The Flash -- "Family of Rogues" -- Image FLA203b_0049b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

The last time I talked about Captain Cold aka Leonard Snart, it was about the fact that he was heading over to Legends of Tomorrow when it starts up. I’m looking forward to the show, and Wentworth Miller does a really great job as this character. He’s clearly a villain, but he has redeemable qualities, depending on who is around him. I’m still not a huge fan of Heat Wave going over, and this is why: I think Snart’s sister Golden Glider / Lisa would be a better choice. Heat Wave is pretty boring all things considered, and I really find the sister-brother connection an appealing addition to any team. They prove in this episode that the two of them humanize one another, and also the testosterone on that team is already overdone. All that being said, onto this episode. Previously on The Flash, Jay Garrick from Earth 2 was forced into this world. One of his villains Zoom is bringing villains from Earth 2 over to kill Barry. They’re trying to work together to fix singularities in the area. Caitlin and Iris’ love interests sacrificed themselves a few months ago and neither of them seem to care. That’s a glare at the writers, not the characters or actresses. Cisco has powers but he won’t tell anyone. Iris’ mother is back in town and she doesn’t know. Harrison Wells from the other world is being ominous.

Lisa Snart approaches Cisco and asks for help. It’s hilarious that she thinks Barry is just some random guy sitting at the counter with the Flash’s best friends. Yeah that’s not suspicious at all. The entire Flash team is hanging out being friends but don’t look twice at that scrawny cute boy who looks just like the Flash, nope. Anyyyyyway. Her brother is in trouble, she says. They do track Leonard down, and he attacks Barry after his partner is revealed: their own father. Only he’s a really, really bad guy, who used to abuse his children and kind of set them down a dark path. Lisa admits that they could be a lot worse, if he’d stuck around and hadn’t been put in jail where he belongs. He definitely turns out to be horrible since he’s planted a bomb in Lisa’s head, and that’s why Leonard is helping him. See? Humanizing effect. I love family dynamics. It’s up to the team to find a way to get the bomb out of her in time to stop Daddy Snart. It works, and Leonard kills him. He ends up going to jail for it, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much. I guess if he’s going to jail, it might as well be for an act he feels is worth it. In any case, he won’t be there for long, since Legends of Tomorrow will be starting up in a few months. Lisa kisses Cisco and drives off.


Jay can possibly go home but instead he stays. Um. I mean he probably shouldn’t have, but he agrees to help with Zoom. I guess that makes sense since Zoom is his baddie, but Zoom might also just try to go home too. Who knows if he even likes being in this world, I don’t know. It’s just an excuse to keep Jay around, and I can’t blame them for that. Caitlin wants him to stay because she has heart eyes for him. Kind of hope there’s more going on in her storyline this season than making heart eyes at him, just saying. If we get Killer Frost showing up later on, that’ll be amaaaazing. Dr. Stein collapsed last episode and he does again this one. Something’s definitely going wrong with him. Is it because of Ronnie? Keep in mind I know he’s also going to Legends of Tomorrow. Also Harrison Wells comes through the portal. I’m going to assume it’s Harrison until proven otherwise, because in that timeline he was never taken over by Eobard Thawne. Plus if Tom’s sticking around, he needs to be a little more of a protagonist.

Also there’s some stuff about Iris’ mother being back. She was a drug addict and almost got her daughter killed when she was little, so Joe told Iris her mother was dead. She disappeared on them and he figured she’d never be back. But here she is. Iris takes this news … unexpectedly well. It feels like they don’t want to make conflict between these two, it’s just odd she’d accept it so easily. Her mother brings up that Iris might need her after Eddie’s death. Ha ha Iris doesn’t really care about Eddie, don’t worry. =P She did win a cool award so that’s nice, and we see Linda Park again briefly. Her mother will likely only end up scamming her. So that’s the general episode. It was decent. I do love the Snarts. I really want to know what the Harrison Wells stuff is, hopefully we’ll get an answer on that next episode since he’s now in town.


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