There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

So here’s an unpopular opinion: I never liked Heroes. I didn’t like the first season that everyone loved. There are several very popular shows that I don’t like, such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and I can see why people like those shows even if I don’t like them. Heroes is the same thing, except it should be something I love, because I love superheroes. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a fan of X-Men too long, and for some people that meant they liked it more, but not for me. It felt like something I’ve read before, and I didn’t care about any of the characters. So I barely paid attention to it or when it started to drop in quality. As I joked on Twitter while watching Heroes Reborn, they kept going how groundbreaking the series was. And I’m like yes, groundbreaking in how popular the show was in the first season, and how quickly it spiraled into an extremely disappointing show for fans afterward. I was surprised when they took a chance on a new series, this time supposedly a miniseries. Ha ha, fine, we all know if it does well you’ll order the full thing, guys. We’re not stupid.

Despite disliking the original, I went into this one hoping I’d like it a little better. I do appreciate they jumped far past a typical origin story. Now super powered people are public. Now everyone knows that the “evos” exist, evolved humans. And they dislike/fear them, because there was a terrorist attack that wiped out an entire town. Claire the Cheerleader was apparently killed in it, although her father survived for some unknown reason. I kept pointing out that Claire was basically immortal, or she was supposed to be, so how she could have died in this while her father the human survived, I’m honestly not sure. Why hasn’t he questioned it at all? It might be because he has some memory washing and possibly brainwashing? I don’t know. Noah’s story is that he’s trying to move on after the loss of Claire. He finds out thanks to this conspiracist Quentin that what happened in the terrorist attack isn’t the true story. He figures out from Rene that his memory was wiped, and he and Quentin go to the old research facility for the group. Noah was never a favorite of mine; he was an interesting character, but not ultimately a likable one. Quentin isn’t either, so I wasn’t in like with them, but I did find their storyline intriguing enough to continue with real interest. He wants to find Molly Walker so she can help him find the others, especially Claire. It’s a good set up.


There’s a few people looking for Molly Walker for the same reason. She’s now grown up to a pretty young woman who is having a rough time. The reveal of her identity comes at the very end, with us sitting with her for awhile in the episode first. She tricks a telekinetic into revealing himself and tries to steal his money. It’s incredibly stupid, since he could use his powers against her. A woman saved her, only to later be his girlfriend, and they trapped her on purpose. People pointed out that his attackĀ as a telekinetic was similar to Sylar, and I agree. It seemed like an intentional nod though. Everyone wants to use Molly so they can find evos, including this murder couple named Luke and Joanne. Luke is played by Zachary Levi, who I barely recognized at first. Luke lost his child in the terrorist attack and thinks that he should hunt and kill all evos because of it. He does recognize that they aren’t intentionally bad people, but he doesn’t care. They’re too powerful to keep alive. He confronts a group in an AA type setting and kills them all with his wife. It’s surprising to me how easily they do that considering they’re normal humans. I guess the element of surprise? Eh. One of them gets out of it, a young man named Tommy played by the marvelous Robbie Kay, who was extremely memorable as Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time. He’s pretty typical here, a Claire type role, where he’s a high schooler trying to hide his powers and be normal. I hope he shows off some of his better skills later on, but for now he’s pretty basic as an actor.

Tommy has a great power though, which is the ability to teleport people to wherever he’s thinking by a touch. There’s this bizarre guy following him around who has some kind of power with a coin? Tommy is attacked by the murder couple and teleports them to where he was experimented on all those years ago, to where Noah is. They murder all the people still working there, trying to find the evos, and now they have a lead on Molly. Whoops. I’m not sure if they’re trying to make those two sympathetic, and I don’t think that they are. They’re cold blooded killers, and like Noah’s storyline, they don’t have to be likable to be interesting. But eventually their like of likability might turn them boring if the storyline gets too basic. There’s also a storyline with a girl named Miko who has no memory apparently but that of her father, and she can use this sword of … magical quality? That puts her inside of a video game. A fanboy of the video game meets her and eventually helps her in the video game world. Please don’t let him be a Nice Guy, please don’t let him be a Nice Guy, please. She’s basic for now, barely a personality, just a clean slate. That might get old fast.

The last major storyline is with a normal soldier named Carlos who comes back to find out later that his brother had powers. He died fighting to help people, so it looks like Carlos might step up to the plate. Like the original Heroes I wonder if this show might be shouldered with too many characters, and most of them are shallow characterizations at best. But they have a stronger storyline than just origin stories. Instead they’re in danger, they have that dark past to deal with, and I am intrigued to see where this is going. It might end up pretty typical of the X-Men stories they’re ripping off. And they really are ripping it off, I hope they know that and other people have noticed it. I don’t think it would bother me so much if it didn’t feel like it isn’t out there in the open. It looks like several of the old characters will be back. What I’d like to see is all of the characters develop more, and that they don’t just lean on nostalgia to keep going. They definitely managed to snag my interest enough to continue watching and give the show a chance, and that’s half the battle right there.

  1. Daatalaughing says:

    As far as Claire goes, they probably just needed some excuse to get rid of her since Hayden has a popular show and is too busy to be on. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had a brief “she’s not really dead” cameo, but they needed a reason for her to be gone but still bring her dad on.


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