There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Each episode that passes, I get more and more certain that it’s for the best this series is over. I’m sure I’ll get into it more with the finale, because I don’t mean that in the sense I think it’s a terrible show. I think the show is very creative, artistic, and unique. I might not agree with all their choices, or like a lot of what they chose to do, but I’d much rather have weird and ambitious shows out there than yet another CSI. But this show feels like it’s ready to end, and the actors are already getting signed up to do new projects. They’ll move on. That’s okay. I am sorry for Fuller, who always has these bright ideas but they never seem to catch on unfortunately. ¬†Anyway, previously on Hannibal, Hannibal turned himself over and he’s been hanging out under Alana’s eye in prison. He’s been talking to the new serial killer Francis, the Tooth Fairy / Red Dragon, and helping him out. Francis is struggling with the fact he has fallen for blind friend Reba, and he attacked Will’s family, but they survived. They have seen Francis’ face now, so it’s a question of when they’ll manage to find him at this point. I’m weirded out they haven’t. It’s not like he’s super subtle. They know exactly what he looks like and he’s left clues by now, come on.

First off they plan on making a trap for him. In the books, this was that Freddie Lounds did an interview with Will, and they lie about Francis’ mental diagnosis. This infuriates him, and in the books he murders Freddie after. We saw a hint of that in season one when they sent a burning body in a chair. I am pleased, VERY PLEASED, to say that she survived this ordeal. Instead they put Chilton in the victim’s chair, and while he’s thoroughly an offensive person, I feel bad with how he keeps getting horrifically injured. Then again he does seem to keep coming back for more, doesn’t he? If he was a smart man he would’ve peaced out a long time ago. In any case, they do an article with Freddie, and Chilton does the diagnosis, because Alana is far too intelligent to put her face out there. Will purposely puts a hand on Chilton, knowing where this will lead, and he talks about it with Bedelia in their weird little therapy sessions. She indicates that Hannibal is in love with Will, or at least leads him to that, and she is clearly shipping the two. I really hate that ship so this is where I’m like oh so this is how you’re deciding to end it, awesome. She points out that Will knew that it would probably get Francis’ attention and he’d attack Chilton, and that he’s basically Hannibal’s culprit, still being manipulated into doing what he wants. She’s not wrong. Jack’s also figured that out, since Hannibal being in captivity hasn’t really changed his staggering arrogance and smugness. Beat him up again, Jack.


So Chilton is taken prisoner. Major props to Richard Armitage, by the way. He’s done a fantastic job with Francis. His body language is really impressive. He’s utterly terrifying in this scene, where he tortures Chilton and gets him to recant everything in the article. And then sets him on fire and bites his lips off. Aghhhhh. That was very brutal and I flinched hard, I’m used to the gore in this being strangely beautiful. But it’s fitting to Francis’ animalistic edge. Chilton does hear Reba at the door however, so he manages to get that info to them when he’s found. It’s unbelievable that he’s still alive, but that’s his curse, to keep getting destroyed and surviving it. Francis has decided to take Reba captive, because his behavior is escalating, and also because he might figure they could find him with Chilton surviving. Hard to say. Hannibal eats one of Chilton’s lips. Everyone looks surprised. Come on guys. He’s a cannibal.

So they’re still not catching this guy for who knows why, even though they know his face and enough hints now to lead to the right guy. But he’s out on the run, so there’s that. Will’s getting played by Hannibal like usual, but now it seems that he’s more and more starting to care less. We’ve seen him over the seasons have his morality tested and it’s like he wearily gives up more with each time. You would think that after all these years he might have healed a little, but here he is, and worse than ever before. Due to the fact that Clarice was not allowed to be given to them, I think they’re just making Will into her character. In the books, Clarice joins Hannibal as a killer and they run off into the sunset together. It’s a dark twist I’ve always enjoyed, but I feel like with Will it’s not as interesting. It just leaves me with an icky feeling, because he’s been manipulated, controlled, and gaslighted for so long now. It’s like the person he was in the beginning, a person I genuinely cared for and rooted for, is replaced with this husk. And I know that the show has progressed him here, but it makes for somewhat depressing television to watch. I know Hugh Dancy’s already starting a new show, so good luck to him. I’d say maybe it’s a positive one, but nope, looks like one about cults. Maybe he has a thing for dark and depressing? But honestly this show feels like it’s been on a long time. A lot longer than it has been. I’m ready for the finale, bring it on.


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