There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

What a great mid-season finale. I am chomping at the bit for the next part, which bravo for them that after five seasons I still feel that way every single time. I have to say that this episode packed such an emotional wallop that I didn’t know how to react to it. From the first moment when we see Mike find out about his parents, I went ‘oh nooooo is this a flashback episode’ and it was. The episode addressed so many things about these characters that I really wanted to see acknowledged, and it gave Gina Torres some wonderful things to do. Jessica is steadily my favorite character on the show, and I hope this is a signal they’re ready to do more with her. But first! Previously on Suits, the partners are getting ready to vote on whether Jessica will no longer represent the firm. Harvey was given the chance to help stop it, and to help stop Hardman and Jack, if he chose to resign. Mike realized that he was putting Rachel in a terrible position due to their wedding having to hide his fraud. Trevor, who has now cleaned up his life, pointed out to Mike that he should quit. And now, it begins!

We see two major flashbacks about our leads. Mike as a child, learning about his parents’ death, and trying to cope with it. He becomes very close to their local priest, Father Parker, who keeps pressing him to live up to his potential. This matters more when Mike is a teenager, and throws out the books his parents gave him. Father Parker points out that this happened after Mike cut school because of parents day, but Mike has a chip on his shoulder so he steals money (his parents’ money, he claims) and leaves the school. Years later he is back to talk to Father Parker about what is happening with his life. And Father Parker is having none of his shit, which is delightful. He points out the obvious, that Mike is absolutely doing the wrong thing, and that his intelligence is not a replacement for wisdom. He’s always into blaming other people for things, and he isn’t contrite at all, he doesn’t think what he’s doing is wrong at the end of the day. He came to him hoping for absolution or reassurance, permission even, and he wasn’t going to get it. He reveals he’s afraid Rachel will leave him if he stops doing what he’s doing. It’s irrational, but he’s never been good at abandonment, and fear is a primary motivator for Mike. Father Parker shows that his grandmother gave back all the money and asked him to make a little library for the church. In there are the books he threw out. Mike is reunited with the book of Curious George that his mother read him every night before bed, and he sobs his heart out. Patrick J. Adams deserves so much credit for this. My heart broke for him, it was superb acting all episode. Mike decides to resign because he has to put his future and Rachel first now. More on that in a bit.

Havey on the other hand is talking with his therapist. She put in an emergency session for him. He needs her help in deciding if he should resign. Instead they talk about his memories of his mother cheating, and when he decided to tell his father about her. He threatened to, but it was only after duress when his father pressed him while boxing that he did. His parents split up, his brother went off on him, and Harvey abandoned them to go to New York instead. We see a glimpse of him going to Jessica too, and she tells him if he joins her firm, he’ll find a new family too. Family is such a huge theme for Suits, but particularly found family, which is my favorite trope. The idea that people can choose the family they want, not just that they’re born with, is a beautiful thing. Harvey faces his feelings, and how he thought it was his own failings for not coming forward about his mother, but also that he refuses to step down. He won’t back down from fights. And there’s fear in him too. Fear that Jessica won’t forgive him for abandoning her too, or that people won’t understand why he’s making the decision he has to. We’ve seen Harvey become more humble this season, and I love it. He’s at his most genuine here. More of this Harvey!

Meanwhile Jessica is having a meltdown. While Louis figures out quickly that Hardman has something on Jack, he can’t really figure out what it is or how to help. He spends the episode desperately seeking a way to help Jessica, but then Hardman threatens Esther’s business. We know that Louis will do anything for his sister. Heartbroken, he explains to Jessica, but she reassures him that she understands. And that he’ll always be her partner. That hurt too, and she’s such a strong presence in this show. I’m glad that they are acknowledging here how important she is, to everyone, and how she presents this front that people value. We see her marriage dissolve because she chooses work above family. But they are her family. Beautiful work by everyone in this episode. Donna meets Harvey’s therapist. This is maybe my least favorite part because she tries to make it about her, like Harvey doesn’t know what he’s missing being with her. And I’m like … there are bigger things here, Donna. It rubbed me the wrong way, considering the timing there. Harvey goes back to the firm, and reveals that Hardman has lost all his support. That means Jack has too. They vote to keep Jessica. Harvey is there to resign, after he takes Mike’s resignation and supports his decision. They hug and reiterate a lot about how much they’re all family. My heart! It seems like big changes are happening for this show.

And then Mike gets arrested.

Ahhhhh! I knew something was likely to happen after he resigned. It feels like this has been waiting for so long now. It’s been dogging their steps since the first episode. Mike was eventually going to get caught. I have zero idea where they are going from here. How can they defend him? Will he keep his mouth shut about the rest? I assume so. He’s not going to let everyone go down with him. Who turned him in? My guess is Hardman, but that would be too obvious. There are a lot of potential culprits. I would love to see Jessica be his lawyer. It would be important for her to take over and prove she’s Queen Mama of this firm. Plus I’ve never seen her be a lawyer, it would be fun. And Harvey and Louis are too emotional. Harvey resigned and has to stay resigned, so what can he do? I’m excited. This changes everything, and it has to mean that everyone will know now. Where are they going????? Come to me now, the rest of the season! I have to wait until late January/early February. Booooo. This season has been overall really solid, and the fact they’re bringing their characters to new places, it’s exhilarating. Bravo, Suits.


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