There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I am shipping the hell out of Annalise and Eve which means it’s going to go down in blood and misery. This is not a nice show and people in it are not nice or have nice things happen to them. But I’m just so delighted with their storyline that I was sad when Eve left, but also glad, because maybe that meant we could have this beautiful bittersweet memory of them and not have to address the downfall. Maybe? Please? Previously on HTGAWM, Annalise conned her way into the team defending a sibling combo who is charged with murdering their parents. Their aunt, who was a key witness against them, was found murdered at the end. Also the lawyer Annalise suggested to Nate is her ex-girlfriend Eve. Yasssss. Also Bonnie killed Rebecca, and in the flash forward this time it’s Annalise who is shot and lying bleeding to death. But she’s the main character of the show! They couldn’t possibly kill her for real! Otherwise they wouldn’t show her dying, they’d show her dead. Riiiiight?

The siblings are now with their backs against the wall because their aunt is dead. Caleb says it’d be stupid for them to kill the witness against them, but his whereabouts are unknown at that time, although his sister tries to cover for him. There is DNA evidence of the brother around, but then Connor’s boyfriend Oliver uses his magic hacking ability to prove that the first test by the police turned up no evidence. They did a second one and omg suddenly the DNA was there. Dun dun duuuuuun. The police are in for it now, and Annalise got a win this time, woot. She has a confrontation with Bonnie which I absolutely loved. I want to know the rest of Bonnie’s story so much. I have a lot of theories about how Frank and Bonnie came to work for her, and clearly Annalise did things for them that made them forever in debt to her. Frank I think likes their work so he sticks around, but Bonnie’s so clearly emotionally tied up in Annalise. I will never stop believing Bonnie loves her. She definitely feels emotionally attached and swears that she killed Rebecca to protect her. Annalise firmly tells her that she didn’t save her, that she’s using her, and I think she’s being flat out honest about this. She is a hard woman and she’ll use people if she needs to. We’ve seen this before. It’s what makes her so deviously entertaining to watch. But she’s really on trial this episode.


Literally. Because for Nate’s trial the DA goes after her and implies Annalise helped. She gets broken apart, and then Eve swoops in to add fire to the flame. It’s to get Nate off, definitely, but she uses personal info to make it happen. It definitely hurts Annalise. The judge though throws the case out because clearly the DA wants to go after the wrong person. The DA then gets put on the siblings case, which is super important for the flash forward. Because they are at the siblings’ house, and the DA is dead on the floor, while Annalise bleeds out upstairs. And Connor swears it’s his fault and seems very emotional. It’s a huge turn from last season where he was emotionally withdrawn for the incident, and now he’s been changed. It could be Oliver, for sure, who he loves and confesses he hooked up with someone random after they broke up and that’s how he contracted HIV. He’s upset that Connor told his friends about the HIV, in order to distract Asher from their talking about the murder. Also Laurel tries to hit on Frank but pretend she isn’t, and he’s like I’m not playing around lady. So he tosses her out.

It doesn’t matter because Annalise and Eve are wonderful. Eve apologizes and explains that she hates how still in love with Annalise she is after all this time. The feeling is mutual. STAY EVE. EXCEPT DO NOT. BECAUSE THEY WILL RUIN YOU. This delightful reunion ends with Eve going back to New York, although she tells Annalise she has no reason to stay in the house, which is true! But then we wouldn’t have a show anymore. This season is certainly bringing it. I was surprised to see the siblings seem to be the major plotline at least for the first half? Or is this going to go all season? I’m not sure they can do the same slow burn that they did season one, so maybe a mystery per half is a better idea. I guess we’ll see. As usual this show is one of the highlights of my week and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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