Dee Discusses: House of Cards 3×10

Posted: September 27, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, House of cards, Recaps, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

This season has been all about breaking apart the Underwoods. They were given what they wanted, and it was fool’s gold. It just caused them stress and brow beat them into misery. It’s definitely a case of just rewards, here’s what you wanted, guess what it’s terrible. Why they want to continue in the White House is beyond me, outside of the fact that it’s still POWER and these two crave that power. But the Russian drama comes to a head again and Frank does cause a betrayal of sorts over it. It is probably the right thing to do, but it leads to some bad things for Claire. Anyway, previously on House of Cards, Russia’s president Petrov hates Claire because she humiliated him as a UN Ambassador, a position Frank forced through because she wanted it. Doug found out Rachel is dead and fell off the wagon with alcohol. A writer named Yates has been hired by Frank to write about him, and they’ve established an emotional relationship. Petrov apparently let his own men die in the Middle East just to mess with the peace Frank and the UN put together.

Frank and Petrov meet in private, something Claire warns against. She wants them to keep trying to use diplomacy through the UN, but of course Frank wants to solve all these problems himself. He wants to be the hero, even if he knows he’s a villain. But Petrov is their villain. He says he’ll make a deal and hold up his side of things if Frank removes Claire from her position. This is definitely a way to pay her back for what she did, but he knows it’ll hurt the Underwoods marriage too. It’s a win-win for him. He implies that the Russian ambassador planted the info with Claire about him rigging the deaths of his own people, all so Frank would make a mistake with his American infiltration. Frank breaks the news to Claire, and she grimly agrees to it. The worst part is that she immediately is put in the position of First Lady as her only identity. She has to start smiling for the cameras and acting the proper part. She is told to dye her hair back blonde because people preferred that, and the brilliant power of Claire is undermined by this flimsy appearance as just his wife. We know she’s supposed to be his partner, but that’s gone out of the window this season. What a damn shame, and it will have consequences.


Also Doug is off the wagon so his brother and his family show up to help him. He smiles for one of the rare times and looks to be doing better. That won’t last. I still find him the least interesting character of this show so the fact he gets so much time is annoying. But I seem to be alone in that opinion, since obviously the show adores him. Frank calls Yates to have a late night discussion. It seems Yates has been prying into his college age days, which we know involved at least one male affair. Something like that could ruin Frank, although I’m still super fond of the fact he’s bisexual. It is also questionable if that’s where he’s headed with Yates, as they have a sexually tense moment where Frank caresses his hand. And Yates admits he’s had sex with men. But I’m starting to think Yates is all about digging and getting a story. He faked his stories in the past, so now having a really juicy one in front of him is too much to let go of. He doesn’t care about Frank.

So this was a good character episode, even if not much happened otherwise. The Underwoods are fracturing to the point of no return. Claire was stripped of something she wanted so desperately to be a part of. Arguably she never should have been in that position, but it did matter to her, and after all she’d been through she was owed it by Frank. But now that’s gone. I’m sure being a symbol of First Lady is going to eat away at her, when she’s such a power player herself. This can only end badly. I have mentioned before I miss when the two of them were winning, but they probably needed this season for them to fail miserably first. We’ll see where it goes.


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