There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There were a few reasons I never liked Heroes, and it’s hard to round up all of them, at least partly because at the end of the day I just felt a resounding “meh” about it. I’m starting to get the same sense in Heroes Reborn. I still don’t know why they tried to reboot this show, but we’ll see if the audience sticks around. I’m not sure I will be. One of the things I didn’t like was that there were too many characters on the show, and that never bothers me in something like Game of Thrones, because on the whole there are several characters I’m really interested in. And that was from the first episode. In this I can’t really find myself caring about anyone. They’re not particularly likable or interesting. I feel like right now they’re relying more on the plot, on the idea that the audience cares enough to see what’s happening next, and that could work for a time. But until we actually care whether these characters live or die, it’s sort of a moot point.  Previously on Heroes Reborn we were introduced to a lot of characters. Superpowed people or “Evos” are blamed for the very lethal terrorist attack that destroyed a town. They all have to hide now from people hunting them down.

So a lot of this show is currently riding on Noah Bennet, the guy with the glasses, and I always found his character boring if it wasn’t for his relationship with Claire. Since Hayden’s not around, he’s mostly just running around trying to find out why his mind is wiped and what happened to his daughter. Pairing him with the more likable Quentin isn’t really working for me; I’m starting to find both of them annoying. This episode they tried to get to Molly Walker before she was used to track down every mutant – I mean Evo – in the world. Molly’s been captured and when Noah greets her, instead of letting him help her, she runs away from him. Listen, honey, I know you don’t like him, but it’s not like you have a lot of options. She literally runs right into the bad guys. Jeez louise. Also considering she knows Evos, I’m surprised she made such a huge mistake with the telekinetic in the other episode. It doesn’t matter though because she’s taken and then they hook her up to this random machine where they’re using her to find all the Evos. How the hell did they know how to use her? They only just got their hands on her. Surely they need to do some tests first and alter the program to be certain it’s accurate! We’re really supposed to believe they got her and immediately it worked exactly how they wanted to? Haha okay. Whatever. E.P.I.C is the program and they’re going to use it to find Evos and … kill them? Just take them into custody? I think I should probably care more. I’ve read too many comics.

Let’s see what else happened. Miko tried to break into this corporation to find her father. She has the sword. The head of security, I think, knocks her out and says the sword she has is Hiro’s sword. Huh! That might be the first time I was genuinely interested. Who is her father? I also got the sense she’s almost like a computer character and maybe not fully human, at least the pilot felt that way with her. And then Ren I guess breaks in and gets her out? Why is it so easy for these characters to break in places? Ren’s just a random young video gamer. That was some serious security. Ugh whatever. Ummm murder couple is still going around. Murder husband realizes he’s an Evo. Why did it take him so long to figure this out? Surely this had to have come up before? Don’t they get their powers when they’re in puberty-ish? I think it would have been more interesting if he was already aware of his powers and had been masking it all this time, having a lot of self-hate for what he was going through. For this to come out of no where for him seems coincidental and therefore kind of boring. What else? Oh yeah Carlos, the human brother of the Evo helper who died, tries to get revenge but finds out the cop who killed him is an Evo himself. That was interesting. But completely IMPOSSIBLE for him to survive that fight. If we’re supposed to believe he’s a normal human, how in the world would he survive being tossed through that many walls and windows and walk away?

They want us to stay around probably for the mystery, and because we want these characters to be okay. I guess. I don’t really care what happens to them. I’m sad that Robbie Kay is playing a bland stereotypical character, because I know that actor can do so much more. He’s just like ‘god mom I want to be a normal teen’ it’s not like we’ve seen this IN EVERY SUPERHERO TROPE EVER. Headdesk repeatedly. I think another thing I’d like to point out is that no one does anything particularly heroic. They keep saying “people are killing the heroes” in the previews and I’m like not a single person has done anything heroic in this show. At least it was Save the Cheerleader, Save the World in the first series. I think we’re vaguely supposed to believe they need the superpowered for reasons in the future, but right now they’re all just trying to survive and hide. No one’s really stepping up, outside of Carlos’ brother who was specifically doing it for his fellow Evos. Why are they heroes? Because they have super powers? Because it’s the name of the show? Sigh. I don’t know how much longer I’ll last. I try to give shows at least four episodes. I hope they don’t tease out this mystery until the very last episode, because until you give me more reason to care, I’m not going to. Good luck keeping your audience!


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