There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

As usual this show is last on my list so I’m several weeks behind instead of just one. Ehhhhh. I will never get an answer for why I am apathetic to a show that is by all accounts a pretty decent story. This episode is all about getting Simmons back, since she’s been missing for several months after being eaten by the Monolith. They seem to be hinting there’s a lot of background with that, and it’s not surprising since Jiaying and the Inhumans seemed interested in it last season. It’s apparently a portal to the other world, and it’s probably not the last we’ll see of it, even if this side seems to be closed. For now. It also had the return of Ward, who I am hoping so much will die this year. I am so sick of him, although I guess good on the show for sending him so far down the villain path that we probably will get rid of him finally? Maybe? Please. Previously on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Skye is now being called Daisy only and she is looking for Inhumans. Simmons has been gone and Fitz won’t accept it. May is apparently retired. Hunter wants payback on Ward for injuring Bobbi. She should really get her own revenge, shouldn’t she? Just saying. Oh and awhile back we met an Asgardian named Elliot who is stuck on earth and caused some trouble for the team. Not a lot of it though.

Elliot comes back because Fitz thinks he’s coming closer to figuring out what happened to Simmons. An Asgardian might have a better idea of what to do with this alien tech. They find a place where they used to be able to open portals to the other world, and Daisy (I am being forced to use this name by the show, I don’t like it) uses her powers to hold it open. Fitz goes leaping into the portal and into the other world which appears to be an ice planet of some kind. He finds Simmons and though they have an overdramatic few attempts at getting to each other and almost failing, he successfully drags her back to their world. For now the portal seems closed … ish. Simmons is back but she certainly has either a story to tell, or some trauma to overcome. Great to see that the team was willing to put so much on the line for one of their people, I like when they act like a family. Sidenote that Daisy mentions earlier that she’s frustrated trying to get her team together since Andrew won’t mentally clear the new Inhumans. They do drop the Secret Warriors wink. But this episode is not about her new team, it’s about her old one, and saving Simmons.


Meanwhile Hunter goes looking for May. She’s “retired” again by spending time with her father and playing golf. Her father was in an accident and she’s afraid that Ward might have been behind it, but she’s also not sure if she wants to come back to the agency. Hunter needs her help to infiltrate Ward’s new HYDRA band and so they can finally kill him. Yes. Good. Personally I still maintain Bobbi deserves this more than Hunter, but May also does too, considering her bad history with Ward. Ward’s making HYDRA again and recruits the son of Baron Strucker, who we all know died in Age of Ultron. Werner is a little more weak and whiny, but he quickly proves he’s just as vicious as all the other HYDRA people. I swear my jaw tightens every time I see Ward. He’s a good villain, but hopefully like most good villains he should have a freaking expiration date.

So that’s about it. It was a fine episode. Good to have Simmons back. I’m sure there’s a bigger story about where she was and what that might mean. I assume we’ll be going back to the Secret Warriors storyline, although in the previews it showed Lincoln running for his life. I love Lincoln! They have to start recruiting real team members soon or it’ll never get off its feet. That’s about it.


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