There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Yassssssss. I yasssed so many times in this episode. I am just so glad that How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM from now on) is back! Last season there were a lot of shows that disappointed me, but this was the opposite. I settled in with a glass of wine to see my favorite group of murderers make more trouble for themselves and everyone else around them. Previously on HTGAWM, Annalise Keating is the queen. She’s a badass defense attorney, and her students work for her in this prestigious internship of sorts. Her husband had an affair with a student and had one of her people, Frank, kill the girl. Most of us were wondering who killed her, and the end of the season showed it was Frank. Sam was still responsible for it, he just didn’t physically do it. The group accidentally kill Sam … well at first it’s an accident because he’s trying to get Rebecca, the girl who was friends with his victim. He falls down the stairs, or rather over the stairs. But then Wes, Annalise’s prize student, killed him to save Rebecca, who was his girlfriend at that point. The whole group decided to work together to cover it up, and Annalise eventually helped them do just that, putting the blame on her secret boyfriend Nate. At the end of last season a new problem arose: they tied up Rebecca who said she was going to the police. And someone murdered her. Only Annalise and Frank know.

I do appreciate that this premiere doesn’t make us have an entire season to wait to see who killed Rebecca. That’s what I thought might happen, and I’m glad it didn’t. At first Frank is convinced it’s Wes who did it, but everyone thinks Wes just set Rebecca free. Laurel points out that if she was free she would’ve turned them in, so she must be dead. But Annalise figures it out after talking to Wes about how it’s time to move on, and I’m not sure what exactly clued her in, but it was Bonnie. Bonnie believed that Rebecca did kill the girl and that Sam was somehow still an innocent in all of this. See I still think Bonnie’s as much in love with Annalise as she was with Sam. Which becomes kind of funny now that we know something new about Annalise (see below). But that first mystery was immediately cleared up. Bonnie killed Rebecca, partly because she blamed her for everything that happened, and to keep her from making more trouble. For now the rest of them think she’s missing, Wes included. I’m sure it’ll come up again soon. What did they do with her body by the way? Frank didn’t do a great job of hiding the bodies the last time he did it, just saying.


Oh yeah so about that kiss. Famke Janssen is on the show now. She’s a defense attorney who helps death row people. Annalise asked Nate to call her, but they have a history. OBVIOUSLY. The thing is when she walked on, I went is there a sex vibe between them? There felt like a sex vibe between them. But I’ve been conditioned not to think so, and I was delighted. Not only do we have a WOC as the lead here, we have a bisexual WOC! I love you Shonda Rhimes. Sometimes you frustrate me, but all of the time I just respect the hell out of you, lady. Eve swoops in and figures out quickly Annalise is lying to her, and points out that Annalise doesn’t have to constantly manipulate people to get what she wants. It’s hard to know if that’s exactly what Annalise is doing, or if she genuinely still has feelings, or she needs comfort, whatever. Probably all of the above. Either way she hooks back up with Eve and the two only broke up because of Sam in the first place. Eve also reminds Annalise she used to be fun and there’s a whole part of herself she’s shut off to be who she is now. Maybe it’s time to relive that. Annalise brings her whole group out dancing. It’s awesome.

Other stories include a new client, a brother and sister who may have murdered their parents, and I guess that’ll be a multi-episode arc. They steal the clients from another attorney by having him bring up false evidence. Whoooops. Wes is showing a lot of attitude toward Annalise while dealing with Rebecca’s disappearance. We also see that some time in the future he will shoot Annalise. Or that’s what we’re led to think. They’re pretty good at not giving us all the facts, so this may not be true. We do see her bleeding to death. I doubt they’ll actually kill Annalise. Viola Davis just won a damn Emmy for the role. Also Connor and Oliver are dealing with Oliver’s HIV test and their relationship. Laurel and Michaela try to dance off their issues at the end. There’s this Eggs911 who might know what’s going on with the group, or with Rebecca, or something. It’s mysterious. This was a very strong start to an already strong show, so I can’t wait to see what comes next. I missed you, How To Get Away With Murder! Thank you for giving me something to look forward to every week. PS I’m already an Annalise/Eve shipper. I’m sure it’ll go horribly wrong, but I love them anyway. Annalise/Eve 4ever.


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