There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m still behind on things la la la. I completely forgot I still hadn’t seen this last week. I am ashamed. Anyway like Felicity I was excited to see the original trio back together. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked the addition of Laurel and Thea to the team; Laurel reluctantly, since I’d prefer Sara, but she has managed to slide in well so I’ll get over it. And I miss Roy. But Oliver and Diggle had a lot of things to talk about, and I was pleased to see how direct they were once forced into it. They need to be bros again. The Merlyn thing still annoys me and I’ll get to why in a minute. Previously on Arrow, Oliver is the new Green Arrow and he is trying to be a more positive individual. He’s more honest and open about himself now, which is nice. He’s considering running for Mayor to help the city in the spotlight. Laurel found out about the Lazarus Pit and wants to bring Sara back, despite seeing how Thea’s steadily getting worse from her experience. Felicity’s found a new BFF/partner in Mister Terrific, er, Curtis, sorry. I can’t think of him outside of his name. And it looks like he’s new into the team, huzzah.

Diggle and Oliver first. They’re still not getting along and decide to go on separate missions, which nearly gets them both killed. Oliver goes up against Jeremy Tell, he’s one of the Flash villains so he must have been brought over from there, and his tattoos come to life as knives. He is played by JR Bourne, one of my favorite actors out there. Diggle is trying to get to the bottom of the HIVE situation, and specifically Maya Fayad who is working with them. But Darhk kills her for going against his orders. That guy sucks, who would even work with him? Felicity makes the two of them sit down and talk and she yells and it’s fantastic. You go Felicity. Diggle says he would’ve taken a bullet for Oliver before but doesn’t know if he can anymore. Oliver says that he doesn’t understand why the usually forgiving Diggle won’t give him a chance to win his trust back. In the fight with Tell, Oliver takes a knife (or bullet in Dig’s mind) to protect him, and it looks like they’re a little on their way to trust again. And Diggle does give Oliver the secret about HIVE and it looks like the two of them will be working together to help get answers. So glad to see the old gang. Also Felicity accidentally brings Terrific into the fold because Tell attacks her at the office, and she has to explain hastily. He’ll be their very own Cisco, basically.


Meanwhile Laurel stomps in to demand that they let her use the Lazarus Pit. Merlyn and Nyssa are spying and I swear it drives me insane that he seems to match her. Nyssa has been training to kill since she was a child. Merlyn only learned like maybe a decade or two ago. I’m sorry, she should be better than him. And better than Oliver, who only has a few years of experience. It irritates me that she seems less skilled than either of them. Merlyn says no and so does Nyssa, because the Lazarus Pit brings back the worst in people, not the best. Merlyn tricks Thea by saying he can get her a cure, but the only cure for it is to kill. The bloodlust is too strong. Thea’s horrified and says she will find a way to fight it. Merlyn decides to get back Sara in order to help Thea, possibly because he knows she’ll be a monster and it’ll prove to Thea she can’t fight it. Sara does indeed look like she’s basically a zombie or feral at this point, and Nyssa destroys the Lazarus Pit so no one can use it again.

Eventually Constantine will be on the show (I think they said episode 6) and he will be the one to help Sara, I think. As someone who can speak to the dead and do a lot of magic, he’d be a valuable ally against Darhk and to get Sara’s soul back. We know that she’s headed to Legends of Tomorrow so by the end of the first half of this season, she’ll be herself again. I also was like “guys don’t put Thea right in front of her, remember she thought she killed her.” One little nitpick is them pretending Felicity doesn’t know about gambling, but it was said clearly in the past that she can count cards and grew up in Vegas. It was a weird little thing to forget for the show. In general though I liked this episode a lot. I’m glad to see the original trio making some progress, and props to Felicity for aggressively pushing the two of them when they were being stubborn. People have been very clear with Laurel that this is her fault, whatever happens with Sara. The Lazarus Pit in the comics had a tendency to drive people insane, especially if they were placed in it too long after their death (hello Jason Todd). I am so sick of Nyssa being held back though. And I am really tired of Merlyn, I hate when people refuse to get rid of their bad guys. I get we love Barrowman, but it’s old, okay? Oh also there are flashbacks but I legitimately don’t care so I don’t even bother recapping them anymore. I miss the days when they were relevant.

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