There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Okay I have to completely geek out right now. The title of this episode is “Flash of Two Worlds” which is a direct tie to the comic book of the same name. This was a landmark comic that began the concept of the Multiverse and Earth-Two, and it happened in the 60s. Decades later the Multiverse is still a major part of DC Comcis, so the fangirl in me intensified this entire episode. Also, Jay Garrick! Patty Spivot! Patty Spivot in particular! It’s hard to express how amazing this is to someone who isn’t a Flash fan, but I hope they’re enjoying these new characters anyway. Note: Jay Garrick is the original Flash. Patty Spivot was a pretty regular character during Barry Allen’s run of The Flash, his lab partner who had unrequited feelings for him. She was apparently reintroduced during the 52 era. Deep breaths, nerd panic over. Previously on The Flash, for some reason this timeline still exists even though it makes little sense to me, but I’m accepting it because I have to. Ronnie and Eddie died. For some reason Caitlin and Iris seem pretty over it. Not to side eye them, but seriously. A new man showed up named Jay and he said their world was in danger.

Right off everyone’s nervous, and Jay lays down the story that will at least be a major part in this segment of the season. He is from a parallel world where he’s the Flash, and while he was fighting his arch nemesis Zoom, he lost his speed and he was sucked into our world due to the singularity. Zoom is picking villains from their world to send them in to kill the Flash. This week is Sand Demon, who can (obviously) turn into sand but he can pack a pretty good punch. He’s from the alternate world so his other self does exist there, which throws them off at first. We are also introduced to Patty Spivot, a young cop who desperately wants to work on the superhuman task force with Joe. He’s reluctant to do it, but she’s persistent. She’s clever and a big fan of Barry’s work, and has a pretty clear crush on him. I don’t blame her, he’s adorable. She reveals that her father was killed by superhumans, so she has an invested interest in keeping them from hurting more people. He agrees to let her join his team. Yay! Patty was one of my favorite side characters that showed up from time to time, because she was always nerdy and cute as a button. Barry battles his deep distrust of Jay, because he reminds him of how Harrison Wells was really supportive and mentor-like at him in the beginning.


His wariness is pretty smart, honestly. I’m glad to see that he’s not someone who immediately trusts everyone who crosses his path. Iris warns him that he has to trust the people around him though, and eventually he decides to give Jay a chance. Especially after Jay gets his awesome helmet back. Jay agrees to help in a fight against Sand Demon even though he’s vulnerable without his powers, and they save a kidnapped Patty together. Yay! Jay’s a more experienced Flash so he gives Barry the suggestion that using his lightning on the Sand Demon will turn him into glass. And then he bursts? Ummm isn’t this the second time that Barry’s killed his bad guys? HAS ANYONE NOTICED THIS? AM I ALONE? Hmmm. Anyway Jay’s now a part of the team and they look into the singularity to figure out where the open spots are to leak between the worlds. Except there’s a shitton of them. Yikes. Dr. Stein figures out that Cisco has powers this week, visions and vibes, but he doesn’t want anyone to know. I’m honestly not sure why? I mean he’s so positive about powers and he’s saying it’s because of Thawne’s boasting, but hm. I don’t know. It rings a little false to me, like it’s being stretched out for dramatic purposes.

Also Caitlin’s already flirting with Jay. How long ago was it that her husband died? A few months? Okay. Dr. Stein collapses at the end of the episode from some unknown reason. We also see that Harrison Wells exists in the other timeline and that he’s super ominous, but it may be he’s a good guy there. He’s definitely being played up as bad, but that seems odd. Harrison Wells himself was a good person, and I know Tom is staying a main on the show, so he isn’t necessarily evil. My question is why Zoom is sending other people to attack the Flash. Maybe he’s distracted or doing other things, but he’s probably more lethal than any of them. He could be testing Barry to see how much of a threat he is. Either way, this was a good intro to the alternate dimension possibilities and it’s good to have another stable influence on the show in the form of Jay. I’m so excited to see where this is going and how long it’ll be before they go to Earth-2 themselves. Soon? Please? Is Caitlin Killer Frost there? That would be amazing.


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