There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This show is the gift that keeps giving for us comic nerds. I can’t express to you how much I laughed when King Shark showed up. With Patty bringing it up a few times I thought it would just be a wink to people, but there he was, and it was glorious. They are still just setting things up for Legends of Tomorrow, which I don’t really mind, but this episode was about finding the new Firestorm. They ended up picking an obscure character from the Firestorm series, but I like him so far. Previously on The Flash, the explosion over the city opened all these singularities and people from Earth 2 could cross over into Earth 1. Jay Garrick is currently kicking around, but not in this episode. Ronnie died in the premiere meaning that Firestorm isn’t complete, and Dr. Stein has been passing out probably in relation to that. Also Iris’ mother is back in town but Iris didn’t know she was alive. We have a new regular guest star in Patty Spivot who I love love love. Cisco has powers but he hasn’t told anyone. I’m still not sure why, is it because they’re not cool flying powers?

So their main concern this episode is helping Dr. Stein. They realize he needs to bond with another person because of Ronnie’s death or he himself will die. There are two options: one is a brilliant scientist and the other a former football star. Caitlin naturally wants the nerdy guy and sort of looks down on the football guy, harsh Caitlin, but it’s pretty clear from the beginning who it will be. We see his origin when he saves his friend and gets people off the field when the explosion hit, giving him potential super powers if he bonds with Stein. The bad guy is Henry Hewitt, also a random character from the Firestorm comics. They are such nerds, I love it, plucking all these obscure people and making it work in the new storyline. Henry’s bonding with Stein doesn’t work, but he also starts gaining powers and loses control of them. He has anger management issues before this. At first Jefferson Jackson, the new Firestorm, refuses to join with them. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t know if he can cut it. Maybe it’s all just too freaky. Either way he’s not sure, but he ends up getting involved out of concern for Caitlin after a Jefferson attack. The bonding is secure and they’re ready for Legends of Tomorrow.


The rest of the episode is about the West family. Iris decides she doesn’t really want to have her mother in her life. I agree with her here. She doesn’t really owe her anything, and she’s been without one a long while. And then her mother says she’s dying. Iris is a reporter and digs into it, and finds out her mother is telling the truth about that, but she’s been lying about having Joe’s son. Yikes. Maybe this is Wally West? Iris tells her to leave them alone and chooses for now not to tell her father, because it would devastate him knowing he wasn’t around for a kid. The Wests are really bad at keeping secrets from each other, meaning they just like their secrets all the time. Learn from your past and be honest with each other, eesh. For example, Joe doesn’t tell Barry that Harrison Wells might be back, so when Wells does show up, Barry’s taken by surprise. This is after he gets attacked by Killer Shark and considers whether or not to ask out Patty. Who is adorable by the way. But he’s obviously getting sidetracked by seeing his old mentor, the real version of Harrison Wells, around. We’ll see what his motivations are. I figured it would be something like this to bring Tom back.

I try not to get involved much with shipping wars, but I really have to question Barry’s devotion to Iris. Don’t get me wrong, I like Iris a lot, I can definitely see why someone would love her. But it’s always weirded me out that he’s been obsessed with her since they were kids, and all this time too. Like let it go, man. That’s not healthy. As opposed to last season when Joe was all about the Westallen, now he’s like sure ask out Patty, she’s pretty awesome. I know people are pissed at yet another love triangle though, so I get that. I feel like Arrow learned the lesson that just because Dinah and Ollie were together in the comics, doesn’t mean he had to get with Laurel in the show. Iris and Barry don’t have to end up together if you choose not to go that path, and it’ll be okay. But I’m fine either way. I hate shipping wars. I want everyone to be happy the end. I do appreciate that Iris and Barry haven’t immediately gotten together after Eddie’s death though. We’ll see what Wells has to say.

I have this theory that Zoom is actually Barry. The Barry from that world became Zoom while Jay became the Flash. Let’s see if I’m right, let it be known now.


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