There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

There are things about this episode that I liked, but I’ll admit that overall it was kind of a snoozefest. After the gripping two parter we just saw, I’m not surprised that it slowed down significantly here. This is mostly a bottle episode taking place in the precinct where they grieve the cops that Wolfe ate. Now Wolfe is under a drainer and he’s in control, although uncharacteristically silent for the time being. They haven’t really explained how the drainer works precisely, and I figure we might be able to understand later, since only now do we get mostly how Sway works. But previously on Powers, Christian briefly got his powers back after taking Sway. He fought Wolfe and defeated him, but Zora got all the credit. Johnny’s been using Wolfe’s blood to create Sway, thinking it would help enhance people’s super powers and give him more friends I guess. Johnny’s not always easy to read. I haven’t talked much about Krispin, the son of Christian’s partner who died in the first episode. I kind of find him a dull character and his arc also dull, and now he’s hanging with Calista who is generally my least favorite part of the show. A plot point is that his mother is now the publicist for Zora, so they’ll be popping up more probably.

Why those two annoy me the most is probably why Zora is annoying too: they’re all young. I think it’s kind of funny to see the difference between the young superheroes (or wannabes) and the older ones, or the cops and their children. The world has beaten down the optimism in adult superheroes like Christian, TripHammer, and Retro Girl. Zora still is glowing with fame and power, the same way Christian was before Wolfe went crazy and took everything from him. In any case, this is the wake of the four officers who died. They spend most of the episode grieving and drinking, telling stories. We meet Deena’s father who is apparently a famous cop and might also be a corrupt/dirty cop. Interesting! I’m very fond of her, mostly because she seems to care the least about all the angsty drama going on around her. She’s very no nonsense, and maybe she got that way because she grew up with him. There’s not much that happens in the episode outside of some character beats for the people there.


Of note is that one of the Simons gave Calista Sway. He wants her to die, basically. Sway is dangerous to someone without powers, but we know that she’s convinced she is a power. If she takes it, she’ll find out for sure, but she’s hesitating. Probably to bring out the tension, which isn’t really working on me since I don’t care for her. Still, not cool Simon. She might be irritating but she’s relatively innocent and doesn’t mean much harm. Eh. He’s jealous and possessive of Johnny. Johnny’s trying to figure out if he can teleport Sway out of someone, and he uses Simon to do it, but the test goes badly. Look what you’ve done, Johnny. This is why you weren’t really a leader, buddy, you don’t think about consequences well. TripHammer drops some weird code name called Black Swan while drunk, and Christian’s like hmmmmm about it. But we don’t get answers yet. I’m feeling like it might be a plan to get rid of all powered people. That sounds about right for this world. He also tells Retro Girl about him fighting Wolfe, and displays that he hopes the drainer or something else will get him back his powers. He’s definitely pretending it’s for good reasons, but I think it’s obvious he wants to be a beloved superhero so much he’s willing to do anything.

Also Wolfe goes on TV and asks to be executed. This is pretty consistent from him! He asked to die before and it wasn’t given to him. Maybe now it will be. I still don’t get why he wasn’t killed in the first place, surely some people were asking for his execution when he did the massacre. Anyway, it was an okay episode, but not much of a wham bam one after two really good ones. I get they wanted to slow it down and take some time with the characters, but I found myself distracted pretty easily and wanting to get on with it already. I’ll bite though. What is Black Swan? Will they let Wolfe die? Can Christian get his powers back?¬†Will I have to put up with Krispin and Calista forever? (Yes, yes is the answer to that last one. Sigh.) Neeeext.


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