There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I knew that the romantic drama was coming, and it made me sigh, but I have to accept that it will be a major part of this show. Very well. It’s not that I hate romance as a plot on TV. A good romance adds to the storyline. I just worry they’ll get so caught up in the romantic drama that the real drama will take a back seat. That hasn’t happened so far though, Alex’s framing is definitely the major plotline, so I’m going to accept it. However there are things that annoy me about this, so I’ll get to that in a bit. Previously on Quantico, Alex is on the run from the FBI and also trying to find out who framed her. Ryan and Simon are now secretly on her side, and Shelby was kidnapped by her last episode. We don’t know yet how everyone ended up falling out with each other. In flashbacks, Miranda figured out from Ryan that Liam was out to get Alex for some reason. Everyone tried to do well in class. Simon got warned, and Elias is obsessed with proving he’s a bad guy for some reason. Nimah and Raina are twins pretending to be one person. ¬†Yadda yadda.

In the flashbacks, the group have to go undercover. They were lamenting that they haven’t gotten to go outside at all, and everyone’s wearing down. Their mission is to go outside the academy and pretend to be part of a tech company at a special cocktail party. They have to make elaborate stories and find a way to meet the CEO. When they get there, Liam forces them to drop their identities and take a new one, so they all have to switch around. Nimah and Raina are excited that they manage to win the competition despite Miranda forcing them to switch every hour. Caleb keeps messing with Shelby because he thinks she ratted him out when he went to the shooting range. They end up having sex in the basement. This really irritates me because it’s such a classic trope of slap slap kiss kiss. Hate sex. It’s so stereotypical and I feel like we should let go of the idea that two people who act like they hate each other really just want to bang. It’s one step up from ‘if he pulls on your pigtails and bullies you he really likes you.’ Yuck. Alex and Ryan also take this time to hook up, but I’m not much more fond of that, since he’s lying to her. What would it hurt to tell her now, since Miranda’s on it? Except Miranda then tells him that after speaking to Liam directly about it, he is right to investigate Alex and Ryan needs to stick with it. Dum dum duuuuuum. (Also Miranda and Liam had an affair at some point. I thought there was some UST there.)









OKAY. So in the current timeline, Alex panics when Ryan tells her that they’re willing to shoot on sight now. It’s not just to get her in, they want her dead. She decides to tell her own story by going to the Dark Web and getting them to help her put out a message. We get a few truth bombs when these hackers know more about Alex than the FBI does, including that she worked with suspected terrorists while missing that year before coming back to the US. I don’t think she’s an unreliable narrator, like we won’t find out that Alex is the real bomber in the end. But she has some secrets for real. They all do. Also a note here I forgot above was that Elias pushes Simon some more and is offended that he’s definitely lying about being gay. Simon admits that he did some bad things with the Israeli army and he’s crafted a fake identity to pretend he’s someone else. Elias cut him slack, for now. Back to Alex, her reveal does make Shelby seem to believe her, so there’s that. The FBI tracks them down … to a mosque. Nice cover for everyone to escape, and the hackers give Alex a new identity to get by. Shelby doesn’t trade in Ryan and Simon, and it looks like she might possibly be joining the gang. We’ll see!

They search for the names of recruits in the area of the bomb, and find out that Caleb was one of them. Ooooo. So he’s the new main suspect, possibly. I like that. I still think Liam is the obvious choice, although I am genuinely intrigued by what he had on Alex. Maybe he knew about her year hidden and who she was hanging with? She said to the hackers she wasn’t even sure if those people were terrorists. Or didn’t think of them that way. Maybe that’s why he was keeping such a close eye on her. Also I’m waiting for the bomb to drop about him and Alex … maybe having a sexy connection? Miranda said he loved her, so I’m like ???? about that. Anyway, this show is still a highlight for me and I watch it as soon as possible. Don’t let this recap being late fool you, I watched it immediately. Here’s hoping it doesn’t go into like Grey’s Anatomy level of romantic drama. And please please please stop with the love-hate thing. It’s one of my least favorite tropes these days.

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