SUITS -- "Mea Culpa" Episode 508 -- Pictured: Troian Bellisario as Claire -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

SUITS — “Mea Culpa” Episode 508 — Pictured: Troian Bellisario as Claire — (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

Way to go, Suits! There are a lot of things I like about this episode, but one aspect is bringing back a character I legit thought we’d never see again. Claire was the first person Mike attempted to lie about being a lawyer to, and she caught him and called him out on it. That was years ago. The only thing that confused me was I believed throwing her in here was an intentional ploy by Jessica, but then realized Jessica isn’t so good she’d know that little detail. So it’s overly coincidental, but it matters for the long con of this show. I wonder more and more if it ever intends to let the story go to a realistic ending. Either Mike quits being a lawyer and just takes that strain off everyone, or he gets caught and they have to all deal with the aftermath. I’m not sure if Suits is willing to go there, but it might, and I’m honestly not sure which I’d prefer. In any case, previously on Suits, Harvey’s been going to a therapist to talk about his mother. It’s made him particularly edgy, so after Louis confronted him about sleeping with his sister, and verbally cut at him, Harvey punched him. And threw him through a glass table! Yikes. Also red herring bad guy-ish Jack bonded with Mike and chose to promote Mike to Junior Partner, which Jessica then firmly told Mike to refuse. She can’t take the chance someone will know he’s a fraud.

So that’s why I thought for sure Jessica was behind Claire here. It seemed too coincidental that his first case as a Junior Partner – which she chose to go through with after all – was one that would put him in danger immediately. Claire and Mike went on a date and he lied about being a lawyer, and she knows he isn’t one. Mike flees and abandons Rachel to do the case without him since he knows Claire would catch on. Claire does bring up that she knew a Mike Ross, and that if it was him, maybe he turned his life around. Rachel then gets jealous, which bugs the hell out of me, and tries to play hard ball. I would’ve much rather it stuck with Rachel getting twitchy because Claire implied she was an amateur. Asking herself whether Claire’s his real soul mate is silly and below Rachel. In any case, Claire does figure it out, but Rachel begs her not to tell. She chooses not to, and I’m honestly not sure why. If they were old friends I could accept it, but they’re freaking strangers. She’s now becoming complicit in an active crime for … what reason? Because a nice fellow lawyer begged her to? Come on, guys. There’s no way. Any good lawyer would say screw that and turn them in immediately, especially knowing Mike’s working cases for a huge company and they’re all enabling this. What about all their clients? What about the lawyers who might not be aware? There’s no reason at all Claire would hold that back. That’s a real hole here, blah. But she tells Mike if he loves Rachel, he won’t marry her. Mostly because he’s constantly putting the woman he loves in a very dangerous position here. Personally, I would like this to lead to him quitting being a lawyer, but I know it’ll likely be him breaking up their engagement instead. News alert, Mike, even if you’re not engaged you’re still putting everyone in danger every day you show up to work. The right thing to do would be to switch careers. This is not rocket science. I get the show only runs because Mike works with everyone else, but I feel like if you keep playing this card, it’s getting ridiculous.

Suits-Gabriel-Macht1-812x522Meanwhile Harvey reacts at first to the Louis situation with his arrogant bluster. But after talking to his shrink, he decides to genuinely humble himself. Louis is the first person that Harvey directly tells about his panic attacks and about his therapy. I don’t actually blame Louis for believing he’s lying, honestly. What Louis does after this is completely gross, but considering how constantly Harvey lies and manipulates people, why would anyone take what he says at face value. Louis did believe him until Harvey then tried to use it to get Louis to drop the potential lawsuit/suspension. I’m not excusing Louis because what he does next is terrible, but I also feel like this show has trouble calling Harvey out on his duplicitous nature. They’ve only currently started addressing it, but come on. People don’t have to believe Harvey. Anyway Louis calls for Harvey’s suspension while Mike is approved as Junior Partner. This makes everyone get disgusted by Louis, and I can see why. Using Mike against him like that is wrong. It’s not wrong that Harvey crossed the line by assaulting a senior partner though. I personally do think he should get punished. Maybe I’m not the right fan all the time for Suits, because I don’t like seeing people constantly breaking the law and never getting in trouble for it. Like Jack, Louis points out that Harvey gets away with everything. AND HE DOES. I really hope this season is an indicator they’re going to force him to act otherwise.

It’s a nice nod to that when Harvey reaches out to Jack, who defended him when Louis called him out, and they talk honestly. Jack points out that Harvey could be voted on suspension because the partners genuinely don’t like him. He’s arrogant and rude to everyone, and there are other people in the law firm. They keep going on and on about how the office is a family, but only our main cast are counted in that. I like this as an idea, and I hope they keep with it. I liked seeing Harvey dressed down and being genuine, and I like that he didn’t immediately get hard and cruel when Louis betrayed him. Maybe he is changing. Donna threatens to leave Louis if he used Harvey’s confession about therapy against him, but now the vote is happening whether Louis wanted to change it or not. But I think that’s almost the point? If Harvey loses this vote, it won’t really be because of Louis. It’ll be because everyone else in the law firm thinks Harvey is a dick and want to knock him down a few pegs. And maybe he deserves that if he has no other allies in the office. Just food for thought. I really like Jack and I’m concerned about whatever Hardman now has over him. He’ll probably be a momentary bad guy, but I hope he gets protected in the end, because I think he’s an asset.

Overall I really did enjoy this episode, even if I think it’s too coincidental for Claire to show up right now. And I think it’s unbelievable she would agree to do nothing just because she liked Rachel from their brief scenes together. I wish Mike would choose to quit being a lawyer, thus sparing pretty much all the other characters more law breaking, but I get the show can’t do that. Blech. I hope this glimpse at a humbler Harvey is going to continue. It’s nice seeing him this way. Now if we can only get Louis to keep some real character development, jeez. And as usual Jessica is my favorite person on the show and I want her to get so much more. This also means that everyone but Jessica knows about Harvey’s panic attacks. Someone please tell her! She always manages to fix everything, surely she’d be an asset there. Only a few more eps left before the mid-season break.



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