There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

We have to wait two whole weeks for the next episode and that makes me sad. Scream Queens is a complete highlight for me these days. As someone who hates horror but loves horror comedy, it was basically made for me. I don’t know that I’d call something this ridiculous satire, but it’s definitely very entertaining parody. I do wonder if they’ll ever start killing the more main character, but then I don’t want them to go because I’d really miss them. Jennifer better watch out, because she’s the only not-really-main Kappa left after this episode. Previously on Scream Queens, there’s several someones posing as the Red Devil and murdering Kappas. Gigi is apparently working with them and/or leading them. It’s all tied to the death of a former sister in a bathtub, while her baby is alive somewhere out there. Zayday said she was running against Chanel for the position of president in the sorority. She got kidnapped and one of the Red Devils has a crush on her. We know at least one of them is Chad’s BFF who faked his death.

I’m starting to think that Earl Grey is one of them, considering he’s the one who propels the boys into this episode. Zayday and Grace decide the only way to figure out who is behind this is to play Truth or Dare. Mostly to see if they can glean anyone lying. So they decide on a slumber party! This is after Zayday gets elected co-president. Chanel flips out, but it’s all a lie because she’s purposely made Zayday into a target as the leader of the group. She’s genre savvy; she knows she’s a bigger target as the lead. This is mostly a bottle episode since everyone stays within the house, and the adults are kept out of it. The boys crash in when they realize that the girls are locked by the Red Devil in there. Chad decides to pinky swear that he’ll try monogamy with Chanel, because the boys point out it’s odd he’s slept with so many older people (like Munsch and Denise). Hester tries to seduce him but he’s decided she’s too creepy for him. For now. She does share his love of dead things, after all, he isn’t made of stone. Right away the fraternity brother without the arms gets killed since he can’t climb up to the window. Aw. He survived so much, but he’s barely named, so that’s what happens in a horror show.


Despite just seeing him murdered, they decide to continue on. The girls were playing Spin the Bottle at Chanel #3’s request, because she’s having feelings for Sam and wants to explore it. She reveals to Sam that she’s Charles Manson’s daughter and also that people who date her tend to go crazy, like the guy who threatened to cut off her ears if he sees them. Thus all the ear muffs. During Truth or Dare, Sam reveals Chanel #3’s secret and she gets mad. She sends her to the bathtub as a dare, and she’s killed by a Red Devil there. Sam asks to see his/her face first, and says she knew it, so there’s that. Chanel and Zayday decide as leaders they need to go into the tunnels below even if the Red Devil is probably there. Chanel ends up saving Zayday despite having the chance to flee, and they at least seem to be moderately okay now. Whoever was attacking them down there isn’t the one in love with Zayday, so there’s that. Grace’s father tries to drag her out of there, which makes the most logical sense, but she refuses. Grace is kind of the dullest character on this show. I didn’t even notice that Pete wasn’t in this either. Zayday and Chanel seem to be more the protagonists of this show. And they’re a lot more interesting. Just saying.

Oh also Chanel #5’s other boyfriend gets staple gunned to death. A lot of the dudes are more likely to die in this show. I fear that eventually they’ll have to start knocking off the characters we actually care about, because otherwise there’s no real tension in the show. Or maybe not! Maybe it’s all about the comedy and they don’t have to die. I’m in denial clearly. In any case, this isn’t any closer to finding out more about the Red Devil. But it was hilarious to see the girls have a dance party after with Chanel #3 deadpanning “What a great way to pretend all these people we know weren’t brutally murdered.” Seriously this show is the best. I find myself laughing so often that I have to rewind it if I’ve missed a line. I think Chanel #3 has become my favorite character. It’s her complete lack of emotion that appeals to me, since her lines are funny. Also that’s Carrie Fisher’s daughter! The Chanels agree they want to outlive Chanel, so we’ll see how that goes. I can’t imagine how this show can have another season, honestly.


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