There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Obviously I’m behind on things so I’m catching up on last week as quickly as possible. I’d say that maybe I forgot a lot of this episode because it was a full week ago, but I remembered everything about How To Get Away With Murder which I watched right before. I think this show is just boring to me. I don’t care about anyone. Anyone that might be interesting they are subduing because they want to build the ~mystery~ and I’m leaning toward quitting. We’ll see how I feel when it airs later on and if I’ll decide to watch. Otherwise this might be the end. Previously on Heroes, there was a terrorist attack and a lot of people were killed, and they blame super powered people aka Evos. We’ve met a bunch of cookie cutter characters that are doing stuff and things but nothing particularly interesting. Noah Bennet is trying to get to the bottom of what happened because his daughter died in the attack and he can’t remember anything about it. His memories have been wiped. He tracked down Molly Walker, but she was taken by this group who are using her abilities to find Evos and kill them. Their leader Erica seems like a real piece of work. We also have a murder couple who look for Evos, and one might have powers now, and a young boy who can teleport and just wants to be normal, a girl who can transport herself into a video game with a magical sword (that belonged to Hiro), and … who else? Right, the guy whose brother was a vigilante Evo and he’s trying to help the underground Evos okay.

Noah and Quentin enlist the help of Erica’s daughter Taylor to help find Molly. Taylor suspiciously turns over quick on her mother. Like I might believe it over a few episodes, but you remind her about her boyfriend probably dying, and then she’s like okay my mother’s a monster nvm my entire lifetime of nodding my head at her. What exactly did she think they were doing to Evos before this? Making them tea? Sigh. Fine she helps them and they get to Molly, and find other Evos latched onto machines. Molly tells Noah to forget the past and save the future, their new save the cheerleader save the world phrase, and kills herself. I can’t argue with her logic that she’s a weapon against everyone, but damn that is a harsh way to say goodbye to her character. There’s some girl named Malina who is supposed to save everyone. We know little about her because the show doesn’t want to give us info yet. I get trying to tease a story or keep it a mystery, but for some reason their little hints and small scenes only annoy me. Erica is looking for the girl and she might be in Canada. She says something about sending the “shadow,” who I guess you can know more about if you see the webseries.  No thank you. I barely enjoy the actual series.


Other storylines. Luke has powers for real now and he starts to question their mission. Oh sure, only until you gain powers do you question whether you should be murdering innocent people. In case you were wondering, show, I give zero shits about this guy even if he’s played by Zachary Levi. Jeez. His wife finds out and chooses not to murder him out of ~feelings but she does leave him. Why did it take so long for Luke’s powers to emerge, and so drastically? Apparently it might be tied to the prophecy about them saving the future, I don’t know. Eh. Also Tommy the teleporter gets his mother to safety but she needs a blood transfusion. He’s not a match so he has to teleport somewhere else to get her blood. When he gets back they had to report his Evo blood match to the government so now they have him. Miko and Ren are safe and they try to get to the US to do the next part of their quest. They get the video game players to help them by offering money and support, and it works. Not at all surprised that worked, or that it happened through social media. It’s legit.

Also there’s Carlos who is taking over as a vigilante for his brother. He’s trying to help Evos and has a Batmobile now basically. But his nephew and the priest, who are both Evos, are captured by evil Evo cop. Maybe to use as leverage so Carlos will give him the underground railroad people? Meh. It’s not that this is bad television, it’s okay television. With only a few episodes it’s hard to get all these stories into focus. But I’ve seen more complicated shows with even more characters manage to do better than this. I wish I could say there was one character that I care about, but I nothing most of them. I think the ratings are bad so it’s likely they are not going to get renewed. They claimed it was a miniseries, but we all knew if it did well they’d probably get a full season pick up. If it sticks to a miniseries I’ll likely finish it. The thing about Heroes Reborn, and Heroes before it, was that it had a lot of good ideas but not good focus.

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