There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Luckily I am trying to catch up and this episode is really easy to summarize quick. This episode mostly starred Lincoln, my newest favorite cinnamon roll, and also led to Coulson being the worst. I’m pretty mad at him. Like legit mad at him. More on that later. Luke Mitchell is a great addition to this cast, and since he’s a main now, he’s sure to come back. But his character has been through a lot of hard things and it’s difficult to see everything around him falling apart. And getting no real help even when he needs it, despite Skye wanting to help him so badly. Previously on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, they saved Simmons, huzzah! Lincoln was almost caught by an Inhuman and his cover is blown. Skye wanted him to join her team to help bring in Inhumans, since he helped teach her how to control her powers. Also because he’s foxy, but that’s unspoken. Coulson’s been talking to the leader of an organization who is capturing the Inhumans too. Hunter and May are hunting for Ward.

So the Lincoln storyline. Price is the woman in charge of the hunting group, ATCU. They put out a message of Lincoln’s face and said he’s wanted, so he’s in danger. An old friend of his agrees to shelter him, but decides to turn him in after he’s told that Lincoln is an alien. It’s really unfortunate, since Lincoln just really needed someone to believe in him, but with all the horrible things going on in the Marvel world it’s not overly surprising people would panic at an alien. Unfortunately Lincoln tries to push him off and causes him to have a heart attack. Oh no, my poor cinnamon roll. He calls Skye for help and she comes in. He agrees to help her, but not SHIELD, and she says that’s fine. She kisses him too, which is adorable. I ship them a great deal. She reminds him that he was who helped her get her stuff together, so she’s there for him. After talking several episodes about making a team for herself, she has no actual members so far. It’d be good if she had at least one, and a partner like Lincoln!

4-2 []

Except womp womp Coulson is the worst? Price has a picture of Skye (I REFUSE TO CALL HER DAISY I AM NOT READY) and she is going to post it everywhere. To protect her he agrees to give Lincoln over. Okay. For one. You were going to turn over an innocent person to the hands of an organization who clearly does not have his best interests in mind. That is messed up, Coulson. For two. So maybe Skye’s cover gets blown, that does suck, but they had a reason for hiding it. It wasn’t just to get Lincoln. And beyond that, she’d probably rather have her cover be blown than give over her friend. She can wear a damn mask. Price and Coulson agree to work together. Lincoln flees. Coulson’s apparently willing to hunt down Inhumans with these bad guys. Good job, man. I’m sure you think you have it under control, but you are going to lose people in the process. Shake my head.

Also Hunter makes a contact to get into Ward’s gang. He has to kill the contact. He succeeds. May beats up a bunch of people. That’s about it. Simmons is messed up from her experience and Fitz takes her to the place they planned on having dinner. She’s overwhelmed and it’s really sad. At the end Bobbi finds that Simmons wants to find a way to open the portal up again. Interesting! I guess maybe Bobbi will be helping with that instead of finding vengeance against Ward, whatever. Someone kill Ward already. I don’t care who. I wonder if this whole Coulson being a jerkface is leading Skye to break away from him as a leader. I was already iffy on him last year when I sort of leaned toward the other SHIELD team at times. I guess we’ll see.

  1. Krista Cagg says:

    I refuse to call her Daisy as well. And you’re the reason why I haven’t watched certain shows yet. Me: “I wonder how AoS is this season. Let’s check with Dee!” *reads post…sighs* “Haven’t they done this before?” How many times does Coulson have to be a dick before they figure out that he’s up to something?


    • Dee says:

      HA well I’m honored. 😉 I’m super behind on everything right now but trying to catch up. Work just hit me hard this month. But yeah I was pretty damn shocked at what Coulson did this episode. He’s been a dick before but letting them take Lincoln … that was REALLY horrible.


      • Krista Cagg says:

        I haven’t watched any of these shows. Walking Dead, sure. The Originals. But all the BIG NAMES…nah. Sleepy Hollow has almost completely lost me with the blatantly obvious differences in shooting location. The suspension of disbelief that we’re in New England is completely gone. And as for Coulson, he’s been that dickish before. And seriously! Bobbi has a chance to go after Ward and doesn’t take it??? Nope.


      • Dee says:

        I can’t do zombies, I’M TERRIFIED of them. lol. I couldn’t do the Originals because I hate Klaus and want to stab him repeatedly whenever he’s on the screen. Sleepy Hollow I flat out quit after last season, it just … really lost its way. I feel like they should’ve stuck with a shorter season because I think they ended up doing what a lot of shows do and added too much filler. Everything I’ve heard about the new season confirms I don’t want to go back. Yeah Coulson’s been a dick before, I don’t know, I just was shocked this time for some reason. I was so on the side of the OTHER SHIELD last season, hahaha, so I’m like yeah stop trusting him sorry. I think they’re setting up for a break away with Skye, which I’d support. But it bothers the HELL out of me that Bobbi is staying behind while Hunter gets to go handle Ward. While I agree May is the right person for that, it ALWAYS pisses me off when the boyfriend gets the revenge on behalf of his loved one instead of letting HER do it. =/


      • Krista Cagg says:

        Ha! Yes, that is extremely sexist! Didn’t we establish that Bobbi could break Hunter like a twig? And if she’s come back psychologically, emotionally as well as physically from the severe torture Ward put her through, it just proves she’s the biggest BAMF in SHIELD. Someone just hold her coat while she turns Ward into a grease smear.

        However…this IS Marvel, and they have never been known for their feminist ways.


      • Dee says:

        Seriously, Bobbi is far better than Hunter as a fighter, that’s been well established. I would think that she’s been healing and working out all this time so she COULD hunt down Ward and get revenge. Instead they sent her boyfriend and she’s just like “oh well I’ll stay here.” Completely uncool imo. But yeah Marvel is completely dumb when it comes to women. They have some great female characters but none of them get the spotlight, and they expected us to be EXCITED/AMAZED by Ant-Man & The Wasp. Like no. Screw you guys. We do not have to cheer that you finally put a female character in a lead title only for it to be as part of another man’s movie, and you pushed back Captain Marvel, the only female led movie, because of that. And Ant-Man didn’t even freaking do well. I actually can’t review Ant-Man because I get really angry writing about it.


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