There are spoilers in this review. Duh.

So this is part one of a two parter, although I didn’t know that going in. It was increasingly obvious as the end of the episode came to a close and Wolf was still on the prowl. Wow is Wolf terrifying. I like when they try to sell you on a character being really dangerous and scary, and it pays off. I think it’s important that they have him literally eat people, because if he was just absorbing energy, it wouldn’t seem quite so nightmare-inducing. All you hear are the screams and the blood flying, and that’s so unnerving. I’d be scared of this guy too, because he’s basically unstoppable from what we can tell. This episode set up what will happen with Christian directly confronting his past, and the background of Sway. Previously on Powers, Christian used to be a superhero but lost his powers when dealing with his nemesis Wolf. Wolf eats people and was being tortured/lobotomized every day to keep him under control. Johnny the teleporter kept coming in to see Wolf, and he’s been handing out drugs that make people’s natural super powers get amplified. Last episode he showed up and Wolf had eaten his captors, now loose and clearly unstable. Whoops.

So Johnny messed up big time. It takes a little while to get to this point, but Sway has actually been removed from Wolf all this time. I’m not entirely sure how Johnny got the idea or how he even had it happen, but Wolf eats powers and energy and rechannels it. That’s somewhat what the drug does, make people more powerful, but only temporarily. By doing that, though, he messed up Wolf’s regular schedule and therefore he healed faster and got the upper hand. This is all your bad, Johnny. He tries to flee with Calista but she’s like yo for once I’m not advocating running away from your problems. He agrees to go back and try to help people, and immediately gets power drained. Hahahaha. Okay. So the prison is on lockdown and they want to try and stop Wolf by using the power drain. The problem is how are they going to get him there, and can it even work on him really? Meanwhile outside Retro Girl and Zora are deciding whether they can go in and confront Wolf themselves, Zora to make a name for herself, and Retro Girl because she’s the reigning champ of a superhero at the moment. In theory it would be good for people to stop this guy, but on the other hand wouldn’t he just get more powerful after eating them? Yikes.

powers-ep-4-8Christian’s basically having a break down, which isn’t helpful considering they need his expertise. I don’t blame him, there’s a lot of emotion surrounding Wolf and his relationship with him, and we still need so much backstory about this. We know that Wolf was once very popular and intelligent and mentor to everyone. Did something strike off his powers to make him go from philosopher to mass murderer? In any case, Christian admits he has a lot of guilt for being unable to kill Wolf when he should have. He saves Pilgrim, or rather he locks her away so she won’t get eaten by Wolf, and he confronts him. Wolf is clearly still out of it and he can’t really seem to put things together. He recognizes Christian and isn’t sure if he’s with the people trying to capture him. His brain is probably still healing. But clearly he’s in enough control that he doesn’t kill Christian, so that’s interesting. There’s a lot of history I just am dying to know here. The point is that Christian does try to talk Wolf down and he’s like lol what. Johnny came back, but his powers are out. I wonder how long the powers can go out? Will they come back soon or will it take awhile? At least we see here that it does officially work and won’t kill whoever is under it. How does it feel to be powerless, Johnny?

Once I realized that this was a two-parter, some of the tension came out, and it just went to ‘okay let’s get to the next one please.’ Because that’s where the resolution (maybe?) will come from. It seems a little early for Wolf to break out completely, that’s why I was surprised it happened already. But this seems like a great jumping point for them to address the relationship between everyone more. Things I am curious about: how he took Christian’s powers but didn’t kill him. Did he just absorb that energy without eating him? Was he able to control/aware of murdering all those people? Is it like a mindless zombie hunger? When did he go from popular intellectual to psychopath? What exactly are his powers? They also mention he can sense electricity here and I went “what, why.” Maybe that’s part of the energy control stuff. Hard to say. I still feel like Pilgrim is the best character on the show. She’s the one with no real history, so she’s the audience’s avatar. They explain exposition to her, which can be a dull job, except her reactions to things are priceless. The way she can look at Christian with this disdainful ‘wtfffff’ expression keeps cracking me up. I want to know her story. I want to know everyone’s stories. Except Calista. She’s probably the least interesting character but gets most of the attention. Also, has Retro Girl faced him before? She’s obviously scared, and she’s been around for awhile, so she must have. I feel silly asking for so much exposition but I can’t help it.  I need to knoooow. Oh well, on to the next part.



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