Dee Discusses: How To Get Away With Murder 2×04

Posted: October 23, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, HTGAWM, Recaps, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I’m still super behind so la la la doing this fast, but at least it’s a show I love How To Get Away With Murder. One of the best shows on television! I wasn’t sure how it would possibly keep going with this storyline after season one ended, but it has, and I love it more than before. It’s hilarious because this is a show too where I don’t know that I like anyone really, but I’m invested in them. Whereas on something like Heroes Reborn I don’t like anyone and it bores me. And they’re not murderers (mostly). Previously on HTGAWM, the team takes on the case of two adopted siblings charged with murdering their parents. Bonnie killed Rebecca and Wes is starting to get wise that Rebecca’s gone because her foster brother Levis hows up. Levi started hooking up with Michaela to get information. Annalise got Nate off of murder thanks to her super hot ex-girlfriend, and she was having an affair with him while his wife was dying. That is important for this episode.

Because his wife Nia uses his phone to call Annalise. She wants Annalise to help her commit suicide by getting her pills for an overdose. She thinks Annalise owes her, and that she’s killed before so it should come easily to her. We as the audience are well aware that Annalise is not a murderer. Unless she was in the past, which is totally possible, but she’s just covering up for other people right now. Annalise does consider it and gets the pills from Frank, who shows a little concern for his boss, but she tells Nia she won’t help her. Because if Annalise deserves to live, so does a much better person like Nia. Annalise has had a hard few months, and she’s starting to crack. Yet again we see how much Frank and Bonnie are willing to do for her, and it intrigues me because I WANT THIS BACKSTORY SHOW. This is more than simple loyalty, they’re intensely indebted to Annalise. As side stories, Michaela is sent to the siblings to flirt with Caleb and find out if he is engaging in incest. Again, it’s not actually incest since they’re not blood related, but whatever. Catherine says she’s a virgin and they take a test to prove it. What is this, the 17th century? Apparently she still has the hymen so it’s all good. Uhhhh. Maybe? I mean there are other ways to have sex. It seemed to set up that Caleb and Michaela have a connection now, even though she’s sleeping with Levi.


Levi and Wes are looking into the murder and I don’t actually care much about this storyline. Wes is generally the least interesting person in the murder group, and I disliked Rebecca, so I’m kind of “eh” about this. Him working with Nate is more interesting. The actual case of this week is that a teen girl and her friends stabbed her former best friend to death. Both sides blame the other side of brainwashing, but they see a tape that the girl they’re defending is basically a psychopath. Her parents try to cover it up and Annalise destroys the tape, but not before Connor sends it in. Still it seems like Annalise set it up on purpose for her client to lose her mind when one of the other girls says she’s a loser, and violently threatens her in public. Well she’s guilty. Connor admits that he doesn’t want to be responsible for any other deaths. He’s come a long way since that first murder night.¬†Asher is about to turn them in for protection from whatever the DA had on him, but Bonnie confronts him. She says she’s the one who killed Sam. !!!!

Seriously I need to know why Bonnie and Frank are so close to Annalise. She said last week that Annalise saved her life. HOW. WHY. I need to know. Anyway this does put a wrinkle in things. Asher is definitely the weak link in their story. Also we do flash forward to see that the ambulance makes it to Annalise and saves her. Nate has the group in his car and Michaela goes to speak to Caleb. I have no idea what any of this means, but it’s definitely interesting. I love this show and I wait for it breathlessly every week. WHAT IS NEXT? WHEN WILL WE KNOW MORE? I want the season finale now but I want it to last forever.


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