There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Yay Quantico! I am so behind so I can do this very quickly, but this show rocks and I still find it fascinating. Maybe a little too confusing, but fascinating. I do appreciate they’re not hugely playing up the romantic drama at the moment. It’s really just about the real story. Please keep with that, show. I don’t want you to become Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal, okay? Previously on Quantico, Alex is being framed for a terrorist attack and it has to be someone from her training days. So she’s trying to figure it out while hiding from the manhunt. In the flashbacks, they all get to know each other but have their secrets. Alex finds out her father was FBI and apparently a hero, but she killed him as a child when he attacked her mother. Simon’s creepy and probably lying about everything. Nimah and Raina are twins on a mission by Miranda, we don’t know what yet. Ryan is supposed to seduce and manipulate Alex because of reasons Liam has not shared. Shelby seems mostly like a nice person so she has to have some more secrets.

Flashback first. Alex is getting reckless and aggressive because of the guilt over killing her “hero” father. In training, they try to deal with hostage situations, and she runs in without her team. She panics when she realizes her behavior could get someone else killed. Liam wants Ryan to convince her to quit the FBI, and she seems ready to do that. She talks to Miranda instead who tells her that the file didn’t say everything, and her father was also disliked and abusive. She decides to stay. Raina¬†is having trouble doing everything without her sister. Miranda tracks down Nimah¬†and tells her about her son. Her son got involved with a terrorist organization and planned an attack on his high school. She got him arrested for a few years, but she’s hoping the twins can help her infiltrate the group somehow. Ooookay. So the twins are back together. Simon’s still creeping everyone out, including Elias who seems dedicated to figuring out his secrets since he thinks he … might be evil? Hard to say. Also Shelby is brought into the secret so she knows about Alex’s father, and she confesses that her secret calls are to her sister. She didn’t know her sister existed until their parents died. Not sure if we are supposed to believe this, but for now we do. Their friendship is very sweet. I do love ladies being best friends and supportive of each other.


This is funny because they’re clearly not friends anymore in the current time. First off, Simon almost gives Alex in to the FBI, but Ryan yells at him in text form that he trusted him. So Simon saves her instead, reluctantly, it’s so hard to know what his motivations are. He clearly wants in on the FBI because he got let go for some reason, but he wasn’t willing to sell Alex out in that moment. He does seem to believe she’s innocent, however. The fingerprints thing might’ve sold him on it. They find out that part of the bomb is connected to Shelby’s company, so they go to her apartment. She comes back and she and Alex fight. She seems to believe that Alex is definitely guilty, and the two of them had some kind of falling out. Ryan confronts them at the house and they all argue for awhile. It’s very chaotic. The episode ends with Alex taking Shelby hostage, so we’ll see more about what happened there in the future.

It was a good ep! I really want to know what happened between the girls. Also it seems like a lot of bitter things went down in the next few weeks. Simon and Shelby are particularly bitter about whatever happened with them, and they hold Alex at least somewhat responsible for it? We’re going to see the drama go down. The thing is, this flashback thing will only work for one season. What do they plan on doing next season? Are they going to skip forward a few years ago and then do flashbacks? Then again I didn’t think How To Get Away With Murder could pull off a few seasons, so I’ll give Quantico some slack.


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