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There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

It took me a little while to get my mind in order about this movie. It’s a decent flick. It’s a decent romcom. I think it’s my own fault that I came out of it going ‘ehhhh.’ Although the last scene is quite adorable and makes up for a lot. It has some laugh out line scenes. I think my fondness for Amy Schumer is actually rooting against it here. I love her to pieces and I love her edgy comedy, which is lacking in a lot of ways here. But I’ll get to that part of the review in a bit. This is the new Judd Apatow directed flick too, and he is mostly an excellent swing at romcoms. It’s fun that he enjoys them so much, and he adds a little realism into them, while letting his actors play to their strengths in their quick comedy. Of course Amy herself was the actual screen writer, so she gets the most credit. But I’ve always noticed how Apatow caters to his actors’ particular style.

Amy, named Amy for the movie, was taught by her curmudgeon father that monogamy is impossible, and it eventually inspires her to be as careless as he is in that area. He’s a lead here too played by Colin Quinn, and I appreciate the movie definitely indicates he’s a real jerk. It isn’t a “cute” trait of his. Amy loves him dearly, but  he’s an ass and everyone knows it. Her father has multiple sclerosis and they are putting him into a home that can care for him properly. He’s grumpy about this. Amy’s long suffering sister Kim is played by Brie Larson, who is much less forgiving to him, and Amy’s a little harsh on her steps0n and husband. Her step-son is odd and very sweet, and her father grumps about him not being a “real” grandchild even though Kim raised him. Anyway Amy likes to party, drink, get stoned, sleep around, and doesn’t form a lot of attachments. She works for a men’s magazine and writes kind of silly things, but she’s successful at it. We are supposed to disapprove of her behavior, I think, which is something I’m iffy on. If someone wants to live their life it really is up to them, and I’m not terribly fond of women in particular being highlighted for “bad behavior.” If she wanted to clean up her act, sure, but I’m not sure about it since it’s partly in context of ‘for a guy.’

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 16: Amy Schumer and Bill Hader are seen filming "Trainwreck" in East Village on July 16, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Alessio Botticelli/GC Images)

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 16: Amy Schumer and Bill Hader are seen filming “Trainwreck” in East Village on July 16, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Alessio Botticelli/GC Images)

And that guy is Aaron, played by Bill Hader. He’s a charming doctor who she is doing a piece on, since he works with sports stars. He is doing a big surgery coming up that’s new and dangerous, but he’s confident he can do it. They start out a cute little flirtation and then eventually hook up while she’s interviewing him late at night. They become crazy about each other and Amy lets herself fall for him. She’s worried about it at times, since she’s always kept herself at a distance, but she can’t really help herself. Their genuine connection is what makes this movie work in a lot of ways. They’re adorable together. But there’s trouble in paradise as the two of them fight because she takes a call in the middle of his award acceptance speech. He’s bothered by her immaturity and they decide to split for awhile. Amy partly gets in a dark mood because her father dies, and after they break up she loses her job for hooking up with their underage intern. Creeeepy. I’m surprised they hired such a young intern. Doesn’t a professional magazine like that have COLLEGE interns, not HIGH SCHOOL interns? Eventually she chooses to get her life together and they make up after she does a pretty hilarious and cute cheerleader dance.

It’s a cute film but not what I’d call a particularly good film. LeBron James plays a major side character in this, best friends with Aaron, and he’s also very fun to watch. The cast is all great. They’re genuine and sweet and interesting to watch. That aspect feels right, and it makes it an enjoyable view. I guess I was just hoping for something more from her. It was very conventional. Girl is a “trainwreck” until she meets a man who changes her and she’s thankful for it in the end and happily ever after. Sure there are few sharp witted jokes and inappropriate ones. But it is basic, you can paint by the numbers on this one. There’s nothing particularly new about it. And maybe that’s how it was supposed to be. I expected more from Amy Schumer. She likes to push the envelope. This seemed so much of a crowd pleaser. I kept thinking “okay any minute now it’s going to have a twist toward the ridiculous” but it never gets there.  It’s nice and you come out of it with a smile, but I wouldn’t call it memorable. And I wanted it to be memorable. So that expectation is on me, but I hope if she does another movie on her own, she tries a writing style that seems more her, and not so much Hollywood.


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