SCREAM QUEENS: Pictured L-R: Billie Lourd as Chanel #3, Lea Michele as Hester, Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin and Jeanna Han as Sam in the "Haunted House" episode of SCREAM QUEENS airing Tuesday, Oct. 6 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Hilary Gayle/FOX.

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Man I love this show. I was having a grumpy day when I put this on, and it cheered me right up. I generally dislike horror, but I love comic horror, so go figure. I love Shaun of the Dead and Cabin in the Woods. Scream Queens is snarky and delightful and the way the characters talk is so unique. There’s already a lot of great running gags, and I can’t say I care too much about who the Red Devil(s) are. I wasn’t sure anything could top the brilliance that was Backstreet’s Back from last episode, and while nothing really did, it was still a fun hour. Previously on Scream Queens, there’s a serial killer trying to destroy the Kappa sorority that might have something to do with a baby born into the house twenty years before. Her mother died in childbirth because of neglect from her sorority sisters and it’s been covered up. Everyone on campus might be a suspect, although it’s very clear that there are at least two murderers on the loose now, possibly more. They’ve been stealing the bodies of everyone they killed until now.

First we have a jab at Taylor Swift with Chanel giving her real life fans special gifts and vicious insult/compliments, and even visiting one in person. Emma Roberts is always fantastic as the worst possible Queen B you could imagine. I can’t imagine her being anyone other than this though, it would be hard to believe her as being nice in a role. Chanel loves Halloween and she’s not going to let anything spoil it, not even the murders happening everywhere. She is horrified to find out that Zayday plans to run for president of the Kappa house against her, and it’s all out war. Zayday finds this mysterious and very creepy “haunted house” that apparently had a crying woman in it all the time and an entire room of terrifying little dolls. I hate dolls. They are so creepy. Later on Zayday is going to really regret this. I think it’s funny that Chanel points out that this is the best opportunity for the murderer to kill people without getting caught, since that isn’t really what ends up happening, but it does make perfect sense. And in any other horror show/flick, it would! But that’s why Scream Queens is so fun. It does both the expected and the unexpected.


The “unexpected” being that instead the house has all the dead bodies of the people the Red Devil killed over the last few episodes. Hester and Chad semi-hook up since they both find death and decay very sexy, and she wants to take over Chanel’s life in every possible way. She seduces him into the creepy house, and they are the ones to find each body. They survive to freak out and tell everyone nearby, and instead all they think is that it’s very cool and come to see the haunted house with the lifelike bodies. I cracked up, because that’s more likely to be true to life. Even the cops when called by Zayday are like ‘oh cool I wanted to go there!’ She gets kidnapped, which leads me to question why she’s kidnapped and not killed. Hmmmm. The rest of the episode Pete and Grace find a witness to the birth, and she says it’s a girl. Grace suspects it’s her, but her father denies it. Doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth, he’s a weirdo, and definitely suspicious. The woman gets murdered by the Devil, probably tying up some loose ends, and her body is in the house too. Awww.

We do see that Gigi was creepily rocking in the chair in the house, possibly the one obsessed with babies and behind a lot of this insanity. I’m thinking she’s possibly the pledge sister who held the baby and wanted to take care of it. We do see in the flashback that one stays with the baby, while Munch covers up the death of the girl. There is also a random although absolutely fabulous scene where the girls react to cat calling from boys and beat the hell out of them. I mean that is completely wish fulfillment and serves no actual purpose in the show, but I did enjoy watching every second of it. Go ahead and tell them to smile, boys. Denise is wonderful as always and Zayday reveals she knows that Denise tried to pledge there when she was younger, but the racist sisters refused. I am still digging pretty much everyone in this, and I’m expecting that it won’t just be two killers by the end. Heck at this point why not pretend to be a Red Devil and kill someone you want to, while pinning it on him? That would be awesome if it was a legit thing that happens. Everyone is the Red Devil at least once! All the actors are great and have really strong comic timing, and this show is absurd but thoroughly entertaining.


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