Dee Discusses: Heroes Reborn 1×05

Posted: October 22, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Heroes, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I spend half of these episodes mildly interested and then completely bored. Is it just me that feels Heroes is especially obnoxious with its heavy exposition and/or pointless mysterious ~destinyyyy~ talk? I’ve seen some destiny hero stuff before, but everything about this show feels like they’re clubbing me over the head with it. I’m trying to wait out the whole miniseries since it definitely is not getting another season, but damn. Why aren’t you more fun, show? Previously on Heroes Reborn, the world is ending or something and some people are destined to save it but I’m not sure why they would want to. Since they have superpowers and everyone hates superpowered folks. Also Molly Walker killed herself to keep them from getting info on all the Evos in the world. Other nonsense is going on with so many characters that I don’t feel like summarizing the past since it’s a chore to summarize the present.

So Malina, the one who apparently is going to save everything or is being protected for her powers, is almost caught. Her fellow Evo gets killed protecting her and she flees from the Shadow character and the bad guys. She’s safe for now. Also Tommy is supposed to help save the world too. He’s pretty much just angry that it turns out his mother isn’t his mother and he doesn’t know who he is. He’s being catalogued now as an Evo, and he confronts her about it. The guy with the penny shows up just to be like you’re ~special~ and he’s like whatevs later teleport out. I don’t really blame him. Sociopath Luke goes back to his home and he feels sorry for himself because his wife hates him and his son died. I’d feel more sympathetic for him if he didn’t spend the past year murdering innocent people just for being Evos. And now that he’s an Evo suddenly he’s more sympathetic to them, lol, okay prick. He used to be a doctor too … how the heck does a “good guy” immediately turn to murder? I don’t buy it. He had to always have this murderous streak in him. He burns down his house. I feel nothing for him.


The only real action happens with Team Noah since they get Taylor to trick her mother Erica into coming to them. She’s pissed at her daughter for turning her over, but her daughter is like ‘you crazy.’ And she legit is. She knows the end of the world is coming and seems to love it, planning on making sure … some people survive? I get that sense. She thinks it’s like a purging of all the Evos. Whatever her reasons, she’s creepy. Her Evo sidekick shows up with Hiro’s sword, and naturally Ren and Miko catch up to him. Team Noah’s in trouble until Miko dives in to get the sword and turns the tide in their favor. Now she’s going to have to find the answer to where her father is. I’m hoping it leads her to Hiro one way or the other. Oh and whatshisface realizes his nephew and the priest are captured and goes to the secret Evo cop. He gets caught by his partners when they use their Evo sensing glasses. Carlos helps him out so he’ll get the location on his people. Okay.

Again I care very little about these people and honestly not too much for the world either. I guess it’s going to be radiation poisoning and like 96% of people are dying. I really wonder why any Evo would be like yes let’s help this world that actively has tried to murder all of us for no reason lately. I guess because people they still care about lives in it, fair enough. I keep hoping we’ll get actual answers and all we get are vague hints. I’ll just be over here banging my head against the wall.

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