that he feels terrible since becoming an Inhuman, and that he thinks they’re helping the suffering ones by putting them out of their misery. It’s interesting to hear a lot of different points of view of these people. And unfortunate that Jiaying’s plan did actually work, albeit not as widespread as she planned. People are being forced to change. That sucks.


The other plot is that May and Hunter are trying to infiltrate Ward’s gang. Hunter did, but May’s like ‘you’ll get made, man.’ She does go to Coulson to get back up, and they talk a little more about her husband. I knew Andrew was in trouble from the moment he said they would talk about all their issues later. I’m like oh god you’re never going to because you’re going to die, dude. That being said, we never saw his body, so I don’t buy it yet. I’m getting ahead of it. They do manage to take out a lot of Ward’s people and he tells May either she backs down or he’ll kill Andrew. She wants to do it, but Hunter’s like nooooope. So as far as we know Andrew died in an explosion, but no body. It’ll be interesting to see how May reacts to this with Hunter, since he did make the call for her. He would have done the same if it was Bobbi and I’m sure he knows that, but it was the right decision. Ward would’ve just killed them both. It’s laughable to say “you have my word.” He’s a liar. It drives me insane that he’s still saying that May killed Kara. You killed Kara. He’s so delusional. Kill him already, show. I do think we’re getting there at least, and they’re not trying to redeem him so that’s nice.

Also Fitz tries to get through to Simmons and finds out about her secret notes about going back. She finally says she will tell him. Next episode we will hear the full story. I’m excited about that! This episode was good. I don’t like Coulson’s gross flirting with the head of ATCU. I do think the two of them are just being cat and mouse and it’s not serious, but still. Yuck. Bobbi’s still going through recovery, and I appreciate the show is showing that it takes time to heal from what she went through. As long as she gets a shot at Ward too. Apparently they’re now thinking about doing that show with her and Hunter anyway, even though they scrapped it when it got negative response. But now it’s back on the show. I will not sign up for that. There are enough Marvel shows on and I like those two in an ensemble, but I don’t think they’d be as interesting as leads. So I hope it’s only a rumor. I am intrigued by why Lash is killing normal Inhumans as well as the new ones. Hmmm.


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