There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

I got behind on Suits, which ended up being a shame because wow were these two great back to back episodes. I am excited to see where the show is going, and looking at this season so far, I have to respect how they’re willing to change the status quo. The show has been going a certain way for five seasons. Maybe it’s time to change that. I love progress! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Previously on Suits, Harvey started going to a therapist about his panic attacks since Donna left, but also started opening up about his mother’s infidelities. Lawyer Jack seemed to be set up as a villain at first, angry at Harvey’s big salary and attitude, but we thought he might be a good guy after all when he bonded with Mike. And he refused to work with Hardman at first … but now it looks like Hardman has something on him serious enough he’s flipping on the team again. Rachel and Mike are getting married, but they’re both starting to realize how dangerous his secret is for them, and how they might not be getting everything they want.

It’s good to have Hardman back if only because the entire group bands together against him. I hate this guy. My skin crawls whenever he shows up. The show wants you to feel that way about him, and it succeeds. I do hope they don’t constantly lean on him as a crutch though. After awhile, the same villain showing up every season gets a little dull. First off Harvey doesn’t get voted on suspension, because like Jack suggested he genuinely shows humility. He admits he hit Louis, apologized to him, and agrees to lower his salary to the median. I was surprised and delighted by this, and it shows real change from Harvey, which is great. This whole season has built up to Harvey recognizing his attitude isn’t the best, and maybe he wants to change that. He’s really going to learn it since Hardman is specifically targeting clients now that will hurt Harvey. His choices are coming back to haunt him, and while Hardman and Jack are doing the wrong thing here, it doesn’t change that all the people in the firm have made choices that make them enemies. And sometimes it’s because they’re arrogant jerks. Louis certainly has a big part in why this all happened, because he helped set Harvey up, but Harvey’s also made his bed with the other partners. He’s been rude and arrogant for years and they have reasons to be irritated with how Harvey and Jessica do their business. I like that the show is acknowledging that.

Murder him, Jessica. No one would blame you. They’ll help you hide the body.

But Hardman has backing fromĀ Charles Forstman, and that changes everything. The partners are now ready to vote on whether Jessica should be removed, and Forstman says all Harvey has to do is resign. If he steps down, he’ll stop supporting Hardman, and the problem solves itself. So this is the moment all of it has come up to, and that means next episode we’ll deal with Harvey’s decision on it. They always manage to win with their back to the corner, but usually by mid-season they lose, because the back half is when they win. We’ll see. Forstman is another person who makes my skin crawl, and at least he’s less used than Hardman is. Plus he’s still powerful from jail, yeesh. Meanwhile the second story is that Rachel is planning her wedding and realizes that her original plans are not going to work. Her mother happily talks about announcements in the press and inviting hundreds of people. But they can’t do that, because Mike is a fraud, and if you invite Harvard people, they’ll figure it out. She attacks her mother to try and hide it, and Mike covers for her when her mother confronts him, but they have an emotional discussion about the realities here. Mike thinks about it and talks to Trevor, who has finally gotten his life together. Trevor tells Mike that he can’t support him because he’s doing the wrong thing, and that he got this advice from “you know who.” Probably someone we’ll meet in the next episode, riiiight?

This was a good build up to the mid-season finale. It was very tense. Halfway through the team “wins” so you know they’re going to lose. Louis understands his mistakes now, but he obviously can’t fix them. Jessica might be overthrown, no one knows yet what Hardman has on Jack that’s controlling him, and so where is this all going? The acting as usual is great this week. I don’t often get to mention the acting, because you assume it’s excellent, but I think Gabriel and Gina do a solid job with how they rise the tension in their scenes. Harvey has so much going on that he’s hiding from Jessica, which bothers me because she’s the only person now who doesn’t know about him. Isn’t she the one who knows him better than everyone else? They have history. I’m curious why he’s purposely not telling her. Maybe he worries she’ll lose respect for him? They both are very much about never letting weakness show. I really want him to confide in her though, they’ve been such a good team. I’m also sad that Mike hasn’t talked to Harvey about what’s going on with Rachel either; I think these characters all hold secrets from each other because they’re afraid of what they’ll say. Which is completely a human and realistic thing, but I keep going I want to knooooow. What would Harvey say? What would Jessica say? Tell me, Suits. Tell me. On to the finale!


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