There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Now this was a really strong episode. Definitely the strongest to date, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it deals heavily with glimpses of the past. I am continuously intrigued by seeing how this all started. How Christian and Johnny used to be best friends. How they were both Wolf’s proteges and admired him deeply. How Wolf used to be beloved until he lost his mind and murdered a whole bunch of people. It’s still not answered how exactly Wolf took Christian’s power. So far we’ve seen him brutally kill others and gain their power through energy. He certainly planned on doing the same to other super powered folks here. So what happened specifically to Christian? Did he find a way to only absorb his power energy itself and not kill Christian? Was it because he deliberately held back due to his affection for the other man? I think it’s telling that Christian and Johnny are what appear to be the sole survivors of that situation. Or maybe they were just very, very lucky. Anyway, previously on Powers, Christian is a former powered person who is now a detective handling powered problems. It’s a world where tons of powered people exist. He lost his abilities while fighting former mentor Wolf. Recently Wolf managed to break out, at least partially because Johnny has been using his blood to create Sway.

Sway being part of Wolf is interesting. So other people can absorb part of his powers through his blood, making them temporarily the best they can be with his power. I like that. Wolf quickly heals through anything which is why they have to lobotomize him every day. He was confused last episode, but he seems to get it together in this one. Meanwhile a lot of people start showing up, including Retro Girl. She was dealing with a hurricane instead but came in to try and rescue them there. She was soundly defeated by Wolf who had absorbed most of the guards and people in his path so far. Zora is also sent in and I’m like “girl you’re in trouble.” Her powers seem okay, but Wolf’s level? Hell no. Retro Girl is the most powerful person at this point outside of Wolf, and even she gets tossed aside like a rag doll by him. Both of them are about to bite it, and truly terrified of being eaten as they should, before Christian steps in. Temporarily with his powers back due to taking Sway himself.


Christian uses his new powers and beats back Wolf. This is going to have some consequences for sure I think. See, Christian wants his powers so desperately back. Is he going to be a Sway addict or something to get back his former glory? The flashbacks paint a more realistic portrait of Christian and Johnny as young heroes. In the beginning it was very much about glory and fame and enjoying being so powerful. We see Christian approach Retro Girl, who was already famous by then, and charm her despite an age difference. How old is she? She looked the same age then. That must be part of her powers. Young Christian is charming. When the massacre happens with Wolf, he chooses to hand him to the police rather than kill him, even though Wolf begged him to. It seems that Wolf in his more rational moments didn’t want to keep slaughtering, but now maybe he’s gone over the edge to becoming a pure predator. I’d love to understand what broke in him to cause this, why did all of a sudden his powers become too much for him to control?

After Wolf gets put under the power drain, Zora takes credit for defeating him.┬áRetro Girl gave it to her, having no reason to suspect that Christian did it instead. Christian is in the hospital and realizes his power is gone again, so he keeps it secret for now. She reveals that she wasn’t able to save a child in the hurricane and it deeply hurt her. They hold each other in the hospital bed which is sweet considering what we saw in their past. However Christian’s eyes glow red like he was on Sway. So I think for sure he’s going to have some issues with what he wants vs. what is probably right. He’s playing with fire by wanting his powers back and taking them through Sway or through Wolf. It probably won’t go well. But I understand why he wants them; they were tied so much into his feelings of self-worth and identity. I loved seeing flashbacks and I hope we see more of them going forward.


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