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Posted: September 26, 2015 by Dee in Dee, General Media, Recaps, Television
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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I haven’t made a category on my blog for this yet, and it’s not because I removed it from my list. To the contrary, I am very much looking forward to the next episode. But I’m not sure this is the type of show that needs to be written about every week, because it’s mostly a joke. We’ll see if each week I feel like a recap is even necessary. But the premiere certainly should be discussed! I learned about this pretty late, I saw it on a list of new shows that people should check out. I was hugely skeptical because Ryan Murphy is good at making hot messes of shows. I feel like he should always stick to shows that are supposed to be jokes, because it’s only when he attempts to be serious that he really fails miserably. Glee ended up shlock in my opinion. I couldn’t really watch a lot of American Horror Story, but I did feel like the on the whole they never took themselves seriously, and that was part of its charm. Same here. Scream Queens is completely ridiculous but it knows that and embraces it, and it had me smiling throughout. It’s like Mean Girls meets Scary Movie. It’s a guilty pleasure right off the bat, but I quit my last guilty pleasure (Scandal) so I was ready for a new one.

Scream Queens starts in 1995. In the Kappa sorority house at Wallace University, the major sorority sisters are horrified when one of their own gave birth to an unexpected baby in a bathtub. Because the party is booming and they hear Waterfalls downstairs, they abandon their friend and say they’ll be back later. She apparently bleeds out, leaving her only apparent real friend there holding the baby. Twenty years later, the new head of the Kappa house is Chanel (Emma Roberts), a Queen Bee of the highest order who only calls her minions Chanel 1, 2, and so on in numbers. She stole the crown from a woman before her, who was burned up horribly with spray tan. It was apparently full of acid. Everyone believes it was Chanel, and it’s hard to argue that, she definitely seems like the type. She’s horrified when the new dean, Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis, that queen) says that all pledges to the house now have to be accepted. No matter what. So all the “losers” who would normally be rejected have to be pledged. Munsch sees sorority and fraternities as evil on campus but she can’t get rid of them yet. It should be noted she’s far from a do-gooder; she’s been around the campus a long time and may have taken part in covering up the death of the sorority sister in the bathtub. She’s cynical and blackmails the handsome male students who are failing out into sleeping with her.


New girl Grace (Skyler Samuels) wants to follow her mother’s footsteps as a Kappa girl. Her mother died when she was young but seemed so happy in all her sorority pictures. Grace comes off as the nice girl and our protagonist, but I’m sure there’s plenty of skeletons in her closet. No one in this show is going to be nice.  They’re going to be stereotypes, and she’s the good girl stereotype right now. That’s going to wear off soon. The real situation comes around that people are getting murdered by this guy in a devil costume. Of course it could be a woman in the devil costume. So basically, just the devil. Because it’s twenty years later since that death, Grace speculates that the child might be trying to get revenge against the house. Coffee guy and school news reporter Pete (Diego Boneta) helps her look into things and he gets warned off by the devil. He used to be obsessed with Chanel. There’s something sinister about him, although he comes off as nice … for now. Chanel plans to hurt their maid in front of everyone to scare off the pledges, but it’s supposed to be fake. It ends up being real, and she convinces them all to hide the body in exchange for becoming Kappas. If I was those girls, I’d be like we don’t need to do any hazing after this. Taking part in a murder is definitely enough.

But whenever people die, their bodies disappear, all except for poor deaf girl pledge who gets her head run over by a lawn mobile driven by the devil. Yeah it’s as weird (and bloody!) as it sounds. There’s a lot of characters, including Chanel’s smarmy boyfriend Chad and his gay frat brother Boone. He wants to join Kappa since he’ll be kicked out of the frat for being gay, but then he apparently dies. Except he doesn’t. We see at the end of the episode it was faked, so does that mean Chad and him are doing it together? Hard to say. There are a lot of hilarious little details and everyone’s over dramatized and purposely made into horror movie stereotypes. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone ends up the devil at some point and they’re all just using it to get rid of people. The point is to have a little mystery that way, but I don’t think people will be coming back for the mystery. They’ll be coming back because it’s wicked and stupid and funny. And memorable, for sure.


My personal pick for the devil at this point is Grace’s father, making her the baby in the bathtub and her mother dead because of them, although previews for next week indicate that will come up quickly as a suspicion. A personal favorite scene is when the devil goes to kill one of the Chanel sisters and they are right there in person having a text conversation. The devil mentions dancing with the devil, and then he dips her, and then he says he’s killing her. She texts him WHAT?? WHY and I burst out laughing. While getting away from him, she starts tweeting about getting killed instead of running. Yes it’s blatant and on the nose humor, but it works for me, what can I say. It speaks to my infantile level of satire. I wouldn’t say it’s cutting edge, but it’s already more entertaining than any of the Scary Movies so there’s that. I don’t know if I’d recommend the show unless you feel like seeing something ridiculous with a lot of fast paced snarky dialogue and no attempts at being serious. If you like American Horror Story: Coven, this is basically similar only with even less interest in having a real storyline of worth. I have a personal weak spot for things that never take themselves seriously, so I’ll continue to watch Scream Queens.


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